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Baby friendly Japanese restaurant?

Can anyone recommend a good Sushi/Sashimi place that has highchairs and is open for lunch. I called a few of our old favorites to no avail...

Thanks in advance ^^

Jan 03, 2013
dreamyday in Manhattan

Kouign amann where?!


Does anyone know if any patisserie in the city make them?

Thanks in advance~

Apr 15, 2010
dreamyday in Manhattan

Murray Hill Restaurant Suggestions - GOOD ONES

Tiffin Wallah
Chennai Garden
Kebab Factory (Kathi Rolls only)
Tatany (take out/delivery sushi)
Aki Sushi 3
Blue Smoke
newly opened Jimmy's Brother's BBQ (wasnt bad)

Aug 19, 2008
dreamyday in Manhattan

Rehearsal Dinner-Harrisburg

About 20-25 people...thank you for your suggestion! I've read a lot of great things about it but havent been able to find a website to check out their menu :( also I'm open to any kind of food.

Apr 02, 2008
dreamyday in Pennsylvania

Rehearsal Dinner-Harrisburg


I'm getting married in Harrisburg this spring and I have not been living in the area since I was in high school (early mid 1990's). Where is a good but not super expensive place to eat in either Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg Area? I know nothing about the 2nd street scene in Harrisburg though I've been on a few websites and they seem to be a little overpriced for what it really is? My budget is around 30/per person not including drinks or less if possible! Thanks in advance for any help.

Apr 02, 2008
dreamyday in Pennsylvania


Hi, can anyone recommend a Japanese restaurant that specializes in sashimi? This is for dinner tmr night, so probably a place I can just walk in around 6pm. Thanks so much!

Jan 04, 2008
dreamyday in Manhattan

Lady M

I really enjoy their millecrepe and also it makes a great gift for dinner/bday parites, etc. I agree w/others the price is steep but everyone has always loved it when I brought it as gifts. It's always a big hit w/everyone and most of the time it's a new dessert no one has ever tried. I also found this interesting article in the nytimes:

Feb 21, 2007
dreamyday in Manhattan

BonBon Chicken - Korean Fried Chicken

i just read an article about this:

Feb 13, 2007
dreamyday in Manhattan

Curry in a Hurry - Open again

it's no tabla but i really enjoy the food especially since it takes about 5 mins to get in and out! my husband prefers to eat in our out apt and we do take out at least 1 if not 2x a week from there to get a fast curry fix. the chicken samosa is not bad either ;)

Feb 13, 2007
dreamyday in Manhattan

Best Indian Downtown?

haven't been for awhile but Haveli was one of my favs. 100 2nd Ave (Cross Street: Between 5th Street and 6th Street)

Jan 22, 2007
dreamyday in Manhattan

Diet Mountain Dew-Code Red

Sorry to ask but does anyone know where i can find Diet Mountain Dew-Code Red in Manhattan (pref chelsea/gramercy area)i've called gristedes, d'ag and food emp(even tried calling beverage distribs...i need this for a cranky client. thanks for any help!!!!

Jan 22, 2007
dreamyday in Manhattan

Murray Hill/ Kip's Bay: Chow wasteland or secret treasure trove?

here are my favs:

Tatany(cant eat in anymore but still delivers in it's new location!)
Carl's philly steaks
Pinch Pizza
Pizza 33
Les Halles
Curry in a Hurry

Jan 05, 2007
dreamyday in Manhattan