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Where have the Sakana (Arcadia) folks gone?

If that is true, that is terrible news. They are both such lovely and talented people. I guess we will try The Sushi in Temple City and continue trekking to Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo. I liked Yoshida's years ago when it was just a hole in the wall in Pasadena, but haven't cared as much for the newer, fancier digs in San Marino.

Where have the Sakana (Arcadia) folks gone?

The wonderful couple and the whole crew who operated Sakana in Arcadia have left, and their successors apparently are just terrible. Does anyone know where they have moved to? Have they opened, or do they plan to open a new place? Sakana has been our favorite Japanese restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley since we returned from living in Tokyo for a year in 1989. However, we haven't been there lately and got the word about the change just recently.