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Mammer Jammer - St. Louis

You betcha. Right across the street from where the legendary Mojo also stood. I don't recall a bar -- there was a direct entrance into the sandwich shop.

Impressing the client in St. Louis

I believe you mean that there are some local ordinances (Ballwin, I believe) that MANDATE restaurants to be non-smoking. Any restaurant can be non-smoking if it chooses. There's a list at

Impressing the client in St. Louis

You're also within striking distance (out Olive directly, or down 270 and out 40) to Annie Gunn's. Excellent chef, long wine list. The atmosphere can be off-putting -- it's basically an Irish pub, but with very high-end food. But with a party of 7, you can probably reserve one of the enclosed booths.

Any good restaurants in Washington, MO?

American Bounty, 430 Front Street. Can't find a website. And it ain't a restaurant, but you'll find some nifty sausage at Williams Brothers Meat/Washington Sausage Co.,
607 West Fifth Street.

STL - Balaban - 1st impression

It's a fairly poorly kept secret that Balaban's is for sale.

Holed up in Des Peres Hospital, St. Louis

JJ Twigs is an interesting pizza place just out Dougherty Ferry a ways. "Double decker": Two bottom crusts with filling in between. (Kinda sorta stuffed crust, but not really.) 636-225-9945,

You're also within easy distance of the latest incarnation, so to speak, of several Indian/Pakistani restaurants that have been in a strip mall on Manchester about Barrett Station. Saffron? I don't remember what it's called these days.

STL - Where can I find good variety of great italian meats/cold cuts?

The other replies provide secondary options, but for the best selection of Italian meats in town, I really think you need to go to Volpi's, 5250 Daggett.

Many salamis, prosciutto, bresaola, mortadella, coppa, capocolla. Olive salad so you can make muffaletta if you want (I'm pretty sure Central Grocery in New Orleans still sources some of its meat from Volpi's.) Raw sausage, too, if you want it -- and the prices are quite good!

Caito's in St. Louis

Super Smokers, 03-06.
Pit Master, 98-01.
Chesapeake Bagel, 95-97.
Glendale Grill, 93-94 (owned, I believe, by Deanne Lane's husband)
Arch City Diner, 91-92
Before that, it was, apparently for quite a while, a Teutenberg's.

Death of American Brasserie- St. Louis MO

Pizzahound speaks of Bernard Douteau, who also ran a restaurant called Bernard's in the Seven Gables Inn (and may have been behind Chez Louis there as well, I don't recall). Bernard, I think, overextended himself -- he also did an upscale joint in Clayton called Girarrosto about the same time he was doing the Brasserie. He was consulting chef at Provisions market 6-7 years ago, but I haven't heard much about him lately.

St. Louis: Where's the cannoli?

"They have my name and my heritage, but they didn't get my goat." Walter S. ______, Bully Hill.

In fairness, Bully Hill isn't exactly a household name in wine, even for "supposedly informed wine person(s)." That said, if you ever get over near St. Louis, there's at least one store in Illinois that has, or has had, a decent stock of Bully Hill -- so there's at least one Illinois distributor that can get it.

St Louis: RED Restaurant

Funny, I heard bonwich and I don't recall him raving -- especially since he mentioned that he hadn't been there yet. ;-)

St. Louis Visit

Perhaps, but nosh appeared to have located it in North St. Louis County.

St. Louis Visit

Pamplemousse? Address? Details? I'm not familiar with any St. Louis restaurant by that name.

St Louis specialty liquor store

You might also want to call Aya Sofia restaurant on Chippewa and find out if they have it or know where to get it.

Edited to add: The Royale on South Kingshighway has Arak Razzouk, as does Aya Sofia. A quick-and-dirty search leads me to believe that none of the licensed distributors in Missouri distribute real raki.

St Louis specialty liquor store

Again not close, but Kaya's across from South County Center has all kinds of unusual stuff, catering in some part to the area's emigrants from the former Yugoslavia.

In addition to the other recommendations, in Clayton I'd call Jon at Parker's Table and see if he has it or can get it. And Wild Oats has some unusual hootch as well.

St.Louis: Nick & Elena's Pizzeria?

This isn't entirely true. Provel, by its package description, is "processed cheddar, swiss and provolone cheese." And as much as it grieves this proud UW grad to admit it, Provel was actually "invented" in Wisconsin. They just never use it up there.

Can't wait for Mexican vacation, any good Mexican food in St. Louis?

Why, you haunt this board, too? Who knew?

In the "hole in the wall" category, I'd add El Gallo Jiro, 5606 Collinsville Road in Fairmont City. Cheap and terrific and very real.

Bread in St.Louis MO

There's usually a good selection of Black Bear -- not to mention stuff from the local Bosnian bakeries -- at Global Foods Market in Kirkwood. I sometimes worry about how frequently it comes in and how long they'll let it sit out before turning it, but I generally have good luck there.

If you like crusty, hearty Eastern European style bread, there are some places on Gravois. Haven't been for a while, but I really like Stare Grad with butter and some nice country-style preserves.

