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Anyone looking for Bobbi's Hummus?

Whole Foods in Union NJ was sampling it yesterday (12/03/11), although I have to agree with the poster who said it's basically like eating raw garlic. Delicious though! I wonder what the secret recipe is, other than garlic cloves, mashed garlic, raw garlic, sauteed garlic, and a couple of black beans.

Dec 03, 2011
barbara9093 in Pennsylvania

Indoor Composting Systems

I was amazed to read that earthworms can live 15 years. Do you have a source for that statistic? From what I see it's about a quarter to a half that. Still impressive, but not as amazing as 15 years. According to the earthworm research group at the University of Central Lancashire:

Researchers have estimated that the potential life-span of earthworms (Lumbricids) under field conditions is 4-8 years. Under laboratory conditions the black headed worm (Aporrectodea longa) has been kept for over 10 years, the brandling/tiger worm (Eisenia fetida) for 4.5 years and the lobworm/nightcrawler (Lumbricus terrestris) for 6 years (Korschelt, 1914).

Oct 26, 2008
barbara9093 in Features