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Considering Thai Pavilion, Rockville Town Ctr for Valentines day! No one's been? And, Minerva in Gaithersburg - Mmmmm.

Steve, this reply is pretty late, but I was doing a search on this restaurant as I dined there yesterday with three friends and came across your post. Did you end up going to Thai Pavilion for your Valentine's Day dinner? How did it go for you if you did?
As for my experience, my friends did not particularly enjoy their dishes. One ordered a salmon curry dish; another ordered a spicy beef dish; and the last one ordered pad thai. I had the green curry, which was actually pretty good compared to other places I have tried in the area (Tara Thai, Thai Silver Spring, Ruan Thai--I know a lot of people love Ruan Thai on the board, but it was too spicy for me and there wasn't as much chicken/veggies in their version).

Search for a good hot chocolate

With the snow outside, I just wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations on where to find a good cup of hot chocolate? I recently tried the Mexican Hot Chocolate from the Nordstrom cafe, and it was average, not too sweet with a little spice in it. Thanks!

Chocolate Festival at Lexington Market

Has anyone gone to this before? Was thinking about checking this out, but just wanted to see if any of you guys has gone before. It runs through October 6.

Restaurant Week Gratuities

For RW, would you tip your server based on the RW prices? Or would you tip as if the items were at full price? Just wondering because there is a similar promotion for spas (not exactly the same industry, but similar pricing promotion), and I've heard people tend to tip as if the services were offered at regular price since regardless of the pricing promotion, the servers still have to do the same amount of work.

Aug 09, 2007
pradarose in Not About Food

Surprise Birthday in MD/NoVa

A group of friends and I want to plan a surprise birthday tomorrow (Friday night, probably after 9) at an affordable, decent restaurant with a good dessert selection. The birthday girl likes chocolate, gelato, and any sort of ice cream cake.

There'd be around half a dozen people.

In terms of location, anywhere within easy driving distance from College Park/Silver Spring would work -- so Tysons/NoVA, Rockville/270, Montgomery County, etc.

I'd rather not go any further North than possibly Columbia (some people will becoming from Gaithersburg).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

American/Italian delivery places for Camden Yards offices?

Hi! Just wanted to see if you have any good suggestions for American/Italian/etc. delivery places for the Camden Yards offices area? Thanks a lot!