Veal bones in STL

Global Foods Market just north of downtown Kirkwood.

Where can I get Hot Sauce in St. Louis?

Depending upon where you are in the area, Jay has a sister store in Kirkwood (just above downtown Kirkwood) called Global Foods Market. I think Global's selection might even be a little bigger than Jay's.

The World Market chain also carries a pretty significant selection of hot sauce.

best romantic restaurant madison, wi

Damn, I haven't lived in Madison for 25 years, and the two most romantic meals I had there were at L'Etoile and Quivey's Grove. Stability is a good thing.

Where are the Best Eats in St. Louis?

Now, Bob. I don't know what defines a "great critic," but at least two in town (J-Po and one other former RFT writer) have received James Beard nominations for best newspaper critic in America -- and one of them got it for 2000, which is awfully close to the "late '90s." (Two RFT writers have also won best-feature Beards and one former St. Louis Mag writer has a best-mag-feature nomination under his belt now too, although he lives in Pennsylvania.)

One problem is that none of us are full-time restaurant critics. There are arguments both ways for a town of our size, but I think the readership and ad support are there to justify it.

All that said, you're right, Ian's really good.

St. Louis recommendations

1) Other way around. Sidney is romantic; Niche can be loud.
2) Eleven Eleven for food, Vin de Set for atmosphere, although Eleven Eleven has good atmosphere as well.
3) I'd choose Atlas and Franco over Balaban's. Atlas if you want a simpler French cafe atmosphere, Franco if you dig coolly rehabbed turn-of-the-20th Century warehouse spaces.

St. Louis: where to get an egg cream

They have them at the local version of the chain Cheeburger Cheeburger, on the outside of Chesterfield Mall.

Are there any Restaurants in St. Louis With a Gluten-free Menu?

You might try calling ahead to Terrene in the Central West End, I don't find any gluten-free references specifically on its menu, but that's the kind of thing I think chef Dave would try to accommodate. 314-535-5100

What's good at Harvest in St. Louis these days?

St. Louis Downtown Recommendations?

This thread should be helpful for places immediately downtown.

If you're by the ballpark, you're at a Metrolink stop. Take it in the direction of the Airport/Shrewsbury (the line splits at the Forest Park/DeBaliviere station). The Central West End station drops you just south of a major restaurant district along Euclid Ave. that includes Chez Leon (classic French), Moxy (eclectic modern), Saigon Cafe (Vietnamese) and, several more blocks up, Eau (in the restored Chase Park Plaza, a block west from Euclid on Lindell), Liluma (bistro), Duff's (bistro/pub), Balaban's (upscale eclectic, new chef) and a bunch more I'm probably forgetting.

The next station west is Forest Park/DeBaliviere, which puts you within a 4-5 block walk of Atlas, a wonderful French-inspired place with a seasonal menu.

If you take the Shrewsbury line, you can go into Clayton, which is full of restaurants; if you take the Airport line, the next stop west is the Delmar station, which is at the eastern end of the Delmar Loop, a major restaurant, bar and entertainment district. Mirasol, a good pan-Latin restaurant, is very near the station, as is Miss Saigon, a good Vietnamese place.

W. St. Louis/Chesterfield

Fox and Hound is a chain; I think Bahama Breeze would be more appropriate for a "bar/nightlife crowd." I also don't think Chesterfield Ale House has been there for more than a year. Satchmo's is basically a neighborhood joint.

Ironically, Annie Gunn's bar side functions as the 35+ divorce/ee pickup joint of record. You'll find a slightly younger crowd at Aqua Vin, on the periphery of Chesterfield Mall. Wapango also has a bit of an upscale bar scene and makes some funky (but not cheap) caipirinhas.

There's a place due south on 141 at Clayton called Yellowstone Cafe that does a nice, moderately priced walleye sandwich.

W. St. Louis/Chesterfield

FWIW, Annie Gunn's chef Lou Rook is cooking at the James Beard House later this month. I would put it in the "knock out great" category, but that's just me.

Phaedrus' reference to Happy Buddah is actually Happy China. Otherwise, however, trust anything that Phaedrus recommends that's Asian.

Directly north of you up 141 at Olive is an excellent Italian restaurant, albeit in a strip mall, called Paul Manno's. Stop by and get me if you decide to go that way. In the strip mall on Olive on the east side of 141 has a better-than-average Thai place called Thai Bu-ree.

If you like pan-Latin, there's a new place called Wapango attached to, but not entered through, Chesterfield Mall. Four exits east on 40, in addition to the aforementioned Cardwell's at the Plaza, there's an old-line steak joint called Kreis' (pronounced Chris's) that has the largest prime rib you've ever seen.

But as everyone has said, you're basically 15 minutes from anywhere other than downtown.

Kohn's Deli - St. Louis

Run down and filthy? Granted, I haven't been inside for several months, but that just doesn't sound right. Anyone else been to Kohn's recently and seen a decline?