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Does pasta dough really need to rest? Jamie Oliver is indicating no.

I learned from an Italian who has home cooked for 50+ years. no mearuring just add about 1/3 semolina to 2/3 unbleached white big a pinch of veryfine ground pepper and a pinch of salt , mix with hands in bowl, add 1-2 whole egg, add a drizzle of evoo start to kneed add a bit of water as needed for biscut like textur, dump on board or counter top that has been dusted with flour kneed for 7-10 minutes till it springs back ( may need to add water or flour at this point to get right texture) rest in cooler for 20+ minutes and then use manual pasta machine. I h only run it through machine 1 time on each level to the 1 I want for different applications. I never learned to measure just abouts and texture was the most important. and as a French/ Polish person I get the most complaments on my pasta than the Italian family's kids do ( when they try to make an effort to make it witch is not very often con sidering it only takes a few more minutes than making the box kind

Oct 18, 2011
sterlingfoodie in Home Cooking

Help....need dairy free hor d'oeuvre or app. with bacon

china I do the same with shrimp but I put a sliced jalipino (mount. olive or other jared kind ) along the vien line then wrap w/ bacon then skewer and brush with favorite BBQ sauce. I either grill or broil turning once till bacon is cooked. once bacon is cooked shrimp should be done. only brush once with BBQ sauce before i grill or broil

Oct 18, 2011
sterlingfoodie in Home Cooking

help need advice on a weed/plant grandfather foraged in swamp/ creek

now that song is stuck in my head ;)

Mar 14, 2011
sterlingfoodie in Home Cooking

help need advice on a weed/plant grandfather foraged in swamp/ creek

We had pig and beef raised for food back then no one had big freezers so it was shared along with the vegie farmers alot of bardering of food and services was done in our family back then. If memory serves me correct our turkey was hunted if we had one, but i do remember plucking chickens for many a meal and i can still clean and prep most fresh water fish. i am probably one of the only people i know who can look at 1/2 a pig and know how to butcher it. my g-pa came home from war and welfare was working for local goverment in exchange for check, he actually helped along with alot of local men to hand dig some of the streets and water lines to houses in town. wish welfare was what it used to be now people just expect a check. sorry a little of subject-J

Mar 14, 2011
sterlingfoodie in Home Cooking

help need advice on a weed/plant grandfather foraged in swamp/ creek

The places i remember going to with g-pa were sandy/ muddy through the woods kind of places and he just pulled them out of soil and in a bag so i sure there was dirt or sand with them washing was saved for at home, we had fishing to do .It may have just been my grandmothers ocd when it came to food or most thing actually.
evenything was always washed and cooked till almost unreconizable. one visit my mother had with her spending the weekend she went to get some foods her and husband would like for dinner one evening. They bought a very large and expensive 2+ inches thick steak . upon waking to the smell of food cooking @ 8 AM g-ma had decided it would take most of the day to cook a piece of meat that large. after rescuing the steak from the oven my mother had a mostly well done steak end egg dinner/ breakfast not to mention it had not been seasoned in any way. we still laugh about that one and it was over 20 years ago. its still funny . thanks for replys -J

Mar 13, 2011
sterlingfoodie in Home Cooking

help need advice on a weed/plant grandfather foraged in swamp/ creek

thank you hyp. that looks like i remember and thinking of the taste of watercress, i think you are right. now if there were only a place to forage my grandpa went somewhere near webster lake as i remember. i'm gonna check for organic co-ops locally. i think joining one will give me a reason to cook more fresh and locally grown produce and meat. Whole foods is an hour from me, and in Framingham ( i hate all that traffic now that i've been out here for 5 years)
also to Sue thanks i'm going to check those out too. I knew i should have come here first,slow learner :) =me

Mar 12, 2011
sterlingfoodie in Home Cooking

help need advice on a weed/plant grandfather foraged in swamp/ creek

growing up my grandfather in massachusetts use too harvest a swamp weed as we called it at the same time of year as dandeloin greens but found in/ near water only. we called them swamp weed and meme' would cook / boil as as you would spinach etc. heard from older relatives it could be eaten raw too. as i remember it needed to be washed of the very sandy soil it was found in, i was too youg to remember the exact shape style of foliage. i do remember it was not bitter as mustard greensetc. They don't remember the name or where he foraged it , all i know is it was wild and only foraged in spring. If anyone here knows the name of it or where to find it I would love to hear. I have no other relatives alive that remember anything about it. any info on this would be greatly appreciated. google etc just got me more confused and a little scared to try and find it on my own!
thanks i am looking for that taste and memory of years gone by

Mar 11, 2011
sterlingfoodie in Home Cooking

Right Now You Can't Get Enough of...

Boiled Peanuts
I'm in Ma. so its mail order in can from peanut patch very good for canned, heated in a pan not nuked. regular and cajun. I'm on case # 3 and 4 ( had to order one of each ) i don't even want to know what my blood preasure is right now and i refuse to look at the back of the can for fear i will just have cardiac arrest on the spot.

