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Good poutine in Toronto?

The best poutine in Toronto in my opinion is at the Corned beef house, sqeaky curds homemade gravy and crispy fries. I believe they're at the corner of Adelaide and John

Best T.O. Takeaway Sandwich?

corned beef house, $5.00 sandwiches after 5pm. 8oz smoked meat or corned beef sandwiches. best deal in the city by far

What's your favourite sandwich?

The Collosal sandwich at the corned beef house is amazing. A pound of corned beef or montreal smoked meat lots of mustard a sliced pickle in the sandwich layered on silverstiens rye is my pick for the best sandwich in T.O.

Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto

The Corned beef house on Adelaide will surprise many. The Reuben has been voted Torontos best. The montreal smoked meat is quite moist and flavourfull, I believe they bring it in from Lesters in Montreal

Best Ruben Sandwich in Toronto?

Best Reuben I've had so far is at the corned beef house in Toronto

anyone know of any good delis in the downtown core

Checked out The Corned Beef House today and had the Reuben, by far the best Reuben sandwich i have ever had. Not sure why this place got some bad reviews. It is smack dab in the middle of clubland, but there lunches are packed with corporate clientle.

i enjoyed it.

anyone know of any good delis in the downtown core

Love Corned beef, does anyone know of a good deli in the downtown core of toronto.

Best Pastrami Downtown?

I personally love The Corned Beef House They bring in there meat from Montreal and all sandwiches are fantastik. You have to go for the corned beef and Montreal sandwiches, best in Toronto. The reuben sandwich is also in my opinion the very best...check it out.