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mexican grocery

Thanks for all the suggestions along with the restaurants / cafes. I can't wait to get there...there's nothing like a bowl of menudo or posole after a night out.

Jul 17, 2007
jdavidw in Chicago Area

mexican grocery

I am in desperate need of a mexican grocery, specifically one with a good selection of dired chilies. (You can't find those in Maine) I am staying downtown for a couple of days, but I'm willing to travel where needed.
Thanks from a maine hound!

Jul 17, 2007
jdavidw in Chicago Area

What not to miss while downtown for 2 nights

I'm in Chicago in the middle of July for a business meeting for 3 days and 2 nights. What should I not miss while I'm there? I appreciate dives and upscale alike, love all types of food, budget is not an issue. Thanks from a foodie in Maine!

Jun 26, 2007
jdavidw in Chicago Area

ATLANTA - one night - three choices? your vote!

A Maine hound taking a small group from Maine out for one night in Atlanta - most are not really foodies, but I am and I get to decide.
I've narrowed the choices to:
South City Kitchen
Restaurant Eugene

Where should we go?

Feb 15, 2007
jdavidw in General South Archive

Maine hound at CNN Omni

I will be staying at the CNN Omni for a few days - typical business meetings. I will be with a group of 9 and need to arrange for a dinner out.

As a hound - I have the need to find somewhere off the beaten path. I'm open to all types of food, and budget is not much of an issue - but as a hound, value is important. We would prefer not to travel to far. As always, your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Jan 05, 2007
jdavidw in General South Archive