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24 hours in Portland, ME


I'll be in Portland, ME for 24 hours arriving around Saturday around noon. Last time I was up there a few years ago with the wife and kids and we went to hot suppa and duckfat. Great weekend.

This time, my wife and I are traveling free of kids. Staying at the Courtyard and hoping not to have to drive anywhere.

Can you help me with a little direction?

Lunch: open to suggestions.

beers: novar ros
cocktails: I think Portland Hunt and Alpine Club

dinner: same old three questions….fore street or hugo's or central provisions?

central provisions seems more my style.

any other suggestions on small food shops, quick places for a single item (donuts :) is appreciated.

My wife and I eat anything and everything and usually small plates and sitting at the bar is more our style.

Bummed that Rabelais has moved out of Portland!

brunch suggestions for the next day before heading back?


Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

lunch and breakfast in miami


I have a business trip to Ft. Lauderdale tue-wed this week. Dinners are corporate-y and booked. I have about 3 hours on Tuesday and breakfast on Wednesday to spend in Miami (I will be staying in Ft. Lauderdale).

I'd like to check out Wynnwood Walls/area on Tuesday (I land around lunch at Ft. Lauderdale airport).

I am mainly looking for a cubano worth the drive close to Wynnwood. Enriqueta's seems like it's the place to am for before walking around looking at the walls/etc for a few hours as I need to be back in Ft. lauderdale by 6pm.

Wednesday morning my plan is to drive back to Miami for a cuban style breakfast. Any recommendations for a good in and out experience in Little Havana or South Beach (and what to order!). I'm not looking for fancy at all and need to be back in Ft. Lauderdale by 11am or so…

Thanks in advance,

Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

9th trip to Hong Kong - Need something special and different

Heading back next week. Plus a day in Macau and would love some recommendations. Been to Fernando's and A Lorcha? What else to eat in Macau? I'm not a casino guy.


Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

9th trip to Hong Kong - Need something special and different

Thank you, what are the details?

Mark Adamowicz

9th trip to Hong Kong - Need something special and different

Hi Friends,

I'm heading back to Hong Kong on March 10.

Any advice on:

1. Eating at private kitchens
2. Yardbird or Ronin?


Mark Adamowicz

Boulder, CO suggestions

Hi friends,

Here is the post trip report:

Landed Monday morning.
Stopped at Chic fil a for lunch. On my bucket list, never been. Tasty and great customer service. Told them it was my first visit and they have me a few shake. Nice touch.

Worked and then went to The Kitchen for dinner and ate outside.

Crispy pig ears
Pork belly
Burrata bruschetta

The meal was phenomenal and I has an Avery beer. Very tasty

Breakfast the next morning was at Lucile's

House chai
Buttermilk biscuit
Shrimp and grits
Carrot cake pancakes.

Loved every single thing about this place.

We walked across the street from where we were working at went to the big Whole Foods for a quick working lunch. Beautiful inside and super busy for a Tuesday. Wow. Had a chopped salad.

For dinner, we went to Bitter Bar

Smoked tea and rye whisky cocktail
Another Avery beer
A board with 3 bacon skewers, cheese, ham, toast, homemade pretzel
Salmon tartare

Wow, was blown away by this meal. Super happy when I left here.
Walked over to the Bohemian Beirgarten and had a dark dunkel. Fun atmosphere.

Rode a bike at the hotel the next morning through UC boulder and had bagel and lox at Cafe Rosa. Fun vibe, lots of beards

Stopped at Zoe Ma Ma for lunch and had dumplings and braised chicken thigh noodle soup. Delicious.

I loved everything about my very quick trip to Boulder. Bought some tea downtown, went in the best bookstore I have ever been in and everyone was super nice.

Thanks for all of the help.

Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

Boulder, CO suggestions

Thanks to all. I enjoyed the banter. Just arrived and heading to The Kitchen tonight for dinner!

Mark Adanowicz

Oct 07, 2013
markadamowicz in Mountain States

Boulder, CO suggestions


I'll be in Boulder Monday and Tuesday night for business.

Looking for 2 good dinner suggestions that will show me some of the local flavor and local beers. Rocky Mountain oysters - have to put them on the list I think.

