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pairing with sea bass?

Hi. Im the Sommelier at OYA. The Lake Crest Riesling is only available from the Winery or at outlets in Washington State. Its a seriously teeny-tiny winery. Only around 60 or so cases produced. You can visit their website at and call Boni and have her ship the wine to her. Tell her OYA sent you!

Jul 10, 2008
chiefwino in Wine

Zola and Oya Restaurant Week Question

Hi. Im the Sommelier from OYA. And the answer to your question is yes. OYA will be tweeking its prix fixe menu for restaurant month, which will be available from January 2 til the end of January. Enjoy!

Rehearsal Dinner IN District

Yikes! I agree that this might be tough to find a private space big enough for your needs....most private rooms these days in newer spots seem to hold max 30-40 people and prix fixe menus generally start at least $50 for just the food.

check out this website, it might help you find a space big enough at least

First Time Visit to DC- What's Essential?

Very cool Ethiopian spot to check--Abiti Restaurant at 9th and T, NW. The neighborhood is in transition but the place is so cute! The owner, Abonesh Baku, is an internationally known Ethiopian singer and often she performs later at night on the small stage.

Central Michele Richard

I was in last night...

Beautiful space! Love the wine room and open kitchen.
Very warm colors and atmosphere.

Small wine by the glass list.

Menu looks interesting as well.

We tried the mushroom pearl pasta risotto--skip it...

and also the Faux Gras Terrine (chicken liver terrine) which was fab.

Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week - Master LIst

Oh i have to tell you I agree with you on Occidental. I tried their new food recently....UGH! There was this beet juice creame fraiche on a crab cake which looked like PEPTO!

Business dinner for a group

Maybe Equinox? The Oval Room? Bombay Club? All are on CT Avenue across from the white house. Also newly opened is BLT Steak on 17th and Eye.