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Recommendations for birthday dinner in Oakland/Berkeley

I am looking for a recommendation for a birthday dinner in Oakland or Berkeley. Was looking to go to Pizzaiola (sp) but dinner is on a Sunday, and Pizzaiola is closed on Sunday evenings. Thanks.

Grande Avenue Chocolates - Concord

I have been trying to reach GAC to purchase some of their great chocolate apples as Holiday Gifts. Their website appears inoperable. No one answers the phone. All the sure signs they have gone out of business. Short of driving out to Concord, and being incredibly disappointed, does anyone know if GAC is still in business? Thanks.

Typeface Issue

I love the new revised site - ok it's not really new but newer than the old Chowhound. But, I find it really difficult to read the posting because the print it too light. It would make it easier on us old Chowhounds if you could make the type face darker - like black ink, rather than gray.

Aug 25, 2007
moragaebd in Site Talk