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From Toronto East Along the 401 to Kingston...

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated!!!

From Toronto East Along the 401 to Kingston...

Are there any small buffets (preferably chinese but anything will suffice) located a short ways off of or along the 401 when you are travelling from Kingston to Toronto or vice versa?

Smaller Buffets in Toronto

Everyone is familiar with the big Toronto buffets (Imperial, Mandarin, Starwok, etc.) but I was wondering are there any little independent buffets located in the G.T.A.?

I know that their is Sister's Buffet on Kingston Road but I am leaning more toward small Chinese buffets. I can think of the Moonlight on Dundas St. West but their must be more.

Please list all of the smaller type buffets that you know (food type can be anything--European, Greek, Chinese, etc.) and also your opinions on them.

With much thanks,


Cajun Corner - Just Like Being in New Orleans!!!

What's the spicest (i.e. HOTTEST!!!!) menu item available at Cajun Corner? I am talking as hot as or, preferably hotter than suicide (as in the wings) on the spice scale!

Star Walk

Their website isn't of much help so I hope you fellow chowhounds can help me out.

I am thinking of going to the Star Walk Buffet (around the Pacific Mall) for lunch this weekend. A couple of questions for you...

Is the Star Walk within walking distance of the Pacific Mall (and where exactly is it located when you leave the mall)?

What do they have for their luncheon buffet and what time in the afternoon would it start to get crowded?


Irish Pub Sing-A-Longs!

Thanks to everybody for there help! It is much appreciated!!!

Happy St. Paddy's Day to all!!!

Irish Pub Sing-A-Longs!

Thanks all! Where exactly are these places and what dishes would you recommend at each? Does anybody know of one (or more!) within walking distance of the Air Canada Centre? (Again...please keep in mind that the pub song sing-a-longs are just as important on this day as the authentic Irish grub and beer!).

Irish Pub Sing-A-Longs!

Just in time for St. Paddy's Day...

I am looking for a good old fashioned Irish pub in the GTA (preferably East End or Downtown) that will have all of the traditional Irish pub grub as well as old fashioned Irish pub songs! The great sing-a-long songs of yesteryear. Black Velvet Band, Wild Colonial Boy, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, etc., etc.

Are there any of these type of places around and do they have these type of drinking songs regularly?

What about a good old fashioned Irish stew with soda bread and a Guiness? Any place around to get this this Saturday? (The sing-a-long would be a great bonus!)

Any info. would be greatly appreciated!

Hong Shing and/or New Treasures Restaurants?

The spicy chili chicken was exactly what I had (although it didn't come on a sizzling plate but was served over rice). Unfortunately I was disappointed in this dish. Now...the chili chicken at Yeuh Tung.........ah.........heavenly!!! Have you ever tried it at Yeuh Tung and asked them to make it as spicy as they possible could? A true thing of beauty!

E-ON Restaurant

Thanks for the reply. It was closed today when I was downtown so it wasn't an option anyway so we went to Hong Shing. Although the food was edible (barely) at Hong Shing (we had chili chicken and General Tso Chicken) it certainly wouldn't be worth a return trip...unless, of course, everything else is closed in the area!

Hong Shing and/or New Treasures Restaurants?

I am hoping that I can get some opinions on both the Hong Shing (195 Dundas Street East) and/or New Treasures Restaurants.

Regarding New Treasures...I am interested on opinions about their regular menu items rather than their dim sum selection. I understand that they do have menu items in addition to their regular Dim Sum stuff too, correct?

Any and all rec's for both establishments would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

E-ON Restaurant

Has anybody been here (Dundas and Elizabeth Streets, Toronto) recently ? If so what do you recommend on the menu?

Downtown Chinese Food Open for Lunch This Sunday (Chinese New Year)?

Thanks Teep. You wouldn't happen to know the name of that new Northern Chinese restaurant would you?

Downtown Chinese Food Open for Lunch This Sunday (Chinese New Year)?

Thanks for your replies! Actually, I would have went to Yeuh Tung but they are closed this Sunday for the Chinese New Year!

Teep, where is E On? I have tried to do a search on it both here and on google and have come up with nothing. Could you possibly shed a little light on E On as we will have to stick pretty close to the Elizabeth and Dundas Street area (simply because of time constraints).


Downtown Chinese Food Open for Lunch This Sunday (Chinese New Year)?

I will be in the vicinity of Dundas and Elizabeth Streets this Sunday for lunch and was wondering if Chowhounders could recommend a good place to go for lunch? Chinese would be preferable (how far is Swatow from this area) but I fear that a lot of the Chinese food restauraunts in this area may be closed this Sunday due to the Chinese New Year.

Can anybody help me out by recommending something that is definately open around noon hour? And, if you would be so kind, any recommendations from the menu would be greatly appreciated as well.


Baked Alaska in Toronto

Hi Steve,

I am sure you can get it at Dutch Dreams Ice Cream parlour at Vaughn Rd. and Bathurst. The place is owned by a father and son duo but the father has been semi-retired for the last couple of years and he was the one who made the Baked Alaska.

A couple of years ago I chatted with the son and, at that time it was still on their menu, he gave me the impression that the Baked Alaska was pretty much his fathers domain although he could make them if he had too.

You may want to check before heading out. I think Dutch Dreams may be your best bet to find this phenomenal dessert in Toronto.

Let me know how it goes!

Butterscotch Pie

Sounds like another road trip! Thank you all for your replies!!

Butterscotch Pie

Almonte, Ontario may make a nice summertime drive! Thanks for your reply.

Jubilee Cakes

I think I'll have to try them out! Thanks!!

Butterscotch Pie

I am most interested in Butterscotch pies too!! I remember the ones from the Irving stations very well! Are there any such pies to be had in the G.T.A.?

What's good between downtown Toronto and Oshawa?

Thanks! I think that we will give it a shot. Ted's sounds like a great place to go before a Generals game!

Jubilee Cakes

Thanks so much for the reply! I have a birthday cake to buy soon and will more than likely give Jubilee a try. Have you any suggestions for what you consider to be their best birthday cake? Whipped cream or butter icing? Also, have you any idea of the prices of their cakes? What other Jubilee products would you suggest I try or do they just do cakes? Thanks again!

Jubilee Cakes

Does anybody have an opinion on Jubilee Cakes at Main and Gerrard in Toronto? I have seen this while driving by many, many times over the years but have never gone inside. Has anybody ever tried their cakes and/or other offerings?

What's good between downtown Toronto and Oshawa?

Is Teddy's in Oshawa open on Sundays? Does anybody know their hours of operation? Thanks! We may just give it a try!

Zum Linzer --Hamilton

Hi all,

I am posting to inquiry about the menu at Zum Linzer. In a nutshell, I love all of the offerings at the place but my better half, whom I am taking there for the first time shortly, is very, very picky when it comes to food.

She is not into anything too spicy, saucy or even with too many vegies so I am wondering what on the Zum Linzer menu would fellow Chowhounders reccomend for somebody like this?

She likes beef stew (although she leaves the vegies in the stew and eats the meat) so I am wondering if the Goulash might be a good choice?

I don't think that she would appreciate the schnitzel so is there anything else on the menu, other than perhaps the Goulash, that Chowhounders would recommend?

Thanks for your help!!