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Fairfield County CT- Where to go for a 70th Birthday party?

We're looking into Valbella. We looked at Aqua. The place in Milford might be too far for the folks traveling from NY.

I guess for cuisine- My dad likes seafood but can't have shellfish. He likes Italian but good italian, not run of the mill pasta and sauce, so I thought Paci would have been the ticket. He's not into ethnic food but new/bistro/american he'd be fine with.

Anything else in Westport? That's like the perfect in between town.

1309 E Putnam Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870

Paci Restaurant
96 Station St, Southport, CT 06890

Fairfield County CT- Where to go for a 70th Birthday party?

Maybe becasue we needed a Sat night. We were told they had to cover the cost for leasing that floor to us.

Fairfield County CT- Where to go for a 70th Birthday party?

Hi All!

Thanks for the recs!!!

So now we've decided to expand the area since it seems the relatives who don't want to drive might not come regardless. We also now have a handicap access issue. We have an invite list of 40+ many of whom would require air travel so I'm thinking maybe the final head count will be around 25-30. But the handicap access (or just not many stairs) might be critical.

Sigh. If i wasn't due to have a baby about 15 days before this party, I'd be cooking and having it home.

So thanks to all! Keep the ideas coming.

FYI- we've looked into most of the suggestions. Thanks!

Fairfield County CT- Where to go for a 70th Birthday party?

8-10K for 25 people, fixed menu

We're not tight with cash by any means but that translates to over $300-400 per person.

Fairfield County CT- Where to go for a 70th Birthday party?

Most of our relatives are old and very reluctant to drive out of their own town (trumbull or stratford) so Westport is even pushing it.

Anything in Fairfield? The guest list is looking to be about 30 people.

Fairfield County CT- Where to go for a 70th Birthday party?

OK- We checked out Paci and while it's very nice, the $ was very high. For what they wanted we could throw a party at Blue Hill...we know cause we've done it! lol

Any other ideas?

Paci Restaurant
96 Station St, Southport, CT 06890

Fairfield County CT- Where to go for a 70th Birthday party?

We need to throw a party for my dad's 70th and we'll need a nice venue for about 40 people so a private room will be a must. We're flexible on food- nothing too ethnic- and we're not on a tight budget. Was thinking Westport or Fairfield area?

HELP! I moved to NY and I have no clue what's around now.

Where do we eat tonight? Lower Westchester, 2 adults, one toddler

So we have 3 places in all of westchestert hat we go to. 121 becasue we have horses that live up there, F.I.S.H., and Ruby's in Rye.

YAWN. And we really want to go out tonight!

But we have some food restrictions, and it makes eating at any old place a little difficult.

We're looking for something that has either GREAT fresh seafood, or a more organic/farm to table o r bistro feel. Our toddler does not eat "kids menu" foods and we also enjoy a nice bottle of wine. Seriously, we'd eat at BlueHill nightly if we could afford it so something along those lines? And yet, toddler friendly...well behaved toddler but still a 2 year old boy.

5 dinner time is perfect


7 days in Narragansett...where to eat??


7 days in Narragansett...where to eat??

My family and I are spending a week in RI right on Sand Hill Cove in about a week.

I'd love a run down on fancy, family, seafood, lobster, etc and whatnot for september.

We're huge on farm to table as well and don't mind driving 30+ minutes.

farm markets and health foood stores a +++++


Xaviars @ Piermont or Blue Hill @ Stone Barns

Blue. Hill. End of story.

So sick of overpriced Westchester!

In defense of Blue Hill, do you actually know how much it costs THEM to serve the kind of food they serve? Sorry, but fancy as any place claims to be, the food is still not 100% pasture raised, locally grown, on-site grown, beyond organic, blood sweat and tears farm fresh food. In this economy I know what type of effort that takes.

our family only eats local/organic year round and we are paying out the nose to do so but we find it 100% vital to good health and really, what's more important?

If you want the integrity of eating that way and AND enjoying a fancy evening out, you're going to have to pay for it. Otherwise my family, and other who eat liek we do, dine only at home.

where to buy GOOD produce at decent prices around white plains??

Stone Barns has eggs all year at the Blue Hill Cafe.

Greenwich Farm market is still open on Saturdays and I think Rye's is too.

But I must say is you want to buy local and organic it costs. Just a simple fact. BUT I think it is well worth the cost.

HElp! Need Raw milk!


HElp! Need Raw milk!


I've been giving my son raw milk since his 1st birthday and up until recently had no problem purchasing it either at Hawthorne Valley Farm (when we visit our second hom ein columbia county) and thw westport farm market. When the market closed he got pasteurized milk for the first time and it made him sick. Is there anywhere else to get raw milk from pastured cows or goats around here? I know the westport market will be in fairlfield soon, but is there anywhere else? Saturdays are hard for me to get down there.


Blue Hill ~ Stone Barns ~ your thoughts !

Not that I need to defend our choices, but we DON'T eat out often becasue we take care to eat local organic only. So, if you look at what the average person spends on dining out in two months time vs. one meal at blue hill, it's really not all that much. And like I said, if others who watch their diets veyr closely need and want a fabulous evening out this place is perfect because you know the food is healthy, local, and the wine list is just amazing.

Blue Hill ~ Stone Barns ~ your thoughts !

I"m so surprised to hear all of this negative talk about BHSB. My husband an dI eat there fairly often and we always leave completely happy and amazed. The food has always been fantastic and interesting, I always learn something about wither cooking or growing, and the staff is nothing short of perfect. Again, I'm just so shocked to read negative reviews. Maybe it's not for everyone, but if you care about eating local/organic this place is perfect for a "real" night out. And the wine list is to die for.

