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Romantic in MPLS

One thought is to go to the Dakota......decent food, good jazz, kind of sexy and romantic.

It has never disappointed us....oh, and Happy Anniversary!

MSP - Help, I need a .......

Fresh turkey! This is my first Thanksgiving dinner I am in charge of (at least in more than ten years) and I neglected to order a fresh turkey --- but in fact, I haven't a clue where to go or whom to call! Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.........sigh.

MSP: City Pages food column

Yes! City Pages is no longer worth picking up since Dara left. Her writing entertained, informed and excited me about restaurants around town. Sigh.

Nov 19, 2008
Abacus in Food Media & News

MSP - Town Talk Diner

Hi there,

I am celebrating with a group of eight at Town Talk Diner this upcoming weekend. Any recommendations for food and/or drink items? I read some splintered opinions on service and wonder if I should be concerned?

Birthday Girl

MSP - Hot Dogs - need to buy 10 lbs

As a non-Minnesotan, I appreciate all the great suggestions!


MSP - Hot Dogs - need to buy 10 lbs

Hi everyone,

I am having a Hot Dog bar soiree in the next two weeks and need some recommendations as to where to purchase the best high quality old fashioned hot dogs!

My bar will include the fixin's for classics like the Chili Dog and Chicago Dog as well as lots of ingredients for things like the Southern Dawg, and Hawaiian dog but it all needs to start with a great hot dog!

I live and work MSP North West side...........

Thank you fellow Chow Hounds!

Wilmington NC - Where do YOU dine?

Hi everyone,
I'm already printing up some of the recommendations with driving directions. I truly appreciate your thoughts and glad this board exists. Wilmington is a great town and I loving visiting.

May 08, 2008
Abacus in General South Archive

Wilmington NC - Where do YOU dine?

Thank you so much for this post as I am on my way from the Twin Cities to visit your wonderful city (and my family) in two weeks FOR two weeks. My family doesn't actually go out to eat much but I really want to experience the best local and regional food I can while I'm "on the beach."

What about seafood joints? I used to enjoy Pearls - a greasy spoon diner that is now closed. What are some good options now?

I will also want to take my teen age niece and nephews out but NOT to a chain - any easy for everyone but good for a foodie places?

Thanks so very much!

May 05, 2008
Abacus in General South Archive

Chautauqua Cnty - outside Buffalo best of

Hi everyone,

I realize this is a very narrow search however if anyone has thoughts please help! I am returning home to the Dunkirk/Fredonia/Silver Creek NY area next week from my current home in Minneapolis. While there, I plan to whet my appetite with my favorites of Beef on Weck, wings, calzones, pierogies, and other local favorites. As an Italian/Polish-American gal, I love all food good.

So, does BJ's in Fredonia still have great wings?
Where is the best pizza? Does Mary's Deli in Dunkirk still have incredible pies?
What about Polish favorites?

Thank you so very much!

MSP - Dim Sum for weekday lunch - other ideas?

Greetings - are there any places that offer dim sum weekday for lunch? My colleagues and I are trying to experience new lunch ideas in Minneapolis - St. Louis Park - Golden Valley area.

Besides dim sum - other great lunch ideas for a group of about 6-10 hungry women are welcome!

So far we've hit: Jasmine Deli (great but hard to fit us all), Thanh Do (good food, slow service) .......


MSP - Dinner close to Minnetonka

Try Prima - they have a restaurant in South Minneapolis/Lyndale and now in Minnetonka off Highway 7. Casual Italian. Nice decor. Full bar. Locally owned.

Minneapolis - Truly sour dough

Klecko at Saint Agnes is THE MAN. He is a terrific baker who has traveled the world to bake for kings and dignitaries, to help Russians learn baking for a community (more than once) and a super human being.

Oct 26, 2007
Abacus in Minneapolis-St. Paul


Where is this place? What are price points? More casual? Special occasion?

MSP - Emilys F&M (North Mpls.)

I love Emily's for breakfast - the pancakes are lovely, the coffee good and the service just perfectly fine for a joint diner! Emily came over from Italy years ago and is wonderful - and that lends to a few Italian influences as well!

Andrew Zimmern: chow-impostor?

Please make this man go away!!!

