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Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Quick Hit

Coming to the area for 24 hours..flying into Ft. Lauderdale, sailing out of Miami so can stay in either. Waiting to pick a hotel based on where the restaurants will be. One lunch and one dinner. Never been to the area so I am thinking really authentic Cuban for one meal and stone crab for another? Is Joe's actually good, or is it just a tourist trap?
My 9 and 12 year olds are coming as well. They are serious foodies, and would probably call social services if I ever handed them a kid's menu, but I probably don't want to bring them to anyplace that is too much of a crazy bar scene at night.
Many thanks.

Orlando emergency

Heading to Orlando for a conference in 2 days. Everything I read says Orlando, despite the number of people who visit, is not a good food town. I only have 1 night free. Both Norman's and Primo rated high on Zagat, but I can't imagine that the best food in town is in a hotel? Looking for recommendations for dinner. Type of cuisine is irrelevant, so long as it is the best of its type, and ideally sourced locally. Doesn't have to be the most expensive place in town, just the best.
Where do the Orlando foodies eat?

Apr 20, 2009
roanoker in Florida

Professional Reviews of Ranges

So flourgirl if not the pro-styles what are you starting to look at now and with what brand do you think you will ultimately go?

Jul 13, 2008
roanoker in Cookware

Professional Reviews of Ranges

Sorry. We have been out of town for the past few days and I am just now back online. I will check out the Great Kitchens book...sounds interesting. I guess I am just dismayed that some magazine with clout that appeals to people with this type of range...Saveur perhaps...has not gotten the manufacturers to each lend them a similarly configured unit so they could put them through their paces side by side. It seems that if one is going to spend over $10k for an appliance there ought to be some objective guidance available. I fear that they must think that a high percentage of buyers don't really care and are purchasing either for looks or name snobbery. I don't mind paying for the best so long as I have a way of really knowing it is the best and worth the price difference from the others.
Thanks again to all who responded.

Jun 21, 2008
roanoker in Cookware

Professional Reviews of Ranges

We are getting ready to purchase a 48" professional style range. There seems to be tons of anecdotal evidence from people on this site and elsewhere on-line, with as many opinions as there range are companies. Is anyone awate of an objective side by side analytical review of all available commercial style ranges having been performed by anyone (maybe a trade magazine or specialty website)? Something more serious than Consumer Reports that really gets into the pros and cons of the various lines (Wolf, Thermador,Viking,Dacor,etc.) as well as the European brands....

Jun 12, 2008
roanoker in Cookware

Where to eat in Va. Beach

I am heading to Va. Beach for a few days next week and need to set up my meals. My family and I are all pretty serious foodies. Want to do simple but frshest possible seafood one night, Italian another and some other interesting dinners. I used to live in the area but that was 10 years ago. At that point Lynnhaven Fish House and Pasta e Pane would have been choices for the first 2. Are they still around and is there anything new that is better? Fire & Vine looks interesting but what others are recommended. 58 Deli looks like a must for lunch but does anyone have other lunch suggestions?

Food Shopping in Greensboro

Thanks quazi.
I am actually going down for 2 reasons. One is to stock up my own pantry. The other is to write a foodie shopping guide piece on the Triad. For that reason I am really trying to cast a wide net, looking for the best and most special insider sources that people visiting the area should not miss. Not the Whole Foods, etc. that are available elsewhere. For example, many of us know to pick up eggs at a co-op or farmer's market, but not necessarily to get Joe's eggs, which he gathers from his flock of heritage chickens and sells at a certain spot on a certain day...any tips on special vendors and the products that make them special would be appreciated. Thanks again.

Food Shopping in Greensboro

I am heading to the Greensboro/Triad area later this month to make a guerilla food shopping run. I have been told not to miss Giacomo's. I have not spent a lot of time in the area, but assume with the High Point and Winston-Salem area as well, there must be some special markets, farms, growers, etc. not to be missed. Quality is key. I would appreciate as many detailed area recommendations as possible.
Many thanks,