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The one restaurant you resolve to try in 2007?

Sona... i always hear different opinions... need to try it and taste/experience it myself.
Mastros... always hear the steaks/ ambiance/ service is worth it, unlike CUT.
Capo in SM. everytime i drive by, it reminds me i haven't been there yet and should go next time.

Jan 07, 2007
addict2food in Los Angeles Area

Vegan and Vegetarian Friends -- Help!

Have you tried "M Cafe de Chaya" on Melrose? M stands for "macrobiotic", lots of vegetarian/vegan options. I also saw a a new spot driving by on Beverly Blvd., close to the Grove with a sign VEGAN on the awning. Most vegan/vegetarian restaurants are casual lunch/take-out spots.

I think Axe (ash-shay) on Abbot Kinney has pretty good vegetarian options... vibe is a mix of casual/ hipsters/ cool, but good.

Jan 07, 2007
addict2food in Los Angeles Area