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First Cape Cod Vacation Ever...And I'm Hungry!

Ok. So here's the rundown of what we tried ...

Kreme & Kone in Chatham (or was it Harwich?) was just what we were looking for in a low-key, casual seafood shack. We ate on the patio and thought the lobster rolls were solidly good (delicious lobster meat, perhaps a touch too much mayo and lettuce that was unnecessary). Clam strips and onion rings also went down a bit too easy. What is it about the Cape and onion rings? Every place seemed to think they had the best.

Wild Goose Inn in Chatham was a perfect place for a leisurely lunch. We sat on the patio where we could watch the street traffic and downed a rather tasty scallop roll and fried fish (cod) sandwich. Lovely iced tea as well.

The Squire in Chatham could be disappointing if you veered from seafood or basics, but the atmosphere and waitresses were priceless. The fish stew and mussels get my vote. Crab cakes, not so much. The clam chowder was tasty, but so creamy and rich, it was almost too much. Tried a local brew that we liked--Cape Cod Red Ale, AND we had a Harry Connick Jr. sighting.

We took a day trip to Provincetown where we dined on the patio of the only restaurant that overlooks the docked boats (the name escapes me). Had another scallop roll, which I became a bit obsessed with on the trip, also had a linguisa sausage roll, along with some belly clam strips that topped Kreme & Kone's. Yay to the clam strips and onion rings, nay to the iced tea.

I can see why George's pizza in Harwich would not suit everyone, but on first night there, we got delivery, and as long as one is OK with a deeper dish pizza style, it's easy, crowd-pleasing pizza.

For our nicer night out, we made reservations at Nauset Beach Club. Really enjoyed the toasted oyster starter (could have eaten two of these) and clams in a white wine sauce with linguine. Thought the entrees were good, but not great (perhaps having fab NYC restaurants at my fingertips hurt me a bit here).

For ice cream, we tried Schoolhouse, where we had an scoops of peanut-butter chocolate (super rich as it should be) and ginger (nicely palate cleansing). We also stopped by Sunday School, which I didn't think was quite as good, but, really, it's hard to hate on ice cream at the beach.

And, we also bought a gigantic local cod fillet, which may have been the best meal of the week. The recipe: Combine melted butter with a little Worcestershire sauce and brush on cod. Lay the fillet on the grill over a bed of lemon slices, and then top with more lemon slices. Cook for about 10 minutes or until flaky.

First Cape Cod Vacation Ever...And I'm Hungry!

Thanks for all of the suggestions. We're off on Saturday and would have to stay a month to try them all (sadly will only be gone a week), but I'll report back when we're back.

First Cape Cod Vacation Ever...And I'm Hungry!

So, I'm making my first journey to Cape Cod next week (staying in Harwich) and would love to know where to eat. A search of some recent posts revealed
--Friendly Fisherman in Wellfleet for lobster roll, fried fish
--Lobster Pot in Buzzard's Bay for lobster roll
--The Raw Bar in Mashppee for seafood
--Marathon in West Dennis for chowder
--Schoolhouse in Chatham for ice cream

Any thoughts on these places or places of note that I'm missing? Rec's were heavy for lobster (which I do love), but I'd also be interested in good pizza or just general spots for quality dining--casual or fancy.

Moving to Greenpoint. Recs???

Does anyone have the number for Jack O'Neill's--I was trying to see if it's still open before I head out there and information has nothing. Thanks!

Aug 10, 2007
craftymeerkat in Outer Boroughs

Sushi in Midtown West

My officemates and I want to take a colleague out for a respectable sushi lunch somewhere between 45th Street and 65th Street on the west side. Beyond the Time Warner Center's Whole Foods, we haven't had much luck with decent sushi in this neighborhood. Anybody have a favorite?

Jan 10, 2007
craftymeerkat in Manhattan