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Pei Wei anyone?

Do any of you like PF Changs, but would rather have it as a more casual experience, an easy take-out option, or just have it at your table right away? Then you would want a Pei Wei in your town. Pei Wei is a growth vehicle of PF Changs, offering all of the above. Join me in emailing the folks at Pei Wei requesting they add one in the Chicago area. We might just be able to make it happen. :)

Email them here:


Jan 07, 2007
nikkigladd in Chicago Area

Twin Cities: Do you Love or Hate or Just Yawn about BIG BOWL

My hubby and I used to be BB fanatics, however, this has recently changed. We're in the Chicago area (Wheaton) and when I was first introduced to BB there was one located about two blocks away. So, as you can imagine, we made it our place to go when we weren't in the mood to cook at home. This place was shortly shut down and to this day we're not sure why. Now if we get in the BB mood, we travel about 25 minutes north to Schaumburg or hit up the one downtown Chicago. Our last two visits have been very disappointing. In Schaumburg just last week, our rice was mush. And, the food has been very bland. Maybe I'm just BB'd out, but please add another "yawn" for my vote.

I'd rather have Pei Wei, which is PF Changs' vehicle for casual dining/fast food experience. Unfortunately, there are none in the Chicago area, so we only get to have it when visiting friends in Nashville and Cali.

Chapel Hill hound needs Nashville Advice

If you haven't made your trip yet, I have a few ideas. I'm actually sitting and planning our trip we're taking with another couple next weekend. I lived in Nashville for 4 years and love the options they have.

If you want to give your colleagues a different southern experience, try the famous Monell's restaurant which is a family friendly environment and food is served family-style. There is the original location downtown on 6th avenue. Try to plan an early arrival as the wait can be long during rush times. You and your colleagues must be in the mood for socializing, because the restaurant will fill the 12-seated table with people you do not know if your party does not fill it. But that's the fun part! And, the food is bottomless!

Want entertainment during your meal and an activity to enjoy before, during, or after? Then maybe you'd like to try Wildhorse Saloon, right in heart of downtown on 2nd avenue. They offer free line dancing lessons, a house band, pool tables, and great food. It's also family friendly, however, under 21 is not allowed after a certain time.

Other options besides eating... Stroll around the Opryland Hotel, visit some shops in the Hillsboro Village, Berry Hill District, and East End Nashville. The Factory in Franklin, TN (just south of Nashville) is also a favorite. Station Inn has free blue grass music Sunday nights.

I'll make a list of other great eats for you to explore...but won't go into much detail for lack of time. Some of my favorites:
Mafiaoza's, Sunset Grill, Ru Sans (sushi), Mellow Mushroom, Rotier's, Baja Burrito (magnificent!), Jacksons, Fido.

I also would not recommend Demos.

Have fun!