The Kitchen for community night on Monday looks cool.

I'm staying here and will have a car:

Best Western Plus Boulder Inn
770 28th St
Boulder, CO 80303-2343

Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

Oct 05, 2013
markadamowicz in Mountain States

36 hours in Montreal

OK, friends, here's the wrap up from last weekend....

Got to Montreal around 8:30pm on Friday and checked into the Le Meridien Versailles (whomever guessed the hotel I was staying in was right on).

Took a cab over to Little Burgundy (I was with my wife, my sister and my brother-in-law).

We were a little early and stopped into The Burgundy Lion for a drink. I had a perfect Bierbrier ale. Perfect after a long ride up.

We went over to Joe Beef at 9:45pm and then sat us on an outside bench in the garden while they got our table together. It was cool to see the garden and have some glasses of wine out back and see the vegetables/herbs growing. The weather was beautiful.

We got seated and our waiter grabbed my phone and took a picture of the blackboard and told us the specials and also did some translating.

Here’s what we ate:

Double Down
Cornflake Eel Nuggets
Leeks from the garden over house smoked ham with a soft poached egg

Steak Joe Beef
Tournedos de Cheval (horse)
Spaghetti Homard Lobster

Wine, Bourbon Cider.

The double down was a table favorite, I ate all the horse pretty much by myself (it has cheese, shredded lettuce, pickles and was wrapped I bacon and was perfect) and the Spaghetti Lobster was super rich and a bite each would have been good.

The rrestaurant lived up to the hype and I went to sleep in a near food coma.

Saturday morning we took the metro to Marche Atwater. I had a drink had with lots of much needed green vegetables and we got some coppa and salami and a pint of raspberries to share from one of the vendors. The market was beautiful.

We took the metro over to Old Montreal and after a visit to Notre Dame put our name in at Olive + Gourmando. There was a 30 minute wait so we went across the street to Marché de la Villette and had a bottle of wine.

Olive + Gourmando was fantastic. Crowded and lively, we got the Poached egg on your Face panini and a Blue Cheese and carmelized onion panini and a Cuban Panini. A couple Broken 7 beers and a we all split a blueberry cobbler with cream. Time to walk some lunch off.

Not much going on in Chinatown. Passed through without stopping for Mai Tais.

We roamed around the stores that lined St. Laurent for the next few hours. We stopped into a bar called the Breakfast Club and split a delicious bourbon bowl with mint. Cool bar that looked like it would be lively at night.

We continued on checking out the stores and very cool murals. I bought some raw cheese and bread for later at a place called La Vielle Europe. I remember going in here about 24 years ago in high school.

Finally, we had a late lunch at Schwatz’s. Awesome. Smoked meat sandwich, a garlicy pickle and a cherry soda for me and similar for the rest. Absolutely delicious.

We continued on through the Plateau area and took the Metro back to the hotel to relax, have some wine and cheese and get ready for the big dinner. Headed out to Au Pied de Cochon and was seated pretty quickly. The atmosphere was lively and he music was loud and Canadian and glorious.

And the man himself, Martin Picard was in the house.

Here’s what we had:

Foie Gras Cromesquis
Tomatos stuffed with Foie Gras

Half Order of Foie Gras Poutine
Fried Pancake with Soft Poached egg and a small pitcher of foie gras gravy to pour over

Fresh Pasta prepared in a half wheel of parmagino reggiano by Martin Picard in front of us.
Duck in a Can

Sugar Cake with a sparkler in it and a Happy Birthday song to me.

Everything was delicious, I got a picture with Martin, a shirt signed and bought his Sugar Shack book which he signed as well.
We did a few shots of Makers and Maple Syrup with the waiter, had some very ice wine and I had a cider.
This was one of the best dinners/experiences of my eating life.
A Celine Dion song came on at one point and we heard the employees all singing it. Very funny.

Had some drinks at Taverne St. Sacrement
Did some dancing at Le Mix (funny, like a time machine with dry ice).

Hell of a day.

Sunday – checked out of hotel.
Drove to St. Viateur Bagel. Bought a dozen for the road and had a few on the bench outside. Delicious. Lived up to the hype!

