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Vitam rein vegetarische

Does anyone know of a source for Vitam's 'rein vegetarische' in the Toronto area?


Restaurant in St. Catherine's?

Where would you take a food savvy visitor who is coming to race in the FISA World Rowing Masters in early September?

experience with Calphalon or Cooks on 8 cooking class

I took a series of cooking classes at Calphalon on King St. a few years ago. I learned some good tips and had a good time doing it. The facilities are great and the cookware was fun to use. I've taken other freebie demo classes there, too (don't think they offer the freebies any more) and enjoyed them. Everyone in the classes I attended seemed as pleased as I was - including my then-14 year old son who joined me for several. The chefs they had teaching at that time were engaging, entertaining and willing to answer lots of questions. All in all it was a relaxing and fun experience.

Terroni - Mediocre food and BAD Sevice

It seems people either love Terroni or hate it, whether it's the food, the line up, the attitude, the noise, etc. They're all way too noisy to really enjoy unless you go at 'off' times, which I usually do. Right now the Courthouse location is most convenient so when I have a craving for my favorite Terroni dishes, that's where I usually go, around 5... I love the Funghi Assoluti and I enjoy the crisp, dry pizza crusts and simple but fresh toppings. And the warm molten chocolate cake is awesome (one of the best I've had and I've tried many and make one of the best I've ever had, myself, so if I'm willing to pay for one, it's got to be great).

Oysters Toronto 2008

I just got back from a fine dinner at Starfish. The oysters were amongst the best - tastiest - I can recall. The place was full but we could still have conversation at normal voice levels. Service was attentive and friendly and informed. No complaints at all. My group of 3 had a very good time.

Mickey Mouse Cookies?

You can try Queen of Tarts, on Roncesvalles (a few blocks north of Queen). She does lots of character cookies - some are great gag gifts - and she'll custom design for you, too.

The Rare Grill House in Peterborough - great meal!

I shared a tomato and goat cheese salad with my dinner companion. The tomato was too thick and grainy - clearly not a very fresh or vine-ripened one. A bit of a disappointment, really. The rest of the salad was very good. I don't recall what else was on the appetizer menu, as I was looking forward to the steak and saving room for dessert (an interesting and tasty twist on s'mores - rich creamy chocolate under a graham cracker with broiled marshmallow and chocolate sauce drizzled on top)!

The Rare Grill House in Peterborough - great meal!

If you happen to be in Peterborough and want a very fine meal, try The Rare Grill (166 Brock St.) It's a good room, pleasant service, delicious food, excellent price (by Toronto standards, anyway). I had the filet with garlic mash, seasonal veggies and it was excellent.

Chatto seems to like Cluck, Grunt, and Low

I ate at CG and L last night and was mightily disappointed. I had the pork ribs 'sweet and sticky' style. The only significant plus was the ribs were amongst the meatiest I've seen and tasted. They were dry, some parts tough, no 'sweet' noticed at all and barely 'sticky'. They were also very spicy (as in hot), and the only strong flavor coming through was that of celery. The sides were equally disappointing. I had the buttermilk biscuits which were like none I'd ever had or made: more like hard tack. Shaped like little pigs, come to think of it they were more like dog bones... The collard greens, my second side, came in a little ramekin, warm-ish, and with very little flavor. All in all not worth a repeat performance.

Craving for good fudge

Have any of you fudge aficionados in Toronto come across grainy, melt in your mouth fudge? I LOVE fudge, but not the smooth and creamy kind. I've given up on trying commercial fudge - even the small places - as they're all too creamy. My 'source' has been the now too-elderly mother of a friend who no longer has the strength to make it. I can make it myself, but...

Joe Mamas on King St.

If you posted reviews of these two, how can I read them? I just had dinner at Red Tomato. The food was very so-so and I wouldn't go back. I'd thought it had gotten good reviews somewhere along the way but clearly I was mistaken. We were out for a long walk and on a whim, when we realized how hungry we were when we were in the King and Spadina area, decided to eat down there. Ribs were enticing and we were deciding between Joe Mamas and Red Tomato. Red Tomato won. The ribs were the best thing on the BBQ special plate, but as I said I wouldn't go back.

Great meal in or near Seal Beach?

I would like to give a gift certificate for a great meal to a couple who live in Seal Beach. I've not been there and don't know the area at all (and don't want to come out and ask them directly, at least not yet). She is a remarkable chef; they both enjoy good food. I'd like to give them something special. Any suggestions?

Nov 25, 2007
lovegoodfood in Los Angeles Area

Toronto's top 50 restaurants

I had dinner at Pangea for the first time last year for my 50th birthday and it was one of the best meals I'd had in a long long time. The service was friendly and attentive; the ambience was pleasant; the food was fabulous from beginning to end. The wine pairings recommended were enjoyed by all; the cocktails were fun and very tasty. We were a party of four. We still talk about it! I'm surprised to see so many negative comments and wonder now if we just had a great night by luck.

My last few dinners at Scaramouche were so disappointing I don't think I'll ever bother to go back. Back in the day, that was 'the' place to go for special occasions and the more we could manage the better. For years, food was great, favorites consistently on the menu; wait staff a tad overbearing but tolerable. I had many fine meals there over many years, so no regrets, but I stopped going after my 45th birthday dinner was the final disappointment.

Had someone else's birthday dinner at Ruth's Chris last month. Yuck. Awful environment; mediocre supersized food; absolutely nothing to recommend it. If I want to eat in a basement... never mind.

Thanks for the list! I've been to a lot of them and look forward to trying more.

What's happened to Chung king on Spadina?

