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recs for a grown-up night out in philly

I agree with many of the recommendations, except for Lolita and El Vez. El Vez is attractive, but the food is bland. Even if Lolita had consistently good food (it doesn't and the quality of their meat and fish is very poor), I would skip this restaurant. Many of my friends wanted to try Lolita so I have, unfortunately, been there a few times. Each time, the head hostess (and co-owner) treated us very poorly. I assume in what is an effort to make as much $ as possible, she rushes you through dinner and asks you to leave the second you have eaten your last bite. The last time I was there a waiter accidentially poured some kind of red salsa down my back as he was passing by. The owners did not offer to reimburse me for my dry cleaning costs (the shirt was ruined) and, even though the hostess saw what had happened, she did not apologize.
Instead, you should try Radicchio. Great, quality food and a fun atmosphere.

Jan 29, 2007
deeed in Pennsylvania