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Anniversary Seafood Restaraunt Fairfield/Westport Area?

I know this is way overdue, but I wanted to respond!

We ended up having a wonderful time/meal at Splash!

Anniversary Seafood Restaraunt Fairfield/Westport Area?

Bingo! Splash is just what we were looking for! It doesn't really need to be quiet. I have a ressie on the deck for 7:30!

Thanks for your help Chowhound'rs!!!



Anniversary Seafood Restaraunt Fairfield/Westport Area?

Rowayton is just a bit too far, I think.

LOVE the Schoolhouse - we had Valentine's supper there.

Paci - we had a REALLY bad experience a year or so ago. The service was the pits although the food wasn't too bad.

Osianna was quite nice - i might consider that again...

Going Whole Hog?

I ended up getting the swine - a 30lb'r - from La Marqueta. Very nice, prompt and affordable.

Here is the result:

Anniversary Seafood Restaraunt Fairfield/Westport Area?

So our 4th wedding anniversary is on Thursday and my wife has requested seafood. We live in Trumbull and would like a quick trip home after dinner - so we're looking in the Fairfield/Westport area. We used to love the Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood but want to try something new! I'd love to hear what you might suggest chowhounds!!!

Thanks in advance!


Going Whole Hog?

Nice - thanks for the info!

Going Whole Hog?

We are looking to do a pig roast this summer. We are in eastern Fairfield County and need a source for a whole hog - one about 50-60 lbs. dressed. Anyone have any sources?



FFD County - Ice Cream

Timothy's in Black Rock is my favorite - hands down. I've been going there since I was a kid. They had the slab to mix your ingredients in long before Cold Stone ever made an appearance. My Dad coined the term "smoosh-ins" for our custom creations.

Might have to head there this weekend!

Salad in Stamford, CT?

Thanks - I think I'll give Myrna's a try next week! I've driven by there a bunch but have never stopped.

Ended up at City Limits out of convenience.

Salad in Stamford, CT?

I am bored of my usual work-lunch spots and need some help!

I need a healthy option - maybe a nice big salad - in Stamford for take-out.

Whatcha' got for me?


Basic BBQ Chicken

+1 to germangriller's comment

Jun 05, 2009
a_w_taylor in Recipes

Cheese Steak???

My sister is back in the states from Dubai for the holidays and has requested a cheese steak!

We are in Trumbull, CT and would be willing to travel a short bit - 20 minutes or so.

Any ideas? I would usually make my own, but we'd like to head out as I've been in the kitchen all week!



Best Bagels in Ct?

Bagel King in Fairfield on Black Rock Turnpike makes me happy on a Sunday! Love them small, chewy gems!

Nauset Heights for Vacation!!! Need Suggestions, Please!

We are heading to Nauset Heights in East Orleans for a week starting the 16th! I wanted to get some spots for butchers, seafood shops, wine shops, cheese shops, etc. We probably won't be going out as the group will have four kids all under the age of three - so we'll be looking for fine purveyors of fresh and quality foods so that we can make our own suppers with good vino at home once the kids are down for the count! Fresh veggie & farm stands are very welcome!

Thanks in advance!



Need Apple Wood Chunks!

I am firing up the smoker for the 4th and wanted to get some apple wood chunks - anyone know where in Ffld Cnty I might be able to find some? Or at least a lot of apple wood chips if that is all that is available? Or if you have access to any really crazy wood - peach would be nice to try!



Ice Cream in southern CT?

Timothy's in Black Rock - get the oreo and have reeses cup mixed in - been a family fave for as long as I can remember.

08 Farmers Markets FFD Cty

I was there on Saturday May 3rd - still going strong!

El Charrito: Taco truck in Stamford. We have arrived!

Thought we'd celebrate Cinco de Mayo properly and liven up a Monday at work. I can't recomend this truck highly enough. We had the huarache with carnitas, the carnitas tacos and the chicken tacos. Here are some images from lunch...

Paci, Southport, CT - Review

I had high expectations for Paci in Southport after reading about it here and on a few other sites. Being young parents that both work more than full-time we don't get out as often as we did when we lived in Manhattan - I have to say I was very disappointed in the service. It took over 5 minutes to get menus and another 10 for our drink order to be taken. This is for a 2-top 9pm Saturday ressie - long after the rush has died. The food was above average. We started with the meat/cheese app that was delightful. I had a glass of the Bolgheri - which was great. For the mains - I had pappardelle with braised short ribs and my wife had the veal ravioli. Both pastas were very fresh and prepared/plated well/simply. We then ordered desert and drinks - a glass of desert wine with the almond cake for me and a decaf cappuccino with the cannoli for my pregnant wife. The deserts arrived before the drinks - both taking way to long. My wife's cappucino was determined to be caffeinated about halfway through her drinking it AFTER asking to make sure it was decaf. The deserts were both very good. The table behind us was very upset b/c they had been waiting for over a half hour for their cappuccino - this had an effect on the end of our meal b/c they were so visibly and audibly perturbed and no one seemed to care but them. The whole evening was a rotation of different waiters and servers that seemed to have no communication amongst each other or the kitchen. We also observed the woman in the kitchen who seemed to be running the show getting upset that people were asking for their desert/coffee/etc. - not wise in front of a large open serving window. There were plenty of servers/bussers/hosts/etc. on the floor and it didn't seem like anyone should have been in the weeds - but they were all a bit frantic.

I have to say for the price we paid we will not be going back. Service at the 30/plate should be at a higher level. The food was good but not enough to make up for poor service.


Cater BBQ

Q in Port Chester is fantastic.

Town of Fairfield Suggestions??

and now Rory's is no more...

Your favorite sandwich. Ones you make at home.

Portugese Roll
Fresh moz
Basil Leaves
Roasted Red Peppers
Olive Oil

Jan 06, 2007
a_w_taylor in General Topics

Marie Sharpss Hot Sauce

Hands down my favorite sauce! I stocked up when I was there a few years ago...

Never seen it in store here in the states:

If you just google it there are a bunch of places to order it from.



Jan 06, 2007
a_w_taylor in Manhattan