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Allergy friendly restaurants

I'm having out of town guests this weekend and one of them has severe tree nut and shellfish allergies. I'm wondering if there are restaurants that are known to be particularly allergy friendly. It would have to be a place that would assure no cross contamination whatsoever. We'll have a 3 year old along with us so upscale restaurants are probably out of the question. In terms of general area, we're good with anything in Boston and north to 128 or west to the Waltham area.

Thanks in advance!

Apr 03, 2011
Fidget963 in Greater Boston Area

Request for general recommendations for Woburn area

Hi all,

I'm moving from Arlington to the north Woburn area and I'm looking for general recommendations for the area. Particularly recs for good places to get pizza, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and any good bakeries. I'd also love to hear about anything else in that area that people think is good.


Jan 31, 2010
Fidget963 in Greater Boston Area

Where do I find good baba ganoush in the Somerville area?

I'm looking specifically to buy a tub of baba ganoush to take home, not eat in a restaurant. I'm also hoping to not have to travel too far from the Arlington/Somerville area to get it.

Thanks so much!

Oct 25, 2009
Fidget963 in Greater Boston Area

Wintergreen Candy

I am familiar with Canada Mints and that is not looking for. I’m looking for candies that have a much softer texture and are grainy (more like maple sugar candy). Canada Mints are a harder candy. Allstonian’s suggestion of Merrimints sounds like what I am interested in. Unfortunately it looks like the VT Country Store only sells them in a variety package of four flavors and we would only eat the wintergreen flavor.

Feb 07, 2007
Fidget963 in Greater Boston Area

Wintergreen Candy

I'm looking for a specific type of wintergreen candy that I usually buy at a candy shop in Manchester, VT (Mother Myrick's). I believe this store has stopped making them so mail order is out. I would love to buy my husband a box so I'm hoping someone may know of a similar candy in this area. The candy has the texture of maple sugar candy (soft and sugary) and is about the size of a quarter. They were pink and happened to be shaped like hearts (I think it was Valentine's day when I last bought them).

Feb 06, 2007
Fidget963 in Greater Boston Area

Lunches to take to work?

My husband and I make pizza at least every other week. When we do, I double the dough and make calzones to freeze and bring to work at a later date. Usually I stuff them with broccoli, spinach, or mushrooms. If they actually make it into the freezer (instead of being eaten all week long), I take them out in the morning and they are thawed by the time lunch rolls around. We have a toaster oven in my office and I warm them up that way so as not to end up with a too chewy crust.

Feb 05, 2007
Fidget963 in Home Cooking

What happened to Cafe Piccolo in Burlington, VT?

The owners of Cafe Piccolo decided they had enough of the restaurant business and sold Cafe Piccolo to new owners. Last I knew (9/06) the new owners were running the restaurant under the same name and in the same location (the Maltex building). The general opinion on the new version of Cafe Piccolo seemed to be that the quality has gone down. I can't speak from personal experience as I have not eaten there.