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Drum BBQ Coffee Roaster

Mine is coffee use only (have another charcoal grill I use for cooking), but other drum users I've heard of don't have problems doing both coffee and food on the same grill.

May 15, 2011
TickTock in Cookware

Drum BBQ Coffee Roaster

I have a 2-pounder from and it's great. It's similar (I believe) to the RK Drum (I only ever read good things about the RK). It's stainless steel and very sturdy construction and was very nicely made.

I use a small gas grill with a generic rotisserie attachment. It's taken some fiddling to figure out timing and heat levels but I'm very happy with my results now. I get to first crack at 10-13 mins and then back off the temp till second crack starts 2 or 3 minutes later.

The roast is not 100% even, which is normal for the generic slow motor (6rpm). I'll eventually upgrade to a faster one but it's not a big deal. The only other change would be to insulate the grill to use less gas and make it faster to come to temp in the winter.

I used a heatgun/bread machine before and this is more and better coffee. The air roast is excellent but a bit on the bright side but the drum produces a mellower, deeper cup to my taste.

May 14, 2011
TickTock in Cookware

Gujarati Food, anyone?

There is a little grocery store with a small restaurant inside that serves Gujarati food in Baltimore called Pavan Foods. It's 8904 Harford Rd near Putty Hill. It has a few tables in back and a lunch buffet, plus a sweets display. The food is decent, more like family than restaurant cooking (so probably just what the bf is looking for), and I've been there many times. The buffet is very small, with two or three items, and sometimes is better than other times, but is always what I'd call honest food--not always superb but usually solid and sometimes quite excellent. The same women have run the kitchen for years. I like the Padpri Chat and the masala dosa if I'm ordering off the menu (actually just some signs on the wall).

Sausage maker

I have a Porkert brand hand grinder that works very well. It is made in the Czech republic and is tinned steel. The blade and some other parts are raw steel so you need to always wash and dry it well right away (not that you'll be letting raw meat sit around anyway!). They have several different sizes with numbers that I don't quite understand, but 5 is small, 8 is medium, and large is 10 and up (I've seen 32's which bolt to a table. The smaller ones have a regular clamp.)

I have an 8 and it is quite easy to grind 4 or 5 pounds of meat. It also comes with stuffing funnels so that you can make sausages easily.

This one was highly recommended on a sausage site a while ago (can't remember which one) and it was a great purchase. I'd been using a really old "Universal Food Chopper" (the thing was probably from 1905) and it was a pain.

They go for around $50 or so new. I got mine on eBay for about 18 shipped, but I was lucky. If you're willing to risk eBay they are pretty common and around $25-30ish.

Mar 01, 2008
TickTock in Cookware

Ibrik in/around Baltimore?

I got one at Prima Foods ( the big wholesale/foodservice place (also allows retail customers) over by 95 and Pulaski highway. It's more of a Greek restaurant style one--stainless with a plastic handle. I can't remember if they have the brass ones or how many different sizes they have. Works great, though and only cost 6 or 7 bucks.

Cheapest olive selection in the city, too.

Swedish Christmas Food: Cardamom Coffee Cake

I don't know how authentically Swedish it is, but there is a very good recipe for Cardamom coffee cake in one of the old Moosewood cookbooks. I made it years ago and really liked it. As I recall the first two ingredients are a box of brown sugar and a pound of butter. Yum. You cook it in a tube pan or a bundt pan, and it doesn't have a crumble or topping.

Dec 12, 2007
TickTock in Home Cooking

Where to buy sausage casings?

I got some a few weeks ago in a Mars Supermarket in Timonium (Baltimore County north). They were in the meat counter area.

I've been told the salted ones will last a year in the fridge.

Best popcorn popper uses least oil or butter?

The Whirly-Pop is great for 'kettle corn':

1/2 cup popcorn
1 T (or less) oil
1/4 to 1/3C Sugar

Start with only the corn and oil, and when it starts to sizzle (after a minute or so) put the sugar in. Stir constantly!

The sugar will caramelize as you pop and coat the corn very nicely. I was worried before I made this about cleaning up the pan, but very hot water does the job with little scrubbing.

Jan 04, 2007
TickTock in Cookware