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Where to buy alcholoic ginger beer?

All Saint Liquors in Laurel carries Crabbie's in 4 packs. If you have a favorite store they can always order it for you from the distributor - Legends, Ltd.

Late lunch close to Inner Harbor, seeking seafood and relaxation.

Ryleigh's in Federal Hill is long, but nice, walk around the harbor. Also, you could take the water taxi across and walk up Light St.

Periogies in Baltimore

St. Michael's Ukrainian Church on Eastern across from Patterson Park sells homemade periogies on most Saturdays. They sell out pretty fast but you can always stop in and order ahead for the next week if they do.

Blue Grass - Federal Hill

I'm confused. Blue Grass or Blue Hill?

Kebab restaurant on Ritchie Hwy in GB @ old Krispy Kreme location

Ayubi's Chicken & Kabob‎, I've driven by a few times but haven't had the time to stop in. Please let us know if you do.

Recommendations for Mt. Vernon, please.

Feast at 4 East is open for lunch Wed through Sat (I think). Their great outdoor garden is my Thursday lunchtime decompression spot. They are at 4 East Madison, right around the corner from El Patron.

Returning to Baltimore for a weekend away - where to eat?

I would second all of these suggestions and add Bluegrass in Federal Hill.

Question about Bourdain show in Baltimore 5/22

Might want to call The Hippodrome, usually the place that is holding the event has information regarding the event.

Blue Grass - Federal Hill

The back dining room on the first floor has no tvs and is a wonderful place to have a nice, quiet meal.

Blue Grass - Federal Hill

Did a quick search, here's the menu:

Blue Grass - Federal Hill

Valet is available. Checked out the menu last night, looked like the most expensive entree was $29 (and that was the only one) with plenty in the $9 to $18 range. Did not check out the wine list so I can't help on that front. The owner recommended reservations as they have been at capacity every night since their soft opening a week ago. Hope to make it there soon.

blue hill tavern in canton

I would assume, like most everywhere else, that their full menu is available at the bar.

blue hill tavern in canton

From their website:
Wine Night
Monday and Tuesday all night $15 bottle of wine*

*Not all bottles qualify, limited selection only.

Happy Hour

Come in and find out how we do Happy Hour!
M-F, 4pm to 6pm, 25% off of your entire check from 4 to 7pm. Bar area only. "

Both sound like great deals, can't wait to check it out.

Roma sausage at Giant

Roma sausage can also be found at local Mars stores.

Tater Tots in Bmore

Crazy Lil's in Fed HIll

K bars in Baltimore or DC

How about Kyma in Annapolis? Something a little different.

victoria gastro pub

Went for Sunday brunch, everything was delicious - although $9 Bloody Marys came as quite a shock. Oh well, we'll be back but won't be having any drinks.

e bars in Baltimore

You're point being? I was telling the OP that Elvis isn't a bar.

Anyone been to Ranazul in Maple Lawn?

I believe it's Fall 2010.

Best food and best view in Baltimore

Watertable has an awesome view and room for a large group. I found the food to be so so, but maybe it was an off night. Here's the website:

e bars in Baltimore

Elvis is sit down and carry out, but no liquor license.

Test Kitchen

Ullswater is in the works. The building needed a full gut and rebuild so they are building from the ground up. I was inside with the contractor and the place looks like it is going to be awesome.

Chef Paolino's

Wonderfully put. I agree 100%.

Hamilton Tavern on Harford Rd., Baltimore

I felt the same about the fried chicken when I ordered it. That has been my only disappointing food or drink experience there.

Chef Paolino's


b bars in Baltimore

I originally suggested b bistro, but I think Bartenders or Birds of a Feather is the way to go.

Where would you take Anthony Bourdain?

According to his blog he went to Mo's (ugh) and went elsewhere for Crabcakes and Pit Beef. He seemed to be more focused on The Wire than anything else.

Goodbye RAT, Welcome OX! Chinese New Year -- what should i eat and where?

Grace Garden does have a special menu. I have no idea what's on it, Mrs. li just said it was worth coming.

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

Went for a late lunch today - awesome is the only word I can think of! I will be traveling there frequently. Those fish noodles are amazing.

Baba's Mediterranean Kitchen on Fort Ave. in Baltimore

If you are talking about the place on Lawrence Street that shares a building with a snowball stand (behind Royal Farms), it is closed and the building is up for rent.