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London late-night desserts?

My sister is coming into town for her birthday, and I'm looking for a delicious place to celebrate with desserts/puddings after an evening at the theatre. Where can I find good late-night desserts?

Jan 16, 2008
freshmix in U.K./Ireland

Great breakfast/brunch in Pasadena?

I've always enjoyed the breakfast at the Green Street Restaurant. They're known for their lunches (Diane salad, etc.) but I was surprised to find that they have a great breakfast selection -- especially when it comes to eggs. Last time I went, I ordered the chilaquiles and substituted their famous zucchini bread for the potatoes on the side. I loved it. Here's their breakfast menu:

If you're looking for more of a quick bite, and don't mind chain-style cafes, there's also Corner Bakery. They've got breakfast paninis and a delicious "swedish oatmeal" (their name for muesli), although they only have two or three egg dishes.

Jan 13, 2007
freshmix in Los Angeles Area

Best Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing

I'm bringing my parents on a weekend trip to San Francisco, and we're looking for a stellar tasting menu with reliably good wine pairings and a good sommelier. The emphasis here is on the wine pairing, with a preference for a nice selection of California wines.

We're too late for Gary Danko, so I'm considering:

The Ritz Dining Room
La Folie

Any advice?

Downtown L.A. - Dinner Ideas?

I second the Patina recommendation. Patina has a wonderful modern-elegant ambiance, delicious combinations, and fantastic service. Plus, it is right next to the Disney center--a cool LA landmark for friends from out of town.

On my most recent visit, we worked with the Patina chefs to create a custom seven-course tasting menu about a week in advance. One person in our party remembered having a phenomenal homemade lime sorbet at Patina a couple months back, and when we called them up the morning of the event to ask whether they could whip up a batch for the evening, they not only did so, but they gave us a few extra tubs to enjoy at home. It was an absolutely thoughtful touch for a restaurant that further exceeds our high expectations every time.

Jan 10, 2007
freshmix in Los Angeles Area

Baby Shower Location for 36...Looking for a Tea Room. Pasadena, Glendale Area

I've enjoyed a beautiful tea at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena, which overlooks the courtyard and the elegantly landscaped grounds. The ambiance at the Ritz Carlton is really charming, from the Japanese garden and koi ponds to the wisteria-arched walkways -- a really nice place for a shower.

While the Huntingon Gardens offers more beautiful and extensive grounds, each guest will have to pay an entrance fee to even step foot on the grounds (as WildSwede mentioned). Moreover, I found the tea there to be subpar -- the pastries, petit fours and tea sandwiches had been sitting out for a very long time, rendering them stale and/or melted.

Also, the nice thing about the Ritz is that the room is sized to comfortably accomodate a large number of guests, whereas some of the smaller Pasadena teahouses like Chado would be a very, very tight squeeze for 36.

Jan 09, 2007
freshmix in Los Angeles Area

Valentines day dinner

Ruth's Chris is great. They offer an incredible selection of steaks, a delicious array of side choices, and great oven-fresh french bread. My boyfriend is a serious steak lover -- he goes for the filet mignon or cote-de-boeuf at almost every dinner -- and Ruth's Chris consistently ranks #1 on his list.

I'd also like to echo kingkong5's recommendation of Napa Rose. Even though it's associated with Disneyland, it's got a highly-deserved 26 food rating from Zagat's. Napa Rose has a beautiful selection of wines and a wide variety of food options, though you will not encounter the broad selection of steak cuts and cooking styles that Ruth's Chris offers.

Jan 09, 2007
freshmix in Los Angeles Area