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Need help with restaurant for SIL's 50th b-day.

My husbands sister is coming to visit from New York and we would like to take her out and celebrate her birthday. Looking for both good food and someplace fun and I am just drawing a blank. Going to Slanted Door one night so Asian is probably out, no sushi, and probably not Italian. I was thinking Kokkari, but can't get a reservation.

Any ideas? Price doesn't really matter, looking more for fun SF vibe than super upscale. Also, will have people coming from both Marin and the East Bay.

Would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance!

Mar 01, 2010
bbleu2 in San Francisco Bay Area

El Chile Coming to Northwest Hills

We went last night. The patio was full but probably only about 25% of the inside. They don't have their liquor license yet so....FREE margaritas and Dos Equis. Um, okay. When word get out about that I would think the whole place would be full. I asked when they thought they would get it and our server said they expected 2-3 weeks. Food was great. Service was a little slow but very friendly.

Apr 30, 2008
bbleu2 in Austin

guanajuato fish/ seafood recs

Does paella count? I love sitting outside at Tasca de la Paz and having paella and sangria. Haven't been in a few years but it was one of my Guanajuato faves. Oh, I just read that you don't eat meat so that might not work.

Apr 10, 2008
bbleu2 in Mexico


I ate there a few weeks back and was pretty unimpressed, The highlight was the beet salad, which was a special and quite good. I ordered the Cappellini alla Marinara. How hard can it be to make pasta with tomatoes, basil, and parmesan? The pasta was incredibly overcooked and whatever the glob of tomato stuff was on top of it was not good. I didn't eat it and don't think I'll be making a return visit. Husband had a pizza and said it was "fine".

Jan 15, 2008
bbleu2 in Austin

San Miguel de Allende Restaurants

I actually really love going to La Capilla. Do I think that the food is the greatest ever? Not at all, but I think that it is one of the prettiest settings/restaurant that I have ever been to, especially on the weekend when the Parroquia is lit up. The patio with all of the twinkle lights is beautiful and the dining room is pretty stunning. I also think that their Don Julio margaritas are one the best margaritas in San Miguel and I have done extensive taste testing. :-) They also make their own potato chips which I adore. If they don't bring them, be sure to ask for them. As for entrees, I have generally been happy and only once really happy. I usually get the salmon, which has always been good.

I think that La Posadita is a great idea also. I would go there also and skip Tio Lucas, which if fine but nothing special.

If you live anywhere that has really good food I would not have super high expectations for SMA. I don't think that any of the food in San Miguel is that amazing so I just kind of go to places that have "good" food but have something else to offer such as a view, great ambiance, music, etc. It sounds as though Da Andrea may be the exception, I just haven't ventured out, as I am not a huge fan of Italian to start.

Enjoy your trip.

Jan 09, 2008
bbleu2 in Mexico

Looking for kid-friendly Sausalito restaurants (dinner)

I would vote for Fish, especially if it is a nice day. Just make sure you bring cash as they don't accept credit cards. I love the Saigon Salmon sandwich and the fish and chips.

I agree that Darios and Saylors South of the Border would be fine for kids but I think the food at both is completely mediocre.

Apr 23, 2007
bbleu2 in San Francisco Bay Area

Has anyone tried Hip Kitchen?

Thanks everyone! We are really looking forward to our trip.

Apr 05, 2007
bbleu2 in Mexico

Has anyone tried Hip Kitchen?

It is. It is on Avenida Mexico in Condesa. Would love to hear a review.

Mar 06, 2007
bbleu2 in Mexico

Has anyone tried Hip Kitchen?

We will be in Mexico City in May and are staying at the new Hippodrome Hotel. Just wondering if anyone has tried their restaurant yet? We only have 2 nights and are planning on Aguila y Sol for one and have one dinner yet to be determined. Looking for somethig fun with great food, not really into fusion, french, or foams. Any ideas?

Mar 06, 2007
bbleu2 in Mexico

Healdsburg recommendations

My vote would be for Ravenous also. I know people love Dry Creek Kitchen, and maybe it's just my bad luck, but I have had two totally disappointing meals there.

Jan 10, 2007
bbleu2 in San Francisco Bay Area