Drove to Marche Jean-Talon. More beautiful produce.
Had an oyster sampler with freshly grated horseradish. Perfect.
Samples some Ice Cider and bought a couple of bottoles. 2008 and 2011.
Had some duck confit poutine from one of the little stands and left with a 4 cans of Maple Syrup.

Quick stop at Dante’s Hardware and hit the road!

Thanks again to everyone who helped with all of the advice. It was a perfect weekend.

Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

36 hours in Montreal

Today is the day. We leave Sutton (outside of Boston) at 2:30pm and head North! Thank to each of you for the unbelievably informed advice. Chowhound never lets down.

I will return the favor with a full trip report.

You can see the images on instagram @markadamowicz
(and my last trip to sf/napa and Taiwan/china/hong kong)

Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

36 hours in Montreal

....and a place for poutine!

Mark Adamowicz

36 hours in Montreal


I did get reservations to Joe Beef Friday night (9:45pm) and APDC Saturday night (8:30pm)

Asssuming I can still move after dinner at APDC Saturday, where is a good place to have a post meal drink. I assume I will make my way to the top of Mont Royal to see a nice niht view of the city.

Same question about walking between Old Montreal, through Chinatown toward Schwartz's on Saturday afternoon. Good place to grab a really good beer en route?


Mark Adamowicz

36 hours in Montreal

Hi Friends,

Blur of a week at work.

An update on reservations!

Sep 6: Joe Beef at 9:45pm (great since we don't get to Montreal until after 8 and we need to check into hotel)

Sep 7: Au Pied de Cochon at 8:30pm!

Ok, could use a little help organizing food rest of weekend:


Old Montreal
St. Catherine Street

Shwartz's will be a definitely stop but it sounds like lunch is NOT the time to show up
St Viateurs for bagels - not sure if I should start my day here...other breakfast options?

We will head up to Mont-Royal after dinner for the views.


Will be spending morning at Jean Talon Market/Little Italy area. It was recommended that I go to Pasticceria Alati Caserta to buy and take some lobster tails home.

Breakfast or lunch in this area? Should I just eat in/around the market? I will head home after lunch on Sunday.

I still have a little figuring our georgraphy and where I should start....


Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

36 hours in Montreal


I'm turning 40 on Sep 9, and heading up to Montreal to celebrate arriving around 8pm Friday Sep 6 and leaving Sunday Sep 8 after lunch.

I'd like to eat at Au Pied du Cochon, Joe Beef and Schwartz's.

1. I have no reservations to the first 2.aby chance 2 people can show up to the bar and eat?

2. Are either worth going to?

3. I'm staying between 1600 and 1900 Rue Sherbrooke West (my wife will not tell me the hotel!)...any good breakfast/etc places in that area?

Any other small/local restaurant I may not read about that I shouldn't miss.

Thanks for any help. I'm looking for a food Experience I can't and wouldn't find exactly back here in the Boston area...

Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, Ma

9th trip to Hong Kong - Need something special and different

How about anything new and interesting in the wan chai area to check out?

Mark Adamowicz

6 hour Layover in Pudong Airport

It worked. Left airport, took Maglev and then subway. Walked to Bund area, took the tram under the water, walked to Super Brand mall and had dumplings at DTF for lunch. Thanks for the help!

6 hour Layover in Pudong Airport

Thanks....any decent dumpling places in the Bund area?

Mark Adamowicz

9th trip to Hong Kong - Need something special and different

Hi Friends,

Not sure I am looking for tapas and my colleague literally just returned from 10 days in Barcelona and Madrid! She may have had her full of tapas.

I've never eaten anywhere in wan chai area and ill be spending most of Saturday roaming around art galleries in Central.

Thank you always for the help.

6 hour Layover in Pudong Airport

I've been to original DTF in Taipei

I'm going to take the Maglev. Where exactly does it drop me off. Where are the best dumplings close to there? Any near the bund? Remember, I've never been to shanghai and this is my two hour shot to see and taste a little flavor. Thank you very much.

