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Viva La Pasta

there is one in palos verdes, but it hasnt been worth a drive to get there since the early 90s

Feb 14, 2007
Bones25 in Los Angeles Area

best meatball sandwhich...?

While I think Busy Bee sandwiches are generally just good for the price, not anything amazing, their Meatball is the best I have ever had.

Busy Bee
San Pedro

Jan 26, 2007
Bones25 in Los Angeles Area

HELP! want good SALAD around MANHATTAN BEACH area!

Hmm im going to need help with the name. It is down Manhaatan Beach Blvd on the left if you are going down.

It is right next to the Brewing Company (probably on the right of it) which is steps from the pier.

Best Salads I have found in the area.

If someone knows the name, please post.

Jan 16, 2007
Bones25 in Los Angeles Area

South Bay Favorites (VERY LONG)

Living in S Redondo and being part Mexican, I have tried all of the places mentioned, and never have any of them been much. I laugh everytime I drive by the line at LBJ's because never once have I had anything better than not so good.

My personal favorites (sorry nothing secret) Red Onion is Palos Verdes, and El Tarasco on PCH. Both really pretty darn good, and I have tried everything in the Beach cities. Late night we will occassionally go tho the El Tarasco in Manhattan Beach which is usually better than the R.B. one and always quite good, if not pretty heavy.

Pho Hana is pretty good on Hawthorne.

Is Saigon Taste right next to Lawndale City hall? If so they are very good.

Anyone got any ramen places they recommend? Even outside the South Bay?

Pacific Cafe in San Pedro is excellent for a cafe Breakfast experience. Like Joe's but better IMO.

If you like Korean Tofu stew( sorry I dont know the real name, but the hot stuff) The Korean place next to Gablehouse bowl on Hawthorne is quite good.

Pizza? New York style - Pedone's in the village.
Lot's of toppings- Lamppost on Rolling Hills Road. Try Pepporoni, Red Onion, and Canadian Bacon, I get one of those once a week. excellent.
More South BAy! =)

Jan 16, 2007
Bones25 in Los Angeles Area

Cheap lunches near Griffith Park?

Thanks for the replies everyone, this will definately get me going this week.

Jan 08, 2007
Bones25 in Los Angeles Area

Cheap lunches near Griffith Park?

I recently moved near Griffith Park. (Los Feliz side) It seems like most places around here do there best to have subtle signage, which is the opposite of where I lived before.

I love to grab take out, or sometimes pull up a chair for lunch. Only requirement is that its not fried food. Stuff I like are sandwiches,salads, thai, mexican, burgers, seafood etc. Anyone have suggestions of places and what to get?

Jan 06, 2007
Bones25 in Los Angeles Area

Does anyone know of really good blueberry pie in West LA/Hollywood?

In Griffith Park at Ferndell there is Trails cafe. Their Strawberry/Blueberry pie is very good and they have great coffee. Plus it is an amazing atmosphere. 4 and change for both.

Jan 06, 2007
Bones25 in Los Angeles Area

Best Philly Cheesesteak in Los Angeles Area???

Big MIkes is really great. Much, much better than Philly's best.

I cant comment on the authenticity, but it is definately the best I have ever had.

Jan 06, 2007
Bones25 in Los Angeles Area