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Any Great restaurants on the way to Palm Springs?

i'm driving to Palm Springs tomorrow night from LA. Any Great restaurants on the way? I never make it to San Gabriel Valley or East LA or east of that or etc etc...

I like ETHNIC food, things that are clean and made from fresh ingredients. Love Chinese but not really looking for the heavy saucy stuff. Mexican etc. Looking for somethign special you can't find an equal to in LA.

Jun 25, 2009
ebbso in Los Angeles Area

Cheese Burger Helper...

One beef Patty, Crisp Lettuce, Thick cut Tomato,sliced pickle SESAME SEED BUN...

not blue cheese not an egg, not Avocado...

I hear The peninsula hotel

Im not talking fast food either. Like a good hotel or diner burger... any thoughts?

Jul 21, 2008
ebbso in Los Angeles Area

Something similar to Katsu-ya, but on the west side?

while not entirely on the westside...the katsuya isakaya on third street is a great bet. it's across from sushi roku and exactly the same style at katsuya except with beer drinking dishes.

Oct 09, 2007
ebbso in Los Angeles Area

Festive, Fun for Foodies Birthday Dinner

I am looking for something fun for a small group for this saturday. I want it to be on the cheaper side becuase I am treating..but still nice and tasty something kinda adventurous...but the key is festive with good food.

ideas I had: Cafe Brasil (any thoughts?) I wanted the backroom at cube but they are booked.

Im thinking of ethnic foods: Good latin/or mexican/good vietnamese or japanese...or good italian.

anythoughts woudl be great.

I live in hollywood and am going to winstons bar nowhere tooo far

Oct 09, 2007
ebbso in Los Angeles Area

Best Chinese delivery in West Hollywood?

hunan cafe on Sunset in the same mini mall as gaucho grill.

excellent new york style chinese food.

also mao's kitchen on melrose has some tasty dishes.

Oct 09, 2007
ebbso in Los Angeles Area

Best Puerto Rican Resturant in LA????

La cochinita on Sunset in silverlake (where the baskin robbins is) its cuban food. but great rice and beans as well as awesome plaintains.

it reminds me of the puerto rican diners in nyc.

Jan 30, 2007
ebbso in Los Angeles Area

Japanese Style Soft Serve Ice Cream In LA?

Okay this is so far from what you are talking about... but try the frozen custard at Lucky Devils burger joint in Hollywood. it's soft serve its delish!

Jan 05, 2007
ebbso in Los Angeles Area

Italian on the west side

My mom is coming to town from New York and staying in Santa Monica. I'm looking for a good italian restaurant that is unpretentious...something like La buca on Melrose.

Any thoughts for BH, Brentwood, Culver City, westwood, Santa Monica?

Jan 05, 2007
ebbso in Los Angeles Area