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Anyone got opinions on Lucia's for breakfast? If so, what's good to order?

Breakfast places in Twin Cities

I can't just let Maria's be mentioned without a little hyperbole regarding the corn pancakes. I am a pancake guy, so to speak, and a seat at Maria's, in front of two corn pancakes, is the end of my quest for the holy pancake. She has managed to combine great taste with a lightness and bite that in my years of experimenting I have not been able to duplicate. Alas, I fear she will die with the recipie--she says not the cooks, or even her son knows the recipie (I think she is lying about her son--blood is thicker than batter). Take the cheese topping for the corn pancakes or leave it; top it off with 3 fat sausages. Do it. You will see what I mean.

Jan 11, 2007
westhop in Minneapolis-St. Paul