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Corton tonight -- 3-Course or Tasting Menu?

So which did you end up doing? Tasting or 3-course? Going the end of the month and I have the same question.

Jan 15, 2010
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan

Informal Dining in the Berkshires

Can let me know where Guido's is - it sounds like just the place I am looking for for my fall foliage trip this weekend

2nd Avenue Deli Reopening

Are there still really long lines? Thinking about meeting a friend there for lunch tomorrow

Jan 24, 2008
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan

Pre theater lunch for wednesday matinee

Grandmother and mother coming into the city for a show need a decent place to dine, looking for some place that does basic food well

Aug 06, 2007
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan

Sushi around Union Square

Teaching a friend to eat sushi. I was thinking Haru or Yama - can't decide or know of any other ideas?

Aug 01, 2007
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan

Best place in Brooklyn to buy raw, unshucked oysters?

Anybody know of a source for good, fresh, unshucked oysters in Brooklyn? I am looking for a selection - maybe 2-3 different kinds - I noticed most places carry just one.

Best raw bar in the city

Have reason to celebrate - new job for him, birthday for me - looking for a romantic place with an excellent raw bar, nice wine list to enjoy a special evening

May 17, 2007
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan

Rego Park Smokefish

Looking for a smoke fish house in Rego Park that my grandfather always used to go to but I don't know the name. Looking for the phone numbers, hours, etc.

Mazzola's Lard Bread

Mazzola's is definitely better - the MC one I had was too peppery, I had to try it but won't again

Sopressata at Stinky Brooklyn

You can get great sweet sopressata at Caputo's on Court between Third and Fourth Place

Lunch near Grand Central for 20 people

Any suggestions for a retirement lunch - in or around Grand Central for 20 people?

Mar 01, 2007
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan

Dine In Brooklyn 2007 says it will have the list up tomorrow

Ice delivered in Manhattan

Diamond Ice Cube Co in the bronx delivers

Feb 28, 2007
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan

Chocolate Bars

Fauchon also has great chocolate bars

Feb 07, 2007
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan

fresh pasta in brooklyn

I agree with Caputo's Court between third and 4th place - EXCELLENT

Love affair with El Quijote is over - now where?

Sevilla on Charles Street - should be just what you are looknig for

Jan 18, 2007
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan

Help Me Experience Spanish Wine -- PLEASE!

Cote De Imaz - is a great Rioja, I think it is about $22 a bottle at least here in NYC - it is worth going a bit over your budget for. There is a Rioja Blanca by Muga that is also delicious for about $15 and another white called naia about $12 a bottle. I am not the biggest fan of el coto that you see lots of places in the spainish wine section of the store.

Jan 11, 2007
hungrylikethewolf in Wine

Best Margarita in Murray Hill

Looking for a good place to grab an after work margarita in Murray Hill on Friday - not too packed or noisy but lively! Any suggestions?

Jan 10, 2007
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan

carroll gardens chinese help please!!!

The delivery people from Andy's seem to dislike delivering that far, always gave me a hard time even after a generous tip. I combine things from Ting Hua, Me and My egg roll and the place on Court further south (can't remember their name!)

The best doughnuts ever

So do you have any suggestions?

Jan 05, 2007
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan

The best doughnuts ever

Just returned from Seattle where I had Top Pot hand forged dougnuts -can't stop thinking about them - anyone have recommendations for a great, hearty doughnut shop in NYC?

Jan 05, 2007
hungrylikethewolf in Manhattan