Last Friday it looked dark when I passed by, but I thought it might just be closed. Today I tried to order take out and the phone number was not in service. Does anybody know what's up?

We had a hankering for our ususal Chung king dinner so decided to try Peter's Chung King on College St. It was awful! From the shredded beef to the crispy beef to the spring rolls to the garlic eggplant to the lemon chicken... It doesn't hold a candle to Chung king on Spadina!

If that's gone, where to go for good shredded beef?

Great Cake

I need a great cake for a special occasion that is going to be celebrated in Boston. Any suggestions for where to go or whom to call?

Financier Patisserie

On a recent trip to NYC I stayed not far from Financier Patisserie. Every morning I had the supreme pleasure of starting the day with almond croissant and terrific coffee there. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting good pastries, excellent coffee and friendly service. It was a bit on the busy side, but I'm a patient person when people are trying... which they clearly were. The madeleines included were a tasty treat, too.

I'd recommend the hotel, too. It was Club Quarters, on William St. in the financial district. Walking distance from much of what I wanted to see, and close to subway for everything else. The room was a good size, VERY quiet, and a fridge was available on request at no extra charge. Altogether a very pleasant stay.

Jun 24, 2007
lovegoodfood in Manhattan

looking for good food in the financial district

Any recommendations for interesting, excellent restaurants in lower Manhattan?

May 30, 2007
lovegoodfood in Manhattan

Going to Sursur tomorrow. Any advice?

That's a 'yes' to your question about the wine. Disappointing, but ... I'll know to ask next time and didn't want to spoil what had been a lovely evening by getting upset about it.

Going to Sursur tomorrow. Any advice?

I took my loved one to Susur on the 22nd for his birthday. It was amazing. I echo a number of dinin and dishin's comments (and it sounds like our tasting menus were a slight variation of yours). The restaurant never got more than 1/3 full during the time we were there (6:30-9:30). We had a leisurely, comfortable meal and were able to hear each other without raised voices. Terence was our waiter and he was lovely - friendly, attentive, helpful, not at all intrusive but there when we needed him. The food was spectacular. Beautiful presentation. Tastes and textures and smells all very pleasing and some quite divine. We didn't have the wine pairings but went with the recommendation of Terence of 1/2 bottles - red to start and white to finish. Only when I got the bill did I see that the red was $98 and the white $40. They were OK, but no where near worth that price! I was uncomfortably full by the end, but didn't want to not taste everything. Next time I'd opt for the 4 course tasting menu. I'm sure I'd be just as happily surprised and not feel like the proverbial stuffed goose for days after.

PS. I had been somewhat skeptical of the choice of Susur after last year's birthday choice of Lee. Lee was noisy, crowded, and very rushed. All the plates arrived at once and I felt like they couldn't get us out fast enough. The food was OK, but nothing special. I won't bother to try it again.

Le Paradis on Bedford

I like Le Paradis. I'd prefer to love it and have tried to over the years. It's a (mostly) friendly, neighborhood place, not far from home. I love good steak frites and have almost always been disappointed there. The frites are good (always a draw) but the steak is invariably tough, stringy, full of blood vessels - in short, not very appealing, though the sauces are very flavorful. See? I'm trying.... Other food is generally pretty good. I always have a good time - the total is better than the sum of its parts! On the steak frites front, I recently tried The Rushton because of the raves I'd heard and was quite disappointed. Won't be going there again any time soon. Bistro Tournesol, on the other hand, offered a lovely dining experience and I'd go back for their steak frites. Any other suggestions out there?

Jaffa oranges in toronto?

I've gotten them at Loblaws in the past two weeks.

Winterlicious at Tutti Matti

I had a delightful meal at Tutti Matti last week. I had forgotten all about winterlicious and was a bit hesitant when the winterlicious menu was placed in front of me. No need, though. The menu was as appealing as usual- mushroom themed which appealed to me. Wait staff were plentiful and attentive (though when we commented about winterlicious, got a bit of an earful about how unpleasant and demanding some of the diners are during this period). We had a thoroughly satisfying evening. (It might help that we got there at 6:30. By the time we left 90 min. or so later, the place was packed. Walking through the back to get coats, the noise level was pretty loud. I'll stay in front where it's possible to have a conversation and normal voice level.)

Comments Re Oyster Boy

It's been a while since I've been to Oyster Boy. I've always enjoyed the food; funky ambience; friendly wait staff. What I don't like is the noise level. It's impossible to have a conversation because the noise level is so high. I stopped going because it just wasn't fun anymore. Haven't tried Starfish. Maybe next oyster craving....


Bake Dessert Co. makes the best chocolate cake - with a layer of meringue that adds some crunch and texture. The icing is divine. (They have lots of other cakes on their menu but all I've tried so far is the chocolate). They're in on Dufferin between Eglinton and Lawrence.


The carrot cake by WOW Desserts is dynamite - hands down better than Dufflet's, Carole's, Loblaws, Whole Foods, and many others we've sampled over the years. Enjoyed a slice tonight and was delighted again. We go to Faema - Dupont and Christie - for a slice. When we want the whole cake - for a birthday, for example - I make the trek to their outlet (Finch and Dufferin area, as I recall).

Still wondering what happened to Spargalo

Does anyone know where the Spargalo chef went when he left the St. Clair W. resto? I've missed the gorgonzola gnocchi for years!

Pod Coffee Makers

I've seen a few of these pod systems. You can buy Illy coffee as pods. It's good coffee and they're easy to find, now, though not inexpensive.

What happened to Spargalo?

Back in the nineties there was a wonderful little restaurant on St. Clair west near Christie. Called Spargalo. Great food. Very nice folks. One day it disappeared. Any idea what happened or where the chef went?