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Chow-worthy fair food at Puyallup state fair?

Maybe info for next year, the fresh taffy made under the grandstand is always a must have for me as is a caramel apple. Just make sure you have them give you one that was made that day. The scones under the grandstand are always the best of...but not always perfect (under-baked sometimes). But kind of like pizza, even when it's bad, still pretty good!

Dec 18, 2013
WeddingTackle in Greater Seattle

Best Burger in Seatown?

" In the Los Angeles area, my model for this type of burger is Pie ‘n Burger in Pasadena"

and I would add Apple Pan in West LA. Have heard great things about Pie 'n Burger but have not been there. In my own search for such a creature you have described I have yet to find it in the great NW. It's elusive, like the Sasquatch.

Aug 16, 2011
WeddingTackle in Greater Seattle

Trueburger (Oakland) - any reports yet?

I disagree with your assessment of what's called the "smashburger" technique. I think the Shake Shack in NYC has made it most famous. You start with a hockey puck shaped patty, and smashing it uncooked, there are no juices to push out of it. The two big no-no's are 1.) pressing the patty while it's cooking, thus pressing the juices out and 2.) working the patty too much with your hands that tightens the meat up and creates a tougher, dryer patty. The idea is to firmly press the patty into the griddle (not grill) on a very hot surface. This gives it the nice crispy edges, does not overwork the meat and cooks it fairly quickly. And to the poster that thinks 5 minutes is too long, McDonald's shouldn't be the norm in this type of burger. Cooked properly, and in a busy place, 5 minutes just is not realistic IMHO. Respectfully, -WT

Fish with a View in Tacoma

I'd say go to Katie Downs on Ruston Way for the pizza. Everything else on the waterfront isn't worth the trip. Gig Harbor, it's the Tide Tavern. Good pub fare, 21 and older only however. Down the road in Purdy is Margarita Beach Cafe (used to be the Beach House.) Menu is called "vacation food." Basically Baja type dishes. Had a great margarita with Tarantula tequila, muddled oranges and limes and it's on the water.

Tacoma Lunch

The name is Le Le. 2 experiences there were both very good.

Desperately seeking sushi in Tacoma (report)

TwoKoi just opened in downtown Tacoma, supposed to be good. I always liked Fujiya, but apparently the quality has suffered in recent years.

Jan 07, 2007
WeddingTackle in Greater Seattle