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nonspicy Thai food

Thai Square is on the corner of Glebe Rd and Columbia Pike.

I suspect that you would like Crystal Thai. It's on Rte 50, just west of George Mason. It's in a shopping center on the right side of the road. Watch out, the turn is easy to miss. They never make things spicy unless you specifically ask. Try their pad thai chicken. It's sweeter than most pad thai I've had. If you like sweet you will like it. I also have a friend who doesn't like spicy at all and she swears by their drunken noodles and their chicken with basil.

Favorite Thai restaurants in D.C., nothern Virginia?

If you like Thai Palace, try Thai Basil- 100x better. It's just slightly west of the Rte 28 interchange. Get off Rte 28 onto 50W and take an almost immediate left at the first traffic light which I think is Airline Road. There's a shopping center on the left (and a brand new one on the right) Drive all the way around the left shopping center, bearing left. Thai Basil is at the far end of the center, almost at the end, hidden from the road. The owner is Nangkran Daks. She's often in the restaurant playing hostess.

Sakoontra is good too, though as we are farther west now, we tend to stick to the things out towards Centreville.

A new place opened up in Sully Station a couple months ago called Sila Thai. We've eaten there 2x. Very good also. Their crispy duck is excellent, and the sundried beef isn't as good as my husband's auntie's but it comes close.

Favorite Thai restaurants in D.C., nothern Virginia?

The best Thai food in Northern VA is Thai Square, followed by Thai Basil. Thai Basil doesn't seem to get a mention, probably because it's so far out of the way in Chantilly, but this is where my husband goes when he wants "Mom's cooking."

The worst is Tara Thai. I know lots of Thais and everyone agrees it is not very authentic.

I eat at Crystal Thai because it is close to work, but I think they lean too much to the sweet side to be called authentic, and trying to get them to make anything spicy is near impossible.

Dinner on Saturday Night for 10 Guys

Marrikesh is definitely cool. You could drive right by without noticing it. The food's not bad, but you really go for the ambience. I went with 5 of my girlfriends and we had more fun people watching than anything else. The table next to us had some wierd vibe, like the women were paid escorts or something. It was bizarre but entertaining. And the bellydancer is very good.

Chez Marc in Manassas?

Hey, is Chez Marc any good? I pass it often, traveling down 28, and have wondered if it's worth a stop.