6 hour Layover in Pudong Airport

Thank you. I'm continuing on to Taiwan actually after shanghai so I will wait for the Taiwanese cuisine.

Thanks for the info on DTF!

Mark Adamowicz

6 hour Layover in Pudong Airport

Hi Friends,

I will have a 6 hour layover (2pm -= 8pm) in Pudong Airport (Shanghai) a week from Sunday.
Is this enough time to leave the airport, get to downtown, eat a meal and head back to the airport.....any suggestions on places for great dumplings?


Mark Adamowicz

9th trip to Hong Kong - Need something special and different

Heading back to Hong Kong a week from Friday....what's new?

Mark Adamowicz

5 Days in SF/Napa

Ok, back to reality, but here's how the rest of our trip panned out:

June 27 - Thursday

Walked down to Model Bakery next to Oxbow. Had the best English muffin breakfast sandwich of my life and a pretty decent double espresso. Peek into Oxbow Market to scope out plans for later

We drove directly to Schramsberg to beg for a tour since they were all booked up for days. They said they would be happy to see us at 11:30am. It was 10am.

Walked around Clos Pegase and took some pictures of the MIchael Graves building/sculpture...very cool. No one there that early.

Buzzed over to Sterling and took the gondola tour. Extraordinary views, subpar expected. So glad we did it for the views and we were up in the area anyway.

The Schramsberg tour was the greatest. We toured the caves, our guide was fantastic (and from Massachusetts as so may people we met on this trip were) and we sampled 6 types of sparkling wine by candlelight. Home run is all senses.

Had lunch at Gott's. We loved everything about this. Green chili cheesbuerger, garlic fries and three unbelievable Ahi Poke tacos. Wow. This place is a great experience on a nice day

We had a tasting at Jospeh Phelps at 2:30. Alternated between inside and outside since it was about 100 degrees out. Beautiful views, great tasting room, really great wines and everyone was friendly. We lingered here for a while since the views were just stunning.

Had 1 drink each (the cheapest we could get) at Auberge Du Soliel and once again were spoiled by the visual riches of this area.

Drove back to the Westin Verasa and walked down to Oxbow and had a glass of wine and cheese sampler inside the market. Great Bartender (they all seem to be great around here). We then walked downtown to the Chef's night deal. WOW. Thousands of people, had some wine out on the street, empinada's from a truck and talked to Marine Core League people (my father-in-law is one back here and I have an auxillairy guest card these guys got a kick out of). Met some other people and juts talked and laughed for a couple hours. Headed back on foot to the hotel. Great day

June 28th - Friday

Got up around 5:30am and went for a stroll downtown. Quite a difference from the night before.

We drove to Yountville and ate breakfast at Bouchon Bakery. I had a ham and cheese croissant, bacon and cheddar muffin and a double espresso (I've never had a regular cup of coffee in my life surprisingly). They mixed my order up and I waited a little longer than usual so they gave me a package of shortbread cookies and and a ham and cheese baguette for the road.

We did a tour of Mumm at 10am, but didn't stay for any samples....just wanted to learn a little more about bubbly.

My wife wasn't feeling 100% and it was 105 out so we strolled around Mt. Helena and then back to Yountvile. I bought some salt in NapaStyle and took some pictures of the French laundry garden.

We had lunch at Ad Hoc/Addendum. The fried chicken was great and a crisp glass of rose on a hot day hit the spot. I really like this outdoor space.

We headed back to the hotel via Silverado trail and spent a couple hours in the pool eating some bread and cheese we picked up and some cured meat from the Fatted Calf we bought on the way home.

We headed back downtown and had a dynamite night art Zuzu. The bartender was really coll, we got 2 seats at the bar. Had a perfect peach salad with pecorino and a pork-ish taco with bean and some anchovies and poached egg on well oiled toast. I loved every bit of these tapas. Had a tasty Piny the Elder beer. Some people invited us next door to Morimoto for drinks, but we passed and walked back to the hotel since we were leaving for San Francisco in the morning.

We stopped in Berkeley to get my daughter a sweatshirt since I named her after this town. No deal. We did find a pair of shorts that said Berkeley. I got my picture under the Chez Panisse sigh which made me happy.

