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nationals park

first time going to a game. should I eat at another metro stop before going to a game?

Good restaurants near Nationals park?

first time going to a game. should I eat at another metro stop before going to a game?

real bagels near frederick?

As a native new yorker I am missing a good bagelShort of getting in the car and driving to new york can I find a substitute near frederick maryland?

I have a fetish for Bread Pudding--Help me!

blue ribbon bakery, somewhat expensive but almost a meal

Dec 18, 2009
jjim in Manhattan

carnivore sized prime rib

Looking for really large perfect meat. should I try keens, old homestead or another manhatten place?

Sep 30, 2009
jjim in Manhattan

veal parm hero

Really need one bad this weekend. I have tried managero hero boy and they were excellent. Any other recommendations?

Sep 04, 2009
jjim in Manhattan

brazil day festival foods

Having gone last year to the festival the best and most authentic foods were on 46th street. what are the not to be missed foods from the vendors?

Aug 28, 2009
jjim in Manhattan

zeppole on a regular basis

Is there any place besides a street fair where zeppole would be sold in manhatten? really really do not want to go to san generro festival to get them.

Aug 21, 2009
jjim in Manhattan


Did the restaurant that was to open by artichoke basil to serve zepploes ever open?

May 18, 2009
jjim in Manhattan

Best Lobster Roll in Manhatten

second pearl oyster bar

May 14, 2009
jjim in Manhattan

Gordon Bierch restaurant

I am going to the springsteen concert on monday. getting tired of clydes and looking at this place online. has anyone tried this place?

led zepploe open?

There was supposed to be a zeppole takeout next to artichoke basil pizza in the springtime. Is it open yet? will it really exist?

May 04, 2009
jjim in Manhattan

Corned Beef Hash

I have had it at good enough to eat on the upper west side. did not hav an alpo taste

Apr 02, 2009
jjim in Manhattan

BB King's Gospel Brunch

I have been there a couple of times. While you go for the singers who are great, the food is buffet style and about a level of good not great buffet.

Mar 02, 2009
jjim in Manhattan

Joes Ginger

anyone who has claimed that this place is as good as or just like is really mistaken. I recently ate here after being told there was over an hour wait at joes shanghi.. to even claim the food was mediocre would be a great overstatement. really really poor.

Feb 17, 2009
jjim in Manhattan

Enjoyed Villa Mosconi.....

I was there last month.Nice to see a local familyowned business that over the years has not changed. From the time you walk in until you leave you feel like a valued customer.

Feb 10, 2009
jjim in Manhattan

cuban sandwich

craving a really good traditional cuban sandwich.. any recommendations?

Dec 23, 2008
jjim in Manhattan

Flan / Custard

sevilla in the west village or la lanterna in the village for the dolce

Aug 21, 2008
jjim in Manhattan

onion rolls

Are there any bakeries or delis in manhatten that still make or carry onion rolls? They do not seem to be around any more.

May 23, 2008
jjim in Manhattan


whose are the best in manhatten?

May 13, 2008
jjim in Manhattan

who has the best rice balls in manhatten ?

really craving rice balls, which ones are best?

May 09, 2008
jjim in Manhattan

manhatten clam chowder

I seem to recall a thread about new england, how about good manhatten chowder?

Nov 15, 2007
jjim in Manhattan

whose eggs benedict

I have always gone to sarabeths on amsterdam in the upper west side for theirs. are they still the best? any other reccommendations?

Sep 13, 2007
jjim in Manhattan

eggs benedict

looking for good eggs benedict. I always have gone to Sarabeths. any other places?

Sep 10, 2007
jjim in Manhattan

Authentic Italian needed (Baltimore)!

just ate at Cio Bella last night in little italy. very good northern italian. it is on high street.

Dinner Cruises Around Manhattan

went on the yacht manhatten out of chelsea piers on a cruise. it was more of a buffet setup, very nice. web site sail-nyc

May 18, 2007
jjim in Manhattan

Best bread pudding?

blue ribbon bakery

Feb 02, 2007
jjim in Manhattan