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Places in East Bay open on XMas Eve

I was wondering if anyone on the board would know of any restaurants open on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24, 2008). Extra-special gratitude for any recommendations in the Concord/Walnut Creek/Lafayette portions of the East Bay.

Good Udon in East Bay?

Thanks everyone for your advice. One of my fiancee's co-workers suggested Zheng Long for udon. I wasn't aware they had Japanese-centered meals there, I thought it was Pan-Asian or California Asian or whatever foo foo word you'd call it.

Has anyone been to Zheng Long that can verify this recommendation? Yay or nay on udon there?

Good Udon in East Bay?

Chowhounds, please help.

My fiancee and I are desperate for good udon in the East Bay. We live in Walnut Creek so would prefer to stay in the general vicinity (eg Concord, Pleasant Hill, Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, etc.)

Have been to House of Sake (horrible) and Tokyo Lobby (terrible) based on the feedback from Yelp. Those people wouldn't know good udon if you threw it in their lap.

Anyway, I researched the message board, but the Japanese restaurants people recommend are always for sushi. Neither of us like sushi, we want udon and can't find a decent Japanese restaurant that serves good UDON. Help! Please?