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Where to find a good fruit pie this weekend?

In the past, I'd go to Marie Callendar's to get a Strawberry pie. Partly because it was close and partly because my Mom used to get them there. They seem to all be disappearing now and I'm looking to get a Strawberry pie on Saturday on the Eastside. Any ideas? House of Pies? Pie 'n' Burger?

May 07, 2015
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

ISO Good Cuban Restaurant (Not Versailles) in LA, East Valley, or Pasadena

Hey Hounds,

I'm looking to take my husband out to dinner with a few friends for his birthday. He wants Cuban, but we've already done Versailles multiple times for previous bdays. Are there any rec's for a good Cuban restaurant in L.A., the Eastern part of the Valley, or Pasadena? We're not looking to spend a bunch, but I don't want a fast food place either.


Jun 02, 2010
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

Need Rec. for group dinner Saturday (Las Vegas)

So, I am trying to find a restaurant for my birthday this Saturday. There will be 14 people and I'd like stay between $30-50/pp. Hopefully something not too casual given the price range. I tried to make a reservation at Emeril's Fish House, but alas, they are already booked. So, now I'm panicking and am trying to find something similar (in price and atmosphere, not necessarily cuisine). Does anyone have any ideas on the next restaurant I should try? I would also like to stick to the Strip (or superclose to it) because it will be easier to wrangle everyone up.

Any ideas, Chowhounds? Am I completely crazy for trying to find this type of restaurant? Does it even exist? Thanks for any/all advice!

Jul 02, 2007
Sleepyquan in Southwest

Senor Fish

Yes, I believe you still can. The last time I went, they were trying to get signatures to petition for a liquor license, so I bet you can still BYOB.

Jun 26, 2007
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

Place to take hubby after his wisdom teeth come out?

Don't forget though, he'll probably have stitches in, and you can't drink anything out of a straw in fear of them coming out. Now that I think about it, even if there weren't any stitches, you probably want to stay away from hard to drink items like that. Don't want to affect the wound.

Sorry, that sounds a bit icky, but I've had some dental surgery in the past and they never ever want you to drink out of a straw. Stick to regular ice cream, and lots of it! :)

Jun 06, 2007
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

Wing Hing Deli

Well, nothing is quite the same as Wing Hing, but my famiy goes to Won Tin sometimes (corner of Main & Hidalgo in Alhambra). Some friends of the family go to Sam Woo on Valley, but again, nothing compares!

Good luck - and if you find somewhere similar, let me know!

Jun 01, 2007
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

Wing Hing Deli

A couple of years ago, they opened up a place in that mini-mall area next to Mervyn's on the corner of Main & Garfield. Same good food, same two ladies and their husbands. Unfortunately, they sold the business about a year or so ago, and the new place is just not the same. I think they might have sold it for heath reasons, but I'm selfish and wish that they were still there. :) Not a week goes by when someone in my family wishes that it were still around.

May 29, 2007
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

Wedding Cake

My husband and I also picked Porto's for our wedding cake. You couldn't beat the price and we got both a chocolate cake and a sponge cake with strawberries. (chocolate was three tiers and on display, and the sponge cake was just a sheet cake in the back) Both were excellent! I even had a pattern on my dress that they were able to match on the cake.

May 02, 2007
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

Need Westside Bakery that does Theme Cakes

My friend wants to get her husband a cake shaped like a phonebooth for his birthday. Does anyone know of any Westside bakeries that do this? I've searched and found bakeries, but nothing that mentions theme cakes. Thanks!

Apr 27, 2007
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

Philippe's for Breakfast

I love the doughnuts! (My fave is the cinnamon/sugar) If you get there early enough, they're pretty fresh. That and the 10 cent coffee are great for a quick small breakfast.

Apr 23, 2007
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

B&B Ristorante Vegas

Does anyone know the average price for a 4 course dinner? The menu on Batali's website doesn't list any prices, which makes me nervous.

Apr 19, 2007
Sleepyquan in Southwest

Good food near The Forum?

what about The Buggy Whip?

Apr 10, 2007
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

Anyone have info on Larkin's in Eagle Rock?

From what I read, it was supposed to open this month, but was delayed. However, I thought I heard they might be doing tastings from time to time. Does anyone know anything else?

Jan 23, 2007
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

Best creamed spinach in LA?

Yes, yes, Lawry's! BTW: they have the recipe for it on their website. Haven't tried it yet though.

Jan 18, 2007
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area

South Pasadena?

There's a japanese restaurant on Fair Oaks next to the Rialto theatre called Ai. It's been there for years. Pretty good, standard japanese fare as well as a small sushi bar. It does get crowded though on the weekends.

Jan 13, 2007
Sleepyquan in Los Angeles Area