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what kind of snack at 11pm

Roasted salt-free almonds and Wyman's frozen blueberries.

Apr 05, 2007
MrSuzyBaker in General Topics

King Oscar dethroned??

I am accustomed to purchasing tins of King Oscar's Finest Brislings in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2-Layer) at my local Costco. Normally, there are 16-24 of these delicate little morsels expertly tucked away in lovely olive oil. I'm rather addicted.

The last batch of tins however brought me up short. Instead if the 16-24 delicate little marine morsels, I found 8 large, coarse, bony sea thugs. This is not some variation on a sardine theme: King Oscar advertises a Brisling 2-layer tin as consisting of 16-24 fish on its website....and all of these were clearly marked as 2-layer.

I went through 10 tins before i stopped. (Dogs are very happy).

Has any other lover of this particular variety of King Oscar come across this aberration?

I know that they have been recently purchased by Bumble Bee this a large corporate downsizing of quality? A fluke?

I have written King Oscar (Rieber & Son), Bumble Bee Foods and Costco but have heard back nothing yet.

Many thanks, Mark

Apr 05, 2007
MrSuzyBaker in General Topics

And the Top Chef Is ...


Jan 31, 2007
MrSuzyBaker in Features

And the Top Chef Isn't ...

I look forward to hearing about Marcel in the future.
Truly the only TopChef on the show.

Jan 31, 2007
MrSuzyBaker in Features

Top Chef 2 = Finale Part 1 (potential spoilers)


Actially, I hope Marcel loses in the finale. Why? Because, even though I think he is an amazing chef, he lacks humility, and losing will hopefully help him in that direction. It's his greatest weakness.

I was thrilled that Elia was voted off, not just for her plain food, but also for her continued whinning about everything except her own lack of skills. Without Mia, she'd be long gone.

Sam was excellent, but just had a not brilliant night. His future is secure.

I hope Ilan wins so he can take that money and move out of this country permanently.

Jan 25, 2007
MrSuzyBaker in Food Media & News

Food Network

When I look at the day's line-up, I always feel a little queasy. Never watch any shows on Food Network any more, nor do my friends, with the exception of Nigella.

Bring back the classics: Julia, 2 Fat Ladies, original Emeril, orginal Iron Chef etc., or at least get rid of this parade of non-culinary Oprahesque infomercials and get back to food.

It is a FOOD network, yes? How could something so good go so bad so quickly?

The current hosts create too much indigestion. And please tell Paula to stop pawing the young men in her audience. People are starting to believe the rumors about the south.


Jan 22, 2007
MrSuzyBaker in Food Media & News

"Top Chef" Cliff: Not Enough Fluff

Welcome the the gates of Hell, Joyce, with that interview.

As Tom Colicchio said: The whole thing brought to mind that famous quote, "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."

Just as you have done, Joyce. Nothing.

I no longer need to listen to you. You have no cred.

But you still have plenty of time to apologize and make amends.

Jan 18, 2007
MrSuzyBaker in Features