We returned the Fiat to the rental place and took a cap to our apartment we rented in the mission on 18th and Valencia. Cool area.

I had a sausage and softboiled egg muffin at Crafstman and Wolves, we went to a lot of stores and stuck our head into St. Vincent since tey were doing a tasting with some snacks for lunch.

We ended up staying here 90 minutes. Did a beautiful Rose tasting and the owner, David Lynch, talked to us nearly the entire time. He used the be the wine buyer for Babbo and I asked him lots of questions about people he knos like Mario batali, april bloomfield, gabrielle Hamilton, chad roberetson, and the owner/founder of Eataly. I gave him a rundown of some of my food hobbies and he was impressed. Great guy and the curry egg, beet egg and shrimp and tomato on toast went perfectly with all of the wines. I told him a few easy ways to grill pizza too. Funny stuff. We brainstormed on a book about 10 cool things everyone should know how to do.

I got my haircut at FSC and a glorious warm shaving crea/straight razoe shave of my neck. Super interesting barber as well. Great time.

We stopped at a pupoosa-ria off Valencia and had a chicken and beef and a couple of beers. Hard to find these back home.

People wetre getting ready for the oncoming parade (the "ladies" parade is the more polite way of describing it).

We popped in Locanda for a cocktail each, it was busy but minty cold cocktails hit the spot.

We watched the parade from different points for an hour or so and then headed back over to Valencia and finished the night at Bar Tartine.

Beautiful cocktails, great local beer, pickled mushrooms, beets, carrots and cauliflower, unbelievable sipcy peppers with goat cheese, potato bread with sour cream and dill and for dinner we split a green chile seafood stew. Hit the sack after this and were at the airport this morning by 4:30am to fly back.


Mark Adamowicz

5 Days in SF/Napa

Here's the trip so far

I'm @markadamowicz in Instagram if anyone wants to see the adventures

6/25 - we left the house at 3am!

BART from airport to SF was easy. Walked up hill to drop bags off.

Walked to Ferry Market. Bought a samosa from a vendor. Had wonderful oysters, beer and conversation at the Hog Island oyster bar. Just beat the crowd by 5 minutes

Bought a "cured meat in a paper cone" at Bocccalone and a beautiful sandwich for later.

Had an espresso at blue bottle coffee

Bought a tamale and papoosa from vendors in the farmers market

Grabbed a taxi and headed to pier 33 for Alcatraz tour. Made it by only 5 minutes! Glad we had tickets, next available are in July 7! Alcatraz was awesome and it was overcast, we never saw rain!

Walked to pier 39 through all of the awful shop area only to get to completely sea lion free docks!! My friend saw them last week, but they are gone for a while I guess.

Walked through even more awful fishermans wharf, but an in b out burger made it bearable.

Continued on to ghiradelli square and then walked up to Lombard street and halfway down it and back up. Ride the cable car back to our hotel.

Had a wonderful dinner at R&G lounge after walking through Chinatown. The salt and peeper crab and salt and pepper calamari were perfect. The bok choi was perfect. There was a 30 minute wait, but we found searing at the bar and Mai tai's passed the time. I'll be in Asia a week from Sunday and this meal stood up to Hong Kong standards.

We walked the Comstock saloon and had 2 absolutely perfect cocktails. Great bartender. Cool space. Jazz on the balcony. Loved everything about it. My wife was too tired to check out Mr. Bing's we walked back to the hotel (lots of walking today) after being up 24 hours straight.

June 26

Walked a beautiful cool mile to grab our Fiat rental.

Stopped by the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts for a leisurely morning stroll. Nice and serene.

Someone recommended we stop in Sausilito so after driving over the golden gate which was too foggy to even see until we were on it, we ate at an outside cafe looking at the water. This town is beautiful. Wow.

We made a spontaneous stop at Domaine Carnerous for a picture and ended up having a flute of bubbly each outside overlooking complete paradise. Glad we stopped and we talked to one of the waiters for 10 minutes. He highly recommended we check out Artesa around the corner.

