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Guinea Pig

Nov 20, 2009
ow77 in Outer Boroughs

What to order at Sripraphai for party of 12?

Sep 24, 2009
ow77 in Outer Boroughs

cheap indian food in manhattan

Saravanaas is indeed great. For a more hole in the wall feeling go to Punjabi where Houston becomes 1st st.

Sep 13, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

Flushing Sichuan

Chengdu Heaven is still there. I had Dan Dan noodles two weeks ago and it was great. Also had the cumin lamb burger at the Xi'an stand and it was mediocre at best.

Sep 13, 2009
ow77 in Outer Boroughs

Help a Londoner eat her way through Manhattan

Chinatown/Flushing. I don't think Momofuku's pork buns are bad it's just that other items on their menu are much more interesting.

Sep 05, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

Lunch Specials on the Upper East Side

Tori Shin

Sep 02, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

"Rare" ethnic restaurants?

There will be a Garifuna food expo on Saturday but few details are available and the website mentions a Garifuna restaurant in Chicago.

Sep 02, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

What about the Bronx?

World of Taste is no more. There is a different Vietnamese joint at the same place. See above,

Sep 01, 2009
ow77 in Outer Boroughs

Help a Londoner eat her way through Manhattan

Definitely go to Sripraphai in Queens. Please note it's closed on Wednesdays and there can be an half hour wait on weeknights, longer on weekends, but no wait off peak hours.

Do go to one of the Momofukus but you can do better than the pork buns there.

Of the places you mention, Sau Voi has the best banh mi. Saigon bakery is also good but is no longer made to order (at least on weekends). They get a lot of costumers recently so it's still fresh though.

For upscale Mexican go to Maya (though I haven't been recently and have a feeling it went downhill). For bare bones Mexican go to Cafe Ollin in East Harlem or walk along Roosevelt Ave in Queens.

Sushi Yasuda is king on this board but if you like modern style sushi better go to Sushi Seki instead.

Head to Flushing for Chinese and Korean.

Sep 01, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

Help a Londoner eat her way through Manhattan

Taco Taco is at 1726 Second Ave. pretty good but not a destination place.

Sep 01, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

UES 63rd and 2nd

The 61st St branch of Cipolla Rossa is no more.
To the OP:
Sushi Seki, Dakshin II, Maya, Tori Shin, Chola, Grand Sichuan East, Mexican cart on 3rd and 60th, Gourmet Garage for grocery. Also, Chicken Kitchen might reopen by the time you'll be here.

Aug 31, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

Mei Li Wah: The Deep-Fried Banana (and other underrated dim sum items)

Elvis meets Hong Kong is a good description. I liked the fried banana but the crispy shell is a bit too fried for my taste. The banana is the best part. Also, it makes a great snack to take around and I actually liked it better cold, a few hours later.
It took them 20 minutes to make it so if you sit in for a full meal you might want to order it in advance.

Aug 30, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

Watermellon & Feta Salad

Einat Admony (from falalfel Taim) used to have it at Ludo before it closed. So maybe you can ask at Taim and they'll know. But it's very easy to make one. I just cut pieces of watermelon and put Israeli feta cheese.

Aug 28, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

My 7 day plan - your suggestions?

Make a reservation where ever possible. Note that some of your desitinations do not take reservation and can have very long lines (DiFara, Shopsin's). Have alternatives unless you don't mind spending your vacation waiting in line. I usually go at off-peak hours to avoid the lines and it sometimes help.

Sun: You can do better than Crif Dogs/Caracas. If you're going to cross the city to the East Village anyway, hit Momofuku Noodle Bar (Different menu than Ssam and more affordable but as good. Last weekend I had one of the best meals of my life there). I haven't been but Pomme Frites is adored by a lot of people. Also, Seoul Station looks interesting.

Tue: If you'll make it to Difara, I'd suggest skipping Patsy's unless you really love pizza more than anything else. In East Harlem go to Cafe Ollin for cemitas and tacos.
Near the AMNH there's a Shake Shack branch, Fatty Crab, and Grom for gelato.

Babbo: Assortment of gelati and sorbetti for dessert.

Missing from your list:
Indian: Saravanas - veggie and affordable. Tadka - Same owners as Chola but not as expensive.
Bahn Mi: Sau Voi is my current favorite in Manhattan.
Thai: Sripraphai in Queens. My overall favorite restaurant in the city. Closed Wed.
Chinese: Go to flushing.

Aug 26, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

What about the Bronx?

Well, now it is Pho Vung Tau. I asked if it's the same as World of Taste and the manager said, "No, different owner, and taste better I think". The duck soup is not on the menu anymore.
I've never been to the original World of Taste so I can't compare. I had the basic pho dac biet ("special big bowl") and the bun tom nuong ("grilled shrimped with rice vemicelli"). They also have some special drinks like salty plum or dried longan in syrup.
I enjoyed my meal, especially the bun, and would go there often if it was in my area but for me this is not a destination place and is not worth the trek from Manhattan. Then again, I'm not a huge fan of Vietnamese cuisine to begin with.

Aug 22, 2009
ow77 in Outer Boroughs

Need a GREAT restaurant within walking distance of Sloan Kettering...

pizza park

Aug 20, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

Need a GREAT restaurant within walking distance of Sloan Kettering...

Best in the area bar none is Sushi Seki on 1st ave and 62nd. Get the omakase.

Maya is an upscale Mexican and is mostly awesome but sometimes it's just ok and on those off nights doesn't justify the prices. 1st ave and 64th.

