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"Cake Lady" in Northern/Central NJ

I'm looking for a fabulous "cake lady" in northern/cntrl NJ to create a wonderful 1st brithday cake. Not a bakery-- but a one woman "cake lady" operation who makes dreamy and delicious cakes. I know these women must exist somewhere... anyone got any bright ideas? Thanks!!

Great Mexican in Union County, NJ

Thanks for the suggestions! As an aside, if anyone ever opens this thread, we tried Jose's last night. It was truly dreadful. There is no reason it should be as crowded as it is-- slow, horrible service and food that was awful and overpriced. That said, you never know till you try, so I appreciate the reco. That said-- don't go there!

1st Birthday Lunch/Brunch in Cntrl/Nrth NJ

I'm looking for a place to have a 1st birthday brunch/luncheon for my daughter in December. Accepting that 1st birthdays are absolutely more for the parents than children, I'd love to find something fabulous. Guest list will probably include about 25 adults, 10 children (and likely, 1 clown!) Please let me know your great ideas! We're in Westfield, NJ but anything within about 20-25 minutes is fair game. Thanks!

Great Mexican in Union County, NJ

Hi, I'm looking for a really terrific mexican restaurant. Not fancy, just delicious. No Qdoba, BajaFresh business. We're in Westfield and willing to drive a little bit, but looking for a gem. Anyone have any bright ideas? Thanks!

Best Jewish Deli near Westfield, NJ

We're having a Jewish baby naming for our daughter and are new to the Westfield, NJ area. What is the absolute best deli around here? I don't mind driving a bit, just want it to be really good. My family is Israeli and thus, particular.
Thanks so much!

Indian Food in Westfield, NJ region?

Hi, I'm hoping to solicit some help! I'm throwing a bridal shower for a friend at my home and am new to the Westfield area. Am looking for a REALLY wonderful Indian restaurant that could provide food (I would pick up) to serve at my house. Preferably non-vegetarian. Any recommendations? I'd be so grateful. Thanks!