Artesa was a joy. Beautiful grounds. I had a 2 for 1 tasting app. We ended up staying here over 2 hours. Tasted lots of wines on and off the menu at a leisurely pace. Our taster was a joy to speak with. We had her to ourselves at the tasting bar for Nearly the entire time. I don't really like Chardonnay and ended up buying a bottle. Best I have ever had. Ended up with 2 free corkscrews as well. Just a perfect wine country experience filled with great conversation about food and travel and got some local insight into where to go and where not to go.

Checked into the Westin Verasa and headed north.

Stopped at Oakville Grocery despite the fact that Dean and Deluca now own it. Had 2 just ok sandwiches, but bought a bottle of wine and homemade pickles too. Eating outside looking at the vineyard sipping wine made it all worth it.

Took some pictures of Opus One and jumped on the 4pm mondavi tour and tasting, last available for the day. This was the opposite of our moring/afternoon experience at Artesa, but I wanted one full blast tour and our guide did a great job and outside and inside the winery was great to see. That will be it for tours on this trip unless we get off the waiting list at shramsburg today/tomorrow.

Drive down to Yountville to plot dinner. It was hot out, but shade helped meltdowns. Everything here seems to close at 5pm and it was 6pm at this point.

We walked around town and the grounds of Ad Hoc. Ad Hoc was closed for a private event though the restaurant and grounds were completely empty.we saw the area that they grow some of their herbs etc. my wife may have eaten the best tangerine of our lives off one if the trees. Shhhhh.

We ended up finding our way to 2 open seas at the bar at Redd. GREAT bartenders! Each had a glass of wine and then a complimentary scallop dish appeared. So good. We ordered tuna tartare with some crispy rice and avocados. Total perfection. Then a complimentary yellow tail appetizer appeared. Wow again. We ordered the pork belly which was cooked perfectly and the taste of Hong Kong came though. Finally we got some fried calamari. Who cares, right? Well, it had tamarind sauce under it. What a surprise to taste how this worked so well together. New flavor combination for us. Finished with a perfect bourbon and honey/chai/bitter Lemon soda cocktail. Great conversations, leisurely pace and flawless food.

We walked around town a bit more, saw where Bouchon was, it was pretty busy. Found a grocery store open and bought some Rose, A Napa IPAD beer, some cheese and pretzel bread that came from Bouchon bakery. Enjoyed some back at the hotel.

Great First day in Napa. All if the research helped so much.

Today...we'll see. We have 2:30 tasting at Joseph Phelps scheduled. May go to St. Supery this morning, back track to take a shot at an Addendum lunch and then JP at 2:30 and drink up at Auberge after that.

Mark Adamowicz

5 Days in SF/Napa

Ok, just realized addendum is not open for lunch on Yountville area winery Wednesday afternoon needs a different lunch place......amazing what I find out last minute...


5 Days in SF/Napa

Cortez, you are bringing me back to going for Solage. Might be the best of both worlds....

5 Days in SF/Napa

Thank you. Yes, I have a great map of all of the vineyards, just was wondering if I had missed anything specific...

I think the mud bath, like parachuting, is something to try once and a good story to take back with me from Napa.

I'm really grateful for all of the advice the past month. Thank you again for all of the tough love.


5 Days in SF/Napa

*Beaulieu Vineyard, not Beau Vigne....

5 Days in SF/Napa

My wife and I have been on only 3 trips sans kids (we have 3 daughters) in 12 years....Bermuda and Tuscany both started out day 1 in rain and the rest of those trips are wonderful. Its sort of a tradition....

Looking into Calistoga mud baths at the moment. Maybe a nice birthday present for my wife on our last day in napa.

any advice on the following places for tastings:

chateau montelena
Freemark Abbey
Beau Vigne
St. Supery

again....looking for casual tastings with interesting/beautiful surroundings....not necessarily long educational tours...

still a little in shock that Mission Chinese will be closed....ugh.

Mark Adamowicz

5 Days in SF/Napa

This was very very helpful. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped me. Did you visit any wineries?

I leave tomorrow for my trip...! Can't wait although day 1 in san Francisco seems to be all rain. Alcatraz may be a wee bit cold/wet. Could be worse!

Mark Adamowicz