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Dried Chipotles in Durham

Hi all,
I'm looking for a store or market in Durham that sells dried chipotle chilis. Whole Foods used to carry them, but doesn't anymore. I had high hopes for the Food Lion on Hillsborough, since they tend to carry a good chili selection, but no luck there, either. Any suggestions?

Spanish grocery store in Chicago

Hi all,
I'll be visiting Chicago in a couple of weeks, and would really like to find a Spanish (Spanish-spanish, not Latino-spanish) grocery store that sells torrefacto/sugar-roasted coffee, which I can't get at home. I'll be in the Lakeview area, but will trek just about anywhere to find it! Thanks!

Jun 29, 2007
jwerner36 in Chicago Area

Italian in Chapel??

If you don't mind a drive to Durham, go to Pulcinella's! It's on 751 in the Woodcroft shopping center, just north of 54.
It's by far the best Italian I've had here, and reminds me a bit of neighborhood Italian restaurants in Brooklyn. It's totally unpretentious, cheap (most entrees are under $10), and always good. No, it's not super-fancy, and no, it doesn't have a sommelier, but if you're looking for family-style Italian, this is the place.

Asian markets in Triangle area?

Does anyone know of a place (nursery or asian grocery store) where I could buy a curry leaf plant? I've called around to a few places, but haven't had any luck...