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Lunch spots near National Mall

We will be in town Friday May 7 pretty much all day.

Lunch spots near National Mall

I am going to be bringing my Sister in Law to DC for the first time and she loves great food. Any suggestions on a good DC eatery within walking distance of the National Mall/Smithsonian. We will be tourists for the day so will need something that accepts "Joe on the street" dress. Thanks!

Camellia Grill, wheelchair accessable?

Does anyone have a good breakfast suggestion in New Orleans that would be accessable?

Camellia Grill, wheelchair accessable?

I am having breakfast at the Camillia Grill this week, are they wheelchair accessable? The chair is small and fits through all standard size doors and under most all tables.

2 resturant that are a must visit on marathon weekend

Hello all, my family and I will be in town for the marathon this weekend, my awesome Dad is running on the Habitat for Humanity team! He would like to go somewhere Saturday for some great seafood and possibly somewhere Sunday for a nice brunch before the race Monday. Where are some good places we would be comfortable in our casual clothes and have some great Boston fare? We are staying in Burlington but have a car and plan on spending most of the time in the city.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Good Recs for Baltimore- Upper Fells Point / Fells Point

On upper Broadway around Lombard normally there is a silver kitchen on wheels type van parked during the week. They serve homemade tortillas with great fillings. I know, I know on wheels sounds sketchy but it is great and I have never once had a problem. Once a month or so I treat my dog and myself to their beef tacos and am never dissapointed!

Farmers Markets close to Downtown Baltimore??

What are the best farmers markets that are close to downtown Baltimore? If there are any walking distance to/from Mt. Vernon and the Monument that would be fantastic. Something local within driving distance is ok too. Thanks!

Baltimore Recs for Post-Graduation Dinner?

I too am graduating from the U of Baltimore at the end of the month. I am taking my parents to little Italy as they love real italian. There are a few nice places within walking distance of the Lyric where the ceremony will be. Brewers Art is good and has a number of local and imported beers. Just across the street is NeoViccino, they are also American and have a very reasonable menu. Abacrombie is also very good and walking distance from campus. They all have websites and will come up when you google the names.

Dinner ideas after graduation in Annapolis or Baltimore

I am graduating from graduate school in a month and will be entertaining guests from out of town. Graduation is at the Lyric in Baltimore and will be over by 6pm on a Friday night. What would be a nice seafood resturant to take everyone to that would be nice but not break the bank as well as not too formal. We love a good time. Baltimore is good but we love Annapolis too so the drive would not be a problem.

Kosher Wine

What is the Kosher wine that is very fruity, almost like grape juice?

Jan 11, 2007
Midcity Bmore Girl in Wine

Good Chinese in Baltimore or Annapolis?

China Chef in Columbia is very good also. My family has lived away for 12 years now and when they visit we always go there for dinner. It is not too far from the Columbia Mall in a small strip shopping center with a Coffee Shop next door on the corner of Cedar Ln and Hickory Ridge Rd. Their soft shell crab is wonderful!

Superbowl? Nice but not too nice.

If you are in Baltimore James Joyce near the harbor has tv's around the bar and great Irish food.

Best Mexican food?

If you are willing to drive a bit there is a wonderful Mexican Resturant on the North Shore.Don't remember the name, Take the causeway north and exit to the left towards Madisonville and Rt. 22. The resturant is just there on the left in a little shopping center before Mandeville High School. We used to eat there faithfully every Friday night.

The very BEST King Cake?

My parents send me a Cake from Haydel's every year. They do come with all the parade stuff (cups, beads etc.) But they are very good and except for the one year the post man delivered it on it's side making everything smush together they have always arrived fresh and very nice.

The cafe I worked for in the city ordered all theirs from McKenzies; Haydels is noticeable denser and has more filling. If you order the cheese or the plain they are not as stuffed as the fruit ones.

Hard salami in Baltimore?

Wegman's in Hunt Valley has a pretty good selection but theirs are all imported.

American/Italian delivery places for Camden Yards offices?

Viccino's on N. Charles will deliver to UMMS and I would think they will go to the warehouse also. We have had them cater a few lunches both pizza and pasta/salads.