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French Butchers - Chicken with heads and tails

Just came back from Paris and noticed that the butchers leave the head, feet and tail feathers on their birds. Is this just a matter of style or do the French consistently use these for stock, etc.? Personally, I prefer not to have to hack those things off at home, but maybe you fell differently?

Jan 01, 2012
Scott the Poet in France

Hotel Angeleno Catering/Private Party?

Hi, Has anyone been to a private party at the Hotel Angeleno? If so, how was the food? I've seen a few reviews of the restaurant, West, that range from fair to good, but nothing about how they handle private parties. Thinking of having a large private dinner here for the views, but don't want to waste the time to check it out if the food isn't good.


Hotel Angeleno
170 N Church Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Riviera Country Club?

Has anyone been to a wedding or event here recently? Thinking of having an event here and wondering how the food is for a catered event. Thanks.

Amazing Birthday Cake

Coconut Cake at Susina Bakery. Fantastic and just had it for my own. Reasonably priced too. They are at Beverly & La Brea.

Pre-made Pie Crust

I use Marie Callender's, usually from Pavillions/Vons. They're deep dish, so you may have to adjust your cooking time. I wouldn't use Pilsbury or the store brand.

Trader Joe's Wine Recs?

It's not that 2 buck chuck is all that bad, I like the merlot and the savignon blanc and drink plenty of it. It's just that sometimes i want something that tastes a little better and get frustrated if I shell out the extra dollars without getting a wine that tastes any different.

Jul 20, 2009
Scott the Poet in Wine

Trader Joe's Wine Recs?

I like randomly sampling the wines at TJ's, Cline Zin is reliable and the Bogle Petit Syrah is tasty, but too often wind up with a bottle that's no better than the 2 buck chuck. Looking for daily drinkers under $10, red or white. Let's separate the Clines from the Chucks!

(Since TJ's is far more prevalent in So Cal than elsewhere, I'm posting here rather than the wine board.)

Jul 20, 2009
Scott the Poet in Wine

Divey Birthday Rec w/ Patio?

Ooh, I've been to both of those. Forgot about the Galley. Good idea.

Divey Birthday Rec w/ Patio?

Hey, I'm looking for a sort of divey place for my birthday dinner on a saturday night for between 7-11 people. Was thinking of the patio at El Coyote because it would be fun and is the type of place I drive by and think I can't afford the greasey calories, but they won't take a reservation. So I'm trying to find a similar sort of place, if possible with a patio and/or some space to have some drinks before dinner, anywhere from Hollywood to Beverly Hills. Thanks!

Hot Picnic in Santa Moncia?

Hadn't thought of that. Thanks.

Hot Picnic in Santa Moncia?

Heading up to the Will Geer theatre this weekend and looking to picnic on a chilly night so need some recommendations for take out soups, chilis or hot entrees in Santa Monica (which is where we're starting from). Closer to the promenade the better, but will travel for good food. Thanks!

Bakery for Angel Food Cake

Does anyone know a bakery that will make an angel food cake for my dad's birthday? I've checked with Susina and Hansen's and they don't make it. I know I can get a bad supermarket version at Gelson's, etc., but would like to find a fresh one. Anywhere around Beverly Hills, WeHo, West LA is great.


Winter Sushi in Tokyo: What Did I Eat?

Yes! Thