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Gustofino on Church -- Cleaned out and Gone? Why??

I noticed this, too, and was disappointed. The food wasn't stellar, but it was tasty and affordable.

Cubano Sandwiches

I just had Birley's Cuban for the first time today. It won't be the last time -- delicious!


Scott Howard. Delicious.


I had my first experience at NOPA last Thursday. You are right, the noise is deafening! My meal was fine (the flatbread with lamb sausage was excellent), but not as spectacular as I was expecting from all the hype. I'll stop in again if I'm in the neighborhood, but in my opinion this is not a destination restaurant.

I must say, though, that the service was superb.

My visit from NYC

Echoing Lori. And I'm truly sorry to hear you wasted an entire meal at Zachary's. Gah.

Free knife sharpening - don't do it!

That's Jivano's. He does a great job for me. I highly recommend him, as well.

Mariquita Farm leaving the FPFM.

This is sad news. Although I must admit, I have stopped going to the FPFM as regularly as I used to (which was every week), largely because of the enormous crowds.

The Mariquita folks were among my favorite vendors. Fortunately I'll still be able to get their fabulous produce as long as they keep supplying Bi-Rite.

Best Mexican in SF?

I see no mention of El Delfin on this thread. It has been recommended to me and I have put it on my short list. Should I take it off?

Marina Inn

Well, you should definitely have a meal at Greens at Fort Mason, which is right there, at Laguna and Marina Boulevard. The food is vegetarian, but is definitely very good. You could probably walk in for lunch, but I'd recommend reserving for dinner.

The area is very safe.

Your favorite Bay Area bread

I like most of Acme's breads, as well. I'm a big fan of the levain, and also their ciabatta. Even though I live a couple of blocks away from Tartine, and used to enjoy many of their products (before the insane crowds -- I just can't take it any more), I've never had their breads, due to their bizarre baking schedule.

How to eat like a Beat at lunch this Saturday?

Just curious, could it be 'burratine'? I.e., small 'burrate'?

What would Calvin Trillin eat for lunch in SF?

A friend of mine claims to have spotted him at Delfina a couple of years ago.

Toronto 'hound looking for a specific restaurant

I was just at Bix last month after many years. Good food, good drinks and good atmosphere... same as it ever was!

Delfina - what to order?

If I see rabbit on the menu, that's what I go for.

4 Hour Stopover for Lunch in SF this Friday

Or hop on the F and alight directly in front of Zuni.

4 Hour Stopover for Lunch in SF this Friday

Mission Dolores is on Dolores, not Guerrero.

Tartine has cannele

In my opinion the canneles at Mission Beach Cafe are also underdone. In fact, everywhere I see them they are underdone. I was once fortunate enough to have canneles baked by Paula Wolfert, and they were nearly black on the outside, and by far the most delicious canneles I've ever had. I wish these places would learn to cook them longer.

Mo's Burgers?

Another big fan of Mo's here, but only the North Beach branch. I used to work near the Yerba Buena Mo's, but stopped going after a few disappointments.

Grilled pork Vietnamese sandwich from Latte Express - 5th and Market, SF


I was just reading this thread and decided to run out and try Cafe Dolci. Had to come back and thank you! Delicious sandwich, for less than half of what I usually end up spending on lunch.( And I never would have found that place on my own.)

Cheers, and thanks again!

Helmand "Red Tagged" after landslide

Oh, bad news! I really like this place. I was worried when I read about the location of the landslide. Hope they can reopen soon.

Need Dinner Recommendations Near Cafe Du Nord in Castro

I live about a block away from Cafe du Nord (and have fond, nostalgic memories of when that place itself would have been an excellent dining option in the neighborhood). Most of the above suggestions are spot on, though I personally don't feel that Home is worth considering. Chow is much better for that sort of thing, IMO.

You don't mention when the show is, but if there's time, I'd suggest reserving at Destino. If you schedule your evening, you could even reserve at Zuni and have time for a leisurely stroll up to CdN. I'm a big fan of Lime, as well.

Mecca delivers, but is rather pricy, I think. 2223 I quite like, but is approximately equidistant from CdN as Zuni, and, if I were wanting a special dinner with the show, Zuni would be my choice. I'd steer away from Catch, also.

Edit: When I said "Mecca delivers" I didn't mean to one's door. I meant they deliver a solid, enjoyable dining experience!

Yum (Market Street) is gone

Paul, thanks for responding to the thread, and for six years of providing a unique and valuable service to Bay Area foodlovers! I hope you find someone to help with your website, if only so we have a place to find you when you find your next incarnation.

Thanks again!

Yum (Market Street) is gone

This really is sad. They had so many things that were hard to find elsewhere, and were only a couple of blocks from me! I'll miss it.

And I always received courteous, friendly and gracious service. The one time I went in looking for something they didn't have (chestnuts in cognac), Paul suggested trying Harvest Market. Then he insisted on calling them to make sure they had them before I made the trip over!

In need of a brunch caterer for small 7 person party

Cafe La Mediterranee are a favorite of mine for this kind of thing:

Edit: They also have another location on Fillmore and one in Berkeley. Main page for all three:

Osha Thai at Embarcadero - Am I Missing Something?

Thanks. Didn't know there was one in the EC. In fact, the only other one I've been to (a few times) is the one on Geary, which I find to be okay if I'm in that neighborhood, but not worth crossing town for. Better than the 2nd Street location, for sure.

Osha Thai at Embarcadero - Am I Missing Something?

Do you mean the one on 2nd Street? I've been only once, but I won't be going back, either.


I don't know the difference between Peruvian and Argentinian empanadas, but I really like the ones they serve at Destino:

Remember Vietnam France?

I have no idea what happened to the owners, but I lived for a few years at Bush and Broderick and ate at Vietnam France several times a week. I have many fond memories of the place. Delicious food!

What's Up Dog, SF

Hey Gary! Tana's active on that other board (haven't seen you over there much, lately), but I don't think she cares too much for the CH interface. Good to see you, too.

Melanie, I will definitely speak to them about the bun next time. I'll report. (Heh. Finally figured out how to use the 'reply' feature.)

What's Up Dog, SF

I agree the dog/bun proportion is better than at Top Dog, and I prefer the seedless bun. Maybe next time I'll see if they'll toast the bun on the grill for me.