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Forbes Island?

Ah well. thanks for the report.

Forbes Island?

What's the story on Forbes Island? I just heard about it--it sounds like a hoot, but it rings like a tourist trap. Anyone been, and can spread the good word?

Where else can I sit at the counter and watch the magic?

Thank you all. What a great list to tackle!

Where else can I sit at the counter and watch the magic?

We thoroughly enjoyed sitting at the counter at Commis last night and watching the chefs do their cheffing. Now we want to do the same elsewhere. Does any other restaurant offer such a great view of the kitchen?

3859 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611

Commis - Chef Counter or Regular Table?

Is there still a special night when they do a chef's table at the counter, with a special set of courses? We went last night (loved it) and had the same food as those at the tables.

Thanksgiving in Monterey?

Was going to have Thanksgiving dinner at a Monterey inn, but the proprietor was rude so we cancelled. Now we're on the street. Where can we have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in Monterey/Carmel/Pacific Grove? We prefer sit-down at between $40 and $80...

Nov 21, 2008
dgoldentyer in California