Hudson Valley Legends, Basement Bistro & Stone Barns

Interesting. We ate at Blue hill on Sat night and it was perfection from start to finish. I love tomatoes so I was thrilled to see field tomatoes and heirlooms included in various dishes. I was also blown away by a chicken mushroom...and like usual I left with new knowledge of food and farming. As a grower myself, granted it's on a teeny tiny scale, I love coming away from a meal with an education of sorts. And the cheese course was divine!

Hudson Valley Legends, Basement Bistro & Stone Barns

Blue Hill only got a very good??? I think it's the finest place I've ever been to.

What about Rebecca's in Greenwich? Food is amazing but i'll admit the ambiance is lacking. I feel like if I crack a grin I'll be tossed out.

Healthy-ish eats around Huntington LI?


My husband has a business dinner around huntington/ Mellville area in Long Island tomorrow evening. We are kind of health- nuts (organic food only usually) so he was curious if there is are any restaurants in the ara that have some healthier options...local produce, meats or use fresh fresh fresh ingredients etc, that kind of thing. Not tofu and sprouts...but meal options that would make everyone happy. Last time he got stuck at some not so hot steakhouse and was ill for three days.

Good wine wist a plus!


Fantastic Meal at Lobster Fresh/Galilee Grocery in Narragansett

My family and I have been in RI for a week. I wanted to take my new yorker hubby here for some REAL seafood. We stopped into Galilee Grocery where Cate the owner informed me they did clambakes. I was hesitant because we only eat organic produce and I didn't want to pay for corn and potatoes and slaw that we wouldn't eat. She then told me they would order all organic produce and cook with organic ingredients for us. I agreed to give them a try and we make plans for Thursday evening.

Lobster Fresh it seems is a partnership between the grocery store and a personal chef.

Upon arriving, our outdoor table was set just for us and we got to enjoy the evening breeze. We had brought wine with us and forgot to bring glasses. One of the girls helping out actually DROVE to go get us glasses which I thought was very nice.

Our meal began with fresh and delicious clam chowder. It was great. Chef Colin quietly worked a few yards away and then emerged with our lobser bake. Two 4 pound lobsters, 3lbs of steamers, new potatoes, sausages, corn on the cob, and cole slaw. It was a feast! Everything was cooked perfectly, the way it should be. For my husband, it finally dispelled that myth that large lobsters are tough.

The amazing thing was the bill was only $200! In NY where we live the lobsters alone would have been about $200.

After we finished, we chatted with both Colin and Cate (who are both nicer than nice) and left feeling so refreshed and delighted. You go on vacation to experience new things and this was a lovely, memorable experience. When we return next summer, we will for sure be back for a meal.

His website (which was printed on his truck....he did no self promotion at all during our meal which I think is very classy) is and there is a link to Lobser Fresh on his site.

I haven't written a positive review on this site in a long time. Tihs was well worth it.

RI natives!! Help me with my quahogs!!!

I came to narragansett for a week mainly to clam and in doing so I now have a lovely batch of quahogs. Now, I'm no newbie to clams or shellfish but when I cooked these guys they were nothing but sand. All of my hard work and I had inedible clams. I have 5 days left to catch and cook them.

Isn't there a way to preop these guys so they spit their sand before you cook them?

Give me pointers!


Jun 10, 2008
OrganicLife in Home Cooking

A week in narragansett....where to eat?


A week in narragansett....where to eat?


I'm thrilled to say I'll be spending a week in RI right on Sand Hill Cove. My goal is to eat as much real New England Seafood as I can. I spent lots of time in RI as a kid and grew up knowing what seafood should taste like. I've been in NY too long and they just don't get it.

Sooo...where should we go for lobsters, lobsters off the dock, for clams, for a fancy dinner out, for steaks, etc . Give me a week's worth of options! I think the only thing we won't want is fried food.

Also, I need a local healthfood store and where does one go to go clamming? I would love to dig and cook my own clams too!

Help me locals!

Thanks! See you soon!

What to do with opened bottle of fine red wine?

Last night we got a little overzealous with our festivities and opened too much wine. There's 3/4 of a bottle left over. I't s very rare 90 chianti. It's incredible. Now, I'm sure you're thinking...why not drink it tonight? Because my hubby is going out for a business dinner and I'm nursing. So drinking alcohol tonight is not a possibility.

Usually I make a nice marinade with leftover wine but I don't have any red meat to use it with. I have pork but I never use red to marinate pork?

What else can I do with this wine? I really don't want it to go to waste.

Mar 11, 2008
OrganicLife in Home Cooking

Restaurants similar to Blue Hill at Stone Barns

plates is larchont

oysters tonight!

mmmmm sounds really good.

Nov 09, 2007
OrganicLife in Home Cooking

oysters tonight!

I just bought 2 doz shucked oysters. I'm thinking a sautee in a littl ebutter with some shallots and parsley but I'm dying to hear other ideas.

Nov 09, 2007
OrganicLife in Home Cooking

best oysters on the half shell?

I'm craving oysters but I've never had them in westchester/fc...where should I go?

(fyi I used to live around the corner from aquagrill so my standards are pretty high)

cabbage soup without the you-know-what?

Is there any way to tinker with cabbage soup to help curb the gas that seems inevitable? I know with beans if you toss the first batch of boiling water it helps but I'm not sure if the same goes for cabbage.

I'm doing a (quite yummy) detox with all of my freshly picked cabbages but I don't want my husband to leave me over it! lol

Oct 24, 2007
OrganicLife in Home Cooking