Down the block from Maya you'll find Tori Shin which might be the best yakitori in the city.

Dashkin II on 1st and 63rd is a cheap and unpretentious but very good Indian.

I've never been but nino's on 1st and 73rd is supposed to be a good Italian place with an old vibe (ie, piano player).

Aug 20, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

Zabb Zabb- closed for vacation?

They open at 5pm.

Aug 19, 2009
ow77 in Outer Boroughs

Best Small Group (4-5) Dining Experience?


Aug 18, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

UES Szechuan Delivery

Grand Sichuan on 2nd Ave and 55th. It changed ownership a while ago and is no longer part of the original Grand Sichuan group of restaurants but it's still good. However, my most recent meal there was just ok and not as good as usual. Also, prices have gone up. Still I think it compares favorably with the best Sichuan places in the city. Among my favorites:
Chong Qing Spicy Chicken
Pork Rib with Cuming Sauce
Sautéed Sliced Lotus Roots (which is somehow better than the diced version)

Aug 17, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

Mexican Party Bus

It's Colombian, not Mexican. It's called La Chiva. I've been on it and loads of fun but nor really chow related.

Aug 15, 2009
ow77 in Manhattan

What to order at Lotus of Siam

I'll be in Vegas next week and can't wait to eat at Lotus of Siam. We'll be a party of 4-5 people for dinner and I might go there again alone for lunch. I'm not sure what to order though. I'm familiar with Thai food through Sripraphai and Zabb here in nyc. I've searched for recommendations on this board and came up with the following. Anything else? How are the fried fish? I know northern Thai cuisine is not famous for its curries but I anticipate others in my party will demand at least one curry dish. How are the curries at LoS? The Kang Omm sounds mighty fine.

mushroom dip or green chili dip
Nam Kao Tod
Thai Beef Salad (Yam Neua)
hoh mok sea bass (steamed fish with cabbage, egg, and chilii paste)
khao soi with short ribs
sticky rice with mangos & coconut ice cream


Jul 15, 2009
ow77 in Las Vegas

Jackson Heights foodie tour

Jul 08, 2009
ow77 in Outer Boroughs

Cuy...Guinea Pig...Ecuadorian Delicacy

This thread is a few month old but for future searchers this bit of info might come in handy. I took this picture Last August In Peekskill, in an event that seemed like a smaller more authentic version of the red hook ballfields without the football. They had lots of guinea pigs cooked over charcoal fire there. I didn't get to try it but the corn husk tamale I had was pretty good. It might have been a special gathering for labor day weekend, I don't know. No one spoke English.
It was in the park next to the Peekskill train station right on the Hudson river.

Mar 13, 2009
ow77 in Outer Boroughs

Minangasli closing at end of January

Take the E or F to Roosevelt Ave / Jackson Heights, switch to one of the local trains (G, R or V) for one additional local stop. Exit at the eastern end of the platform if you're going to Minangasli.

Btw, according to the waitress who was there on Friday night, they have heard of this thread but they're actually not sure if they will close.

Jan 10, 2009
ow77 in Outer Boroughs

Ayada in Elmhurst - My new Favorite Thai

Cha-om (I just learned) are the feathery shoots of the Acacia plant ( The sour curry with cha-om is a soup like curry with rectangular cuts of omelette with pieces of cha-om in the omelette. I tried it for the first time at Sripraphai last weekend and I like Ayada's version better. Ayada's version is only mildly sour and all the flavors blend perfectly to my taste. Sripraphai's version has tamarind in it which added flavors I didn't like.
All of the items on Ayada's menu are also listed on Sripraphai's menu, and if memory serves right, have the exact same description. I think Ayada's owners used Sripraphai's menu as an English guide in order to save money on a translator. However, the dishes might be quite different from Sripraphai's.

Dec 22, 2008
ow77 in Outer Boroughs

Ayada in Elmhurst - My new Favorite Thai

The sour curry with shrimp and cha-am omelet was the best dish I had at a recent dinner at Ayada. The place is very new and they have some minor kinks but the service is very friendly, prices are low and everything I ate was good.

According to the waitress they focus on eastern Thai cuisine. The menu looks like an abridged version of Sripraphai's menu without the fish section.

BBQ beef with jaew sauce was very similar but not as good as Zabb's. Also, the jaew sauce is thicker than at Zabb.
Papaya salad was ok but not a standout. Not pungent enough for my taste. They also have it with salted crab which might be better. The sour curry was only mildy sour and excellent. I haven't had it anywhere else so I can't compare it to other places.
Bean thread shrimp pork belly casserole - The rice noodles were good but I could hardly notice the pork belly.

I'll be back for the sour curry and to try other items on the menu but I hope they'll soon offer dishes that are not available in other restaurants in the area. Overall, this is a good restaurant and chowhounders should support it but I wouldn't call this a destination place. Not yet at least.

Dec 17, 2008
ow77 in Outer Boroughs

Your favorite underrated burger?

5 Ninth, mainly for the bacon and cheese.

Dec 09, 2008
ow77 in Manhattan

Cornelia Street Cafe

It's not awful but I don't see any reason to go there. The food is just not good.

Dec 08, 2008
ow77 in Manhattan

Sripraphai Revisited -- Downhill?

I think they didn't take out anything off the menu and added all items from the old specials menu (the one with three soft shell crab dishes) and nothing else.

Dec 01, 2008
ow77 in Outer Boroughs