Oct 13, 2010
sterlingfoodie in General Topics

Willy's Steak & Shushi the worst meal and service I have ever had there

My so and I went there last night. the place was was very empty (maybe 6 tables seated) at about 8pm. We were greeted and seated by a very nice hostess. It went down hill from there. Our server broke her conversation with the couple at the next table to get our drink order me wine hubby soda we were ready to order apps she was not, said she would be back for that with our drinks ok ordered oysters rock and a californis roll for apps and she now wanted to take our entre order so we did i got the kobe burger and fries he got the fruiti de mare. we got the roll in about 5 minutes and waited 15 for the oysters. both were fine as the waitress chatted at the table next to us the hostess cleared our app plates that had been sitting at the end of our table along with the empty soda glass. as we waited anouther 15 minutes for our entrees we had to ask for more soda ( from our waitress chatting at the next table ) the entrees came via the hostess i was starting to think she was our server at this point. fruiti de mare had 4 good size shrimp and mussels, not much fruit in that sea! in a very bland juice with almost raw tomatos. so said it was ok but had no intention of taking the leftovers home. I ordered medium for the $19.00 burger when i cut it in half it was raw and cold inside so i sent it back. 5 minutes later i get the same burger now 2 pieces well done on the same plate, that in itself not a problem but there was mayo and cheese smeared on the plate but at least my fries showed up not hot and they were the coated ones i could get for 3.00 at dennys. at this point I was done as the server was again at the next table chatting as my hubbys glass was again empty at the end of the table. we learned what the servers kids were doing this summer. finished our meal sort of and was never asked if we wanted desert. she did ask if we wanted the nasty fries and bland pasta wrapped. no thank you! we have been going there for years and i have to say this was the worst meal and service i have ever had there and will not be going back anytime soon

Willy's Steakhouse Grill & Sushi Bar
2 Grafton Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

my hubby and i own a road service co. tractor trailers mostly but we get the occasional Entermans or budwiser truck but usually sysco N.F. and the such i think i still have 1/2 a case of caned tomatos from one of the last happy drivers who tip out of there load not to mention i will never run out of poland springs water. (i'm still looking for the perfect customer... gourmet food delivery or wine i will definetly give them a good deal on fleet service! ) btw GREAT THREAD!

Oct 07, 2007
sterlingfoodie in Not About Food

Haunted Restaurants?

John Stones Inn Ashland Ma I worked there for a few months.wether you belived the stories or not sooner or later every one who worked there heard someone walking up stairs or down the stairs or in the next room until you went to look for the person you heard there was no one. I belive it is called somthing close to that now it has been threw a few sales

May 03, 2007
sterlingfoodie in Not About Food

The Castle in Liecester past its prime (long)

as with the lobster it is one of there classic menu items so on Saturday night @ 6 there should be some custard there. its not like its hard to make or requires exotic ingred.
ty i was misinformed of its heritage

Any good Menudo in NE?

Taco Loco in leominster Ma 185 Central St
I don't eat it but my hubby does. he is used to italian tripe but he really likes it there. i have lived in So Ca and i like the gorditas, burittos and rice. very small 2 tables. really just a store front mother and daughter run it. imho it is more authentic than what else is available local to me

The Castle in Liecester past its prime (long)

my so and i wanted to go out for a quiet fine dining evening, so MIL suggested the castle.
My first mistake was not checking this site first( no recent posts good or bad really)
early dinner 6:00 started out good.
crackers and cheese - acceptable not special
Escargo- nice savory w/ a touch of sweetness (mine)
Sauteed Mussels etc.- flavorful broth ( my only taste) this matters later
caeser salad table side- croutons small WHITE squares of bread not toasted or seasoned 2 anchovy fillets ( when i said don't be shy with those he said he needed 1/2 for garnish) the BREAD was soft first bite witch was about all i could take it was just lemon, when lemon overpowers garlic and anchovy there is somthing wrong with amount YOU SHOULD know what the finished product tastes like! he was also the only one doing the table sides witch is a good percentage of there menu
Main Course
Lobster Thurmador- dry over cooked lack luster sauce absolutely nothing special oh yea as i was informed later lucky i ordered it as it was the last one, on Saturday night @ 6 its not like it was 11:30 potato twice baked style i have bought better in the frozen food section ( they actually looked the same no butter , sour cream no flavor and nondiscript veggie beet or somthing
Veal chop- small and a bit dry not much flavor w/ same said potato and veggie
warm sourdough rolls- yummy, fresh, warm, good butter
Dessert - NO CREME BRULEE this is a clasic french resturant we had the apple something OK
Wine -nice 30 bottle
waitress- top notch i tipped accordingly 120.00 bill she got 30.00
back to the apps 10 minutes after we left the resturant my hubby needs tums and a bathroom. 9PM we are home he is in bed
by the time we got to the no creme brulee we were laughing ( till we left and he revisited the meal all night )
better him than me! lol
I have to say i think with some improvements this could once again be the place of distinction i heard it once was

Help with packaged foods: Have you been to the US?

thanks for the info i was doing some research online and the info i found seemed very strict reguarding food ( my aunt didn't even want to take snacks for plane ride for fear it would hold her up at airport when she got there) i'm gonna try the cheap bad for you food first. i'll post what makes it and what dosn't. they must eat well in customs.

Help with packaged foods: Have you been to the US?

I am from Ma and have an elderly rel. that moved there last year (Queensland) and i know she would like some thing but when i ask her she say the laws are strict on what you can send with reguards to food. i would like to send local favs. not so much mass marketed stuff. Its not fruit and is clearly labeled. Anyway my question is have you had any delivery problems? if so what? any info would be welcome thanks
i really like the fluff idea though she is a MA transpant

B-day lunch near Moosup CT

Iam looking for a nice (not too gourmet as my Dad is not into fussy ) place for a B-day lunch. He works nights so dinner is out. i dont know the area real well and he will just suggest a place that is relatively inexpensive. He hates me to spend too much money on him. We both like shell fish and steak. so somthing along those lines would be great. In reading posts on this board i know you guys will give me great HONEST recs thanks in advance. SF