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The Great French Fry Debate

mmmm. french fries.....

1. Fast Food - Fatburger. McDonald's in a pinch. E-Z Take out Burger if you are in the 909. (They have some weird seasoning on them. possibly MSG? MSG-Delicious!)
2. Skinny Fries - see above. still searching, but tend not to order fries at a "real" restaurant!
3. Steak fries - ew.
4. Specialty Fries - Pete's Bleu Cheese Fries and Chili Cheese fries from The Hat. The chili fries at Islands are pretty good too.

South Bay Favorites (VERY LONG)

I actually ate at Belacan Grill with a friend of mine for dinner recently, and I thought it was pretty bad.
The service was so slow and the food we ordered tasted off.
Maybe I will have to give it another try.

South Bay Favorites (VERY LONG)

Hi everybody -

I just want to thank jlrobe, tony miller, russkar, sauce supreme et al. for keeping the south bay posts alive!

I am a new chowhounder and I just moved from claremont to redondo, so I have to find all of the good restaurants all over again. I have learned so much on these boards already. Keep up the good work!

For my money, I like Saigon Taste (on Hawthorne blvd in lawndale) for Pho, we eat at La Cocina for mexican (more like health-mex) and Rice Things. We really need to branch out.

I just tried Coyote Cantina on Saturday night and I was not surprised to find that the food was completely un-special. The salsa was bland, not even spicy at all and blended and kind of creamy looking. I ordered the turkey enchiladas which I thought were okay. They taste like something that I would make at home - a gringo/healthy/experimental version of mexican food.

Their "Silver" house margarita is AMAZING. I have to give them props for having over 60 kinds of tequila at the bar. The vibe of the place is pretty cool - low lighting, intimate. I am NOT into the southwestern "art" they have everywhere, but you can't blame people for bad taste in art.

Verdict: a good place to take your gringo grandma for tex mex.

Breakfast -- Always, Sometimes, or Never?

Always - Hypoglycemia requires breakfast!

I recently got turned on to cottage cheese, pineapple and chopped macadamia nuts all mixed up together, along with espresso and a slice of sprouted wheat toast. mmmm.

Torrance Farmer's Market - Recs?

Thanks for all of the suggestions.

Some thoughts on the market:

When I arrived there was a bluegrass band playing on a little stage area in the food court, and loads of families were walking around. The vibe was quaint (as most farmer's markets are) and wholesome.

Parking was a cinch (esp. because I rode my vespa)

The kettle corn stand had a line of about 50 people - no joke. What is up with that? Is this some amazing kettle corn?

Had a famous papusa from the papusa lady. Beef, cheese and vegetable. It was good. I liked the pickled slaw side, but I will be asking for no mayo next week.

The produce selection was great, pretty standard for a nice sized farmer's market.

I will definately be going back next saturday.

Torrance Farmer's Market - Recs?

I am going tomorrow morning (Saturday) to the Torrance Farmer's Market for the first time.

After a search on the board, the last time it was discussed in any detail was 2003 - I think.

Any must-buys/ must-sees/ must-knows?
ex: tibits on parking, pricing, recs etc. are welcome.

Thanks Chowhounders!


There is a deli that my grandparents got to all the time in Northridge/North Hills (possibly on Reseda?) that has a great Monte Cristo. Totally deep fried, served with your choice of side and pickles.
Can't think of the name but I know that it has been there F-O-R-E-V-E-R if that rings any bells.
Will investigate this further.

lunch suggestions downtown on sat?

Oh god. Pete's bleu cheese fries. simply amazing!

Why oh why is there such thing as "bad cholesteral"?

That place has a great bar scene too with the LA Loft types.

lunch suggestions downtown on sat?

Hey Msg1 -

With a little sleuthing I was able to find the name of the place - Tiara cafe.

Tiara Cafe

127 E Ninth St (Cross Street: Main Street)
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 623-3663

I enjoyed it there. I had the Seared Tuna Salad. Dressing was to die for.

dinner with a famous foodie- claremont recs needed

Had to jump in this long cold thread when it meandered to Thai in Claremont

My Mother in Law is from Bangkok and her absolute favorite restaraunt when she comes to LA to visit us is "Mix Bowl" on Indian Hill just south of the 10.

She says it is absolutely authentic thai "street food".

Open late too. And they deliver.

I like the pad kee mow, the kanom pak kard, general bowl, green curry. They have an authentic thai dessert bar too with fruity ices. Plus yummy drinks including boba if you want.

The ambiance is like an asian style diner. Pretty spectacular salt water fish tank though.

No joke, they would eat there twice a day when they would come visit us in Claremont.

good family style mexican in highland park

I second La Abeja. Fantastic mole.

Amazing Pho in LA?

I like Pho 79 in chinatown in that 2 story shopping plaza on broadway (mentioned above as Pho 99/ pho 97 etc - lol)- if only because of how cool I feel driving into their "secret" underground parking structure! Soup is good, but service is bad.
I also like Saigon Dish in Lawndale. Small hole in the wall but very good. All Vietnamese cooks.

lunch suggestions downtown on sat?

Never been to high tea at the Biltmore, BUT

OOh - My Mom and I went to a great art deco style place right across for the California Mart. Very nice inside, delicious food, cool setting. around $12 per entree.

One minor problem. I can't think of the name. I know it is on the north side of 9th. Right across from the Ca Mart. Darn it!

lebanese/persian in downtown

Santee Falafel!


Lunch Only.

(213) 749-2555
1335 Santee St
Los Angeles, CA 90015