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Recommendations for Chinese?

You might try Marks Duck House out in Arlington/Falls Church. They have my favorite peking duck in NoVa. It's right on Route 50 at 7 Corners, so maybe 15 minutes from G'town.

Vegatarian in the tidewater area

I'll be working down near Yorktown this thursday night. My coworker is vegatarian and I know absolutely no restaurants down that way. Ethnic (indian, thai) are certainly acceptable if they're good. We would be willing to drive into Norfolk/Va Beach. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Baltimore greek and vietnamese food

moved to Baltimore from NOVA.
I was kinda spoiled there by all the great asian restuarants. And recommendations for Vietnamese in the Baltimore area (i miss Eden center!)

Also, I've seen lots of talk about Greektown. I've been to Somos and thought it was very good. Any feedback or recommendations about Acropolis, Ikarus etc...?