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Recommendation for small group dining in Palo Alto?

If your price range is $60 to $70 per person and Italian is an option, consider La Strada on University Ave. in Palo Alto. It's cozy, with a great atmosphere and an open kitchen. Best Northern Italian food on the Peninsula. Owner-chef is an Il Fornaio refugee from Milan. Place is almost always full, but it's not impossible to get a table.

Best SF chowhound neighborhood?

Wherever you stay, don't miss the farmer's market at the Ferry Plaza(Saturdays and Tuesdays). Picture an upscale Faneuil Hall Marketplace and farmer's market rolled into one, all in the most spectacular urban setting imaginable.

If the weather is nice and you're up for a long walk while pushing a stroller, you can walk from the Ferry Plaza to Fisherman's Wharf (a must see just so you can experience what a joke it is) and then on to Chestnut Street in the Marina District, one of SF's more vibrant neighborhoods. I am no longer intimately familiar with the food scene in the Marina (having moved to the 'burbs 15 years ago) but I've been to A16 a couple of times and it's well worth a visit if you're in the neighborhood.

Zitune - Great Moroccan in Los Altos!

I thought Los Altos had a zoning law prohibiting good restaurants.