Oct 14, 2007
Abacus in Food Media & News

MSP: Good Day cafe

I work nearby and have had lunch a couple of times. The salads are lovely, the sandwiches even better -the only complaint I have with the place is the acoustics. It gets very busy and very loud which can be a problem if you want to have a conversation with anyone at your table.

Oct 14, 2007
Abacus in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP - Jasmine 26 ***

Thanks Bob for correcting my mistake on the address. I think I was just in such a hurry to write on my full belly that I could not type correctly! I'm thinking about that crepe for dinner again tomorrow!

MSP - Jasmine 26 ***

Okay, finallly made my way over to Jasmine 26 in Minneapolis (26th and Lyndale) after being prodded by the wonderful folks at my favorite lunch joint, Jasmine Deli.

I fell in love.

First, the place is beautiful with full bar. It is modern, sleek and comfortable with music loud enough to enjoy but not overpower a conversation.'

We started with cocktails. I had the Lemonrind thing - and my dining partnter, the Pear Martini. I guess we started with dessert! Strong enough to bring a smile and get us ordering.

We went to order the Basil Rolls but our server who greeted us with a huge, generous smile reminded me I've had the Basil Rolls at the Deli and recommended we try the Sweet Potato Toast and a version of Chicken Wings.

I was audible during each bite. Sweet potato sweetness, a touch of crispy salty sweetness of the shrimp and just lots of flavor especially when dipped into the light sauce. I didn't want to share and craved more.

The chicken wings were fine. They were chicken wings. Moist, flavorful. Five. I'm from Buffalo, NY - they were okay. Ehh......

BUT my dinner came next. The Jasmine Crepe. I went crazy for the light coconut batter of the crepe filled with meat, vegetables ......It was beyond my expectation. For 8 bucks.

My dining companion had the most expensive item on the menu - the Seafood Hotpot. It was fine. For $18, I expected something different.....but it was very delicate with plenty of scallops, shrimp and calamari.

I liked - LOVED my dish - the Jasmine Crepe much more and for much less $$$.

Light, fresh, I would expect from Jasmine Deli but even better. Our service was immaculate. Prompt. Friendly. Our water glass always filled.

If you want authentic - what do I know - there are plenty of joints in this town to try and everyone seems to have their own favorite- but if you want a nice place to go for dinner and appreciate fresh food, I'd recommend.Jasmine 26.

I cannot wait to go back.
No desserts......bummer.
Maybe next time.

Thanks for letting me share.......It was my best dining in the last month and I've been recently to: Birchwood Cafe, Corner Table, Good Day Cafe, Midori, and Colossal Cafe.....which all rate pretty high in my book. Jasmine just rates higher........

MSP - broke - craves Sushi - suggestions?

Thanks everyone - due to a family illness, we never did make it out but I cannot wait to try recommended Obento-Ya! Thanks everyone!

[MSP] Quiet dining suggestions?

Giorgio's on Hennepin - it's has always been a favorite - quiet, decent food, good wine. Let us know where you end up going!

MSP - broke - craves Sushi - suggestions?

Okay, I really need to have a sushi fix Sunday - in Minneapolis, my favorite go-to place is Fuji Ya and has been forever however the checkbook won't allow it at the moment (We usally are set back a minimum of $150 for two) ........but are there are joints in Minneapolis that have specials on Sunday? Please don't send me to Ichiban (sp) - I may be broke but reallly........I thought I heard somewhere that someplace has some kind of specials that are decent.

Thank you in advance .......

MSP-Quang's or Jasmine (Eat Street)

The question is Quang's or Jasmine and by that, I am guessing Jasmine Deli (as they have opened another place around the corner).
For spring rolls - Jasmine Deli. They are light, delicate and fresh. Perfect.
For Bass soup on the weekend - Quang's.

I like Jasmine Deli for the delicate fresh flavors and light food. Once I discovered this place a few years ago, everyone else disappeared.

However, I have been a fan of Quang's for many year's - before it's current large spot - and some dishes are not as fresh or light as I'd like but the soup specials on the weekend are out of this world.

I love Quang's for many different reasons that I love Jasmine Deli - depends on the exact moment but Jasmine's always is my first choice for lunch.

MSP - A Rebours is closing

So sorry to hear about the closing of A Rebours - however, I am thrilled that the Russell Klein will be opening up his own place. He did wonders at W.A. Frost and I'm eager to taste my way through his new place. Has anyone heard about when Meritage will open?

Mpls - Birchwood Cafe recommendations

Okay, I am finally going back to Birchwood Cafe for dinner and I hear they have a really good pastry chef too. Any recommendations for food items to order? My pet peeve with Birchwood has been busing my own table (when I go out to eat, it's special and I don't want to have to work it) and the loudness factor!

Everyone seems to love this place and I want to love it dinner options?

Thank you.

Twin Cities Dim Sum - what's good these days?

Last weekend we tried YUMMY's on Nicollet Ave - Eat Street. Pretty decent. We arrived at 10:30AM and were the first there which made us nervous but ten minutes later we were surrounded by folks. The carts came quickly, the food hot and steaming and best part, it was not especially greasy which is usually an issue I have with Chinese food. My favorite was the sesame ball which was hot, not greasy, plump and delicious!Anyway, eager to hear if anyone else had a good experience there......we did but it was just a one trip.

ATTN: Comic Con Attendees (San Diego)

Thank you! I was suprised not to find a San Diego only thread and appreciate just making it easier for us out-of-towners by putting some recommendations here. I am eager to visit your beautiful city and eating my way through it as much as possible! When you are ready to come to the Twin Cities, I'll be sure to send you to great food finds!

Jul 25, 2007
Abacus in San Diego

San Diego Gaslamp District Good Eats please


I'll be among the hordes of convention-goers this week in San Diego and wonder if there are any recommendations by locals to find good eats - cheap or otherwise - in the Gaslamp District. Lunch? Dinner? Late night?

Also, anyplace that is worth a cab ride to?..........think fresh seafood! We are coming from Minneapolis ........


Jul 24, 2007
Abacus in California

Wilmington, NC dining - lunch - $ - $$$

Thanks Ando! I also found some other links to Wilmington restaurants (through your thread) and am looking forward to my family visit!

Jun 08, 2007
Abacus in General South Archive

Wilmington, NC dining - lunch - $ - $$$

Hi there,

I will be visiting Wilmington, NC for ten days from Minneapolis and am looking for some dining recommendations:

Any authentic b-b-que places that are must haves?
Any local fish joints?
Any good Southern cooking places?

I also have tickets to a performance at Thalian Hall - any recommendations for food and beverages after the show?

Thank you kindly!

Jun 07, 2007
Abacus in General South Archive

Crystal Bistro Afghani in Crystal, MN

Well, we did it and now I am hooked!
Just the other day we noticed on our way to our favorite little Target, Crystal Bistro. I wondered aloud "What is Afghan Cuisine" as we drove past. Then I see Dara's review, THEN I see this post...we hopped in the car and drove over! That was last night - Wednesday.

We were promptly seated in a cute little booth - only one other couple (plus their baby) were in the restaurant during dinner. I told our server (later we made formal introductions) my story - that I passed the place and read the review and rushed over.

He was so wonderful about going over the menu with us - explaining the dishes, what he feels are their best dishes (most well known) - never pushy, always pleasant and patient with our many questions.

We ordered the combo appetizer of baba ghanoush and hummus. Yum! The accompanying pita slices were warm and melt in our mouth good.

We also were given warm fresh flatbread to try with the two different sauces on the table - a green and a red - yup, the red was hotter. Hadi (our server) showed us the way "he liked" to eat it. He put a bit of both baba ghanoush and hummus on our bread plate, topped with a bit of the red and green sauces and then let us enjoy on our warm bread!

Our entrees included the combo of the aushok (spinach filled dumpling) and mantu (meat filled dumpling). They were sooo light and delicous. They were in a very light tomato sauced that topped a layer of a yogurt sauce. We were crazy about the aushok!
The other entree was the banjaan, eggplant topped with a yogurt, tomato sauce.

As Mr. Food might say, "oooh, so good."

Hadi then provided us complimentary dessert of Ferdi or Ferni (spelling??) which was basically a tapioca pudding topped with cardamom shavings. Again, very light and fresh - we were in heaven.

The fun began as Hadi took our all of his guests (both our table and the other couple) on a tour of the shopping area! Rugs! Furniture! Deals!

What a great find - especially since it is in our shopping area (we live in N. Mpls)!