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LBI fish monger

Just wondering where everyone goes for fresh fish to cook at home? Our home is in Beach Haven. The InLaws always went to Surf City fishery... always adequate. I've gotten some stuff from Beach Haven Fishery, mostly when I don't feel like dealing with traffic. Pretty okay, but seems a bit pricey. I've actually gotten lobsters from ShopRite (Manahawkin) when they have a special. My brother raved about the crabs from Blue Claw (I think it's in Surf City?), but I've never been there.

Friends are offering a lobster dinner as a thank you for an upcoming weekend. Suggestions?

PS I'm planning to x-post on the Philly board.

TIA for any advice!


Jul 20, 2009
mamakto3 in New Jersey

LBI Off season?

We're heading down to open our house on LBI in time for Easter. Haven't been on LBI this early in the season *ever*, and can't wait.
I'm wondering what kind of Chow we can find pre-season? I know ChEgg is open year round, but what else?


Apr 03, 2009
mamakto3 in Mid-Atlantic

Rice and Noodles - Lancaster

mmm... love that place. we usually do take out, unless it's just DH and I-- it's too claustrophobic with 3 small kids
haven't had a bad thing there yet! just wish they would get a bigger (or second) location

Jan 05, 2009
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

German food around Lancaster

ISO sources for German food around Lancaster. I know about the German Deli at Market, have been there occasionally. Aldi has also been recommended, as well as Stauffer's.

DH and I were driving up 72 a few weeks ago and saw Das something-or-other in the East Pete area. Anyone know anything about it? Any restaurants or bakeries? I'd really like to find a nice stollen for my father-in-law to serve with Christmas brunch.

Thanks as always for the good info!

Dec 14, 2008
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

Jewish Deli's near Cherry Hill?

OMG, I never realized that F&M did Jewish Deli stuff! I only grew up two towns away. I don't think I'll be able to get there this weekend as I will have my 3 small kids with me, but that too will go on the list!

Apr 10, 2008
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

Jewish Deli's near Cherry Hill?

Thanks for the input. Oh, I love Hot Bagels! Guess I need to add that to the to do list.

Apr 08, 2008
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

Jewish Deli's near Cherry Hill?

Any rec's? I'm heading to my mom's in CH from Lancaster this coming weekend and could really use a good CB special on GOOD rye and some half sours.
I've had Short Hills before, but think it's a bit overpriced for what it is (just fair). I miss Barson's-- a good deli, reasonable prices, good pickled tomatoes and half sours, surly waitstaff...
Does anyone have thoughts about The Kibitz Room?
Anywhere else?


Apr 08, 2008
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

LBI hints and tips?

The Chicken or the Egg!
Buckalew's (good burgers), Green Gables (nice brunch, nice prix fixe), Beach Haven Fishery (we usually take out, but there are tables also), Greenhouse Cafe (very granola crunchy, but good), Country Kettle Chowda (and fudge, too... mmm), Engelside Inn.
I've also heard Sweet Vidalia is good for upscale-- but who wants upscale in the summer?
Elephant Ears (and other baked goods) from Crust & Crumb (Bay Village)
Fantasy Island for the kids (POP on Fridays, usually)-- used to be called Hartman's Amusements
Murphy's Market also has liquors in the store (one stop shopping, decent sized market). There is a mini golf place just south of Murphy's that has very reasonable prices (and you can return the same day for free).

that should get you started-- where on LBI are you staying? Most of these places are in or near Beach Haven. We've been going to LBI forever...

Apr 08, 2008
mamakto3 in New Jersey

Smorgasborg in Lancaster County, PA

We love OD. Not the most extravagant place. Buffet is reliable and good. Some Amish selections on the menu. But, good service, rarely a wait (even for a large party), noisy enough for the kids not to be disruptive, and fresh food.
It's our go-to place for lunch.

Mar 30, 2008
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

Places to eat before we expatriate [Moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

Is Taco House the one near Gaetano's? We stop for cheesesteaks most every time we head to Camden county and I noticed that place last week... looks like a prime spot for a few chowhounds...

Feb 28, 2008
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

Meatballs and Spaghetti

ooo ooo! the one with the bad toupee?? I used to LOVE him! (and the food too!)

Jan 29, 2008
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

The great Delaware County bagel hunt...

Speaking of Jewish style deli's, anyone know of a passable one in the Lancaster area? Bubbie's Bagels used to have decent stuff, but, alas, it is now a Sandwich factory...

Jan 29, 2008
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

HELP! Need decent black and white cookie near Lancaster, PA

Haven't tried the B&W's at La Dolce Vita, but mmmmm their stuff is good!
Vladimir, have you tried the breads and rolls at Dosie Dough? Had a loaf of rye from there last week that was the closest I've had since moving to Lancaster 7 years ago! There is one in Lititz and one on Lemon St (have only been to the Lititz store). Let me know what you think

Jan 22, 2008
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

Road trip - dinner idea around Scranton/380

I'll second Colarusso's for yum yum yummy pie! Or, you could stop at DH's cousins house in Jessup-- she'd never notice a few more mouths to feed, and is a fabulous cook!

Dec 19, 2007
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

what the #*#@**@@!$$? Has happened to D'Allesandro's Cheesesteaks?

hmmm. I haven't had one in about 6 or 7 years, but I didn't think they were *all that* back then... my favorite Cheesesteak is from Gaetano's in NJ!

Dec 14, 2007
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

Light Meals in Lancaster

I also like Isaac's, and there are plenty of them around Lancaster. But (and this MAY be heresy in Lanc Co), I don't think they are *all that and a bag of chips*, as many Lancastrians feel. I think it's just okay, and a safe bet with the kids.
In my experiences here, there are very few places that aren't kid-friendly --must be because of all the Amish and Mennonite familys with kids numbering in the double digits! We only have 3 kids, so it's kind of small for around these parts, but still...
Any of the family restaurants (a favorite of mine is Oregon Dairy) are reliably good. Right around the corner from OD is Hands On House -- a kids museum that is a lot of fun. And Market is always a hoot.

Nov 28, 2007
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

Lancaster vicinity: suggestions for birthday extravaganza?

OHHH Longwood is fabulous this time of year!
But, if you want to stay in/around Lancaster, there are loads of places that are great...
Comments on some of the previously mentioned:
Haven't been, but on the to do are Effie Ophelia, Bube's.
Carr's is reliably good, as is Belvedere. Strawberry Hill and Haydn Zug's are two VERY favorites.
DH was underwhelmed with Arts, as were some friends from NY.
Downtown is really changing- lots of new shops, artsy stuff. The quilt museum is relatively new, if you haven't been. Take in a show at the Fulton? Go to Market?

Nov 27, 2007
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Pretzels

so are these "close enough"? we live in Lancaster and mainly find the Auntie Anne's variety (a little too sweet for my taste)... I miss the pretzels from the Pennsauken Mart!

Nov 15, 2007
mamakto3 in Philadelphia

Best Bagels

does anyone know where to get a "real" bagel in the Lancaster area? the bagel shops were good, not great... but they have been closing left and right in the last year... and what about "go withs" in the same area? kippered salmon, good whitefish?
(mouth watering...)

Jan 06, 2007
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania

Dining rec's in S Jersey or Philly burbs

Lurking for a long time, looking forward to your suggestions
Headed to SJ next weekend for a BD dinner w/my twin bro-- without the KIDS!
Looking for something not crazy expensive, but wouldn't rule out anything. He is (along with his DW) a salt of the earth guy, happy with a decent steak, ribs, or what have you. I'm no gourmand, but would like something "a little different" and a little grown up, since my 5 yo and 3 yo twins will be with their Bubbie... DH and I like a little of everything- for celebrating, I like ethnic, or maybe seafood...
Thanks for any input!

Jan 06, 2007
mamakto3 in Pennsylvania