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Pho: Where to eat it?

Hello hounds,

I'm cravin me some good pho. Where do y'all recommend? Places to frequent? Others to stay away from? I'm not that fussy about neighborhood, but somewhere downtown (i.e. south of 14th street) is more convenient for me.


Dec 07, 2007
rmr327 in Manhattan

Brazilian Food

September 2nd is the annual Brasil Day Celebration in honor of Sete de Setembro (7th of September, Brazilian Independence Day). All around the 46th street area there will be tons of street vendors selling Brazilian food, including baianas making acaraje! You're sure to find tons of Brazilians there, along with awesome food and tons of samba...

Aug 08, 2007
rmr327 in Manhattan

union square cafe -- thoughts, impressions, recs?

hi hounds,

a friend recently gave me dinner for two a union square cafe. having never been, i thought i would tap the best resource i know of for this sort of stuff---y'all.

any general thoughts on the place? interesting anecdotes to share? specific things to order/avoid?

any and all commentary is welcome. cheers!

Aug 06, 2007
rmr327 in Manhattan

Any cheap but good mexican and $4 Margaritas?

there are a couple of places on the lower east side -- el nuevo amanecer (stanton and essex) and el sombrero (stanton and ludlow i think). they aren't owned or run by mexicans--the menu is half puerto-rican/dominican and half mexican--but the food is decent and the ritas are strong. also, the food at both places is real cheap. $6 a pop for the drinks, i think.

Aug 06, 2007
rmr327 in Manhattan

Downtown Greek Recs?

Anyone have any suggestions for Greek restaurants below 14th street? I've been craving some Greek food lately...

Jul 24, 2007
rmr327 in Manhattan

Best tuna fish salad in nyc?

'wichcraft has a sicilian tuna sandwich that is killer!

fennel, thin slices of lemon, tapenade, tune,

Jul 18, 2007
rmr327 in Manhattan

Devi - Restaurant Week Review

So last night I dined at Devi for RW...

We started with a cheeky amuse--a little onion pakora fritter. This is typically served as street food in India, and so to see it on a lily-white plate and elevated to a level of such refinement made me chuckle a bit. But it was certainly very good, and a nice way to start the meal.

I had the sprouted mung bean and corn chaat for my first course--a mistake. This time, the chefs' efforts at lifting a humble dish into the culinary stratosphere was a pretty big bust. The dish was woefully underseasoned, and the corn/mung salad was served in little puff-pastry cups that made the whole thing taste like cardboard. And there was no chutney! Seriously, wtf.

Second course was the much-touted lamb chops. They were cooked wonderfully, but slightly underseasoned and lukewarm when they got to the table. The accompanying masala potatoes were lovely, though.

Dessert was the pista kulfi with citrus soup. The kulfi was spectacular--velvety, not overly sweet, and just lip-smackin' good. The soup, though, totally killed it for me. It was so overly tangy that it totally killed the delicacy of kulfi, and it kinda made the whole thing just taste like Sunny D. A drag, because pista kulfi is one of my all-time favorite desserts.

The naan during the meal was great, and the post-meal chai was great, but the service was rushed. We had an early reservation--maybe they were trying to get rid of us?--and they were definitely pretty quick in getting the courses out and moving us along.

The bright spots were bright enough that they outshone some of the more mediocre patches of the meal, but I expected much better. Especially compared to the couple of times I've eaten at Tamarind.

Haven't yet been to Tabla, but I'll get around to it one of these days...

Jul 17, 2007
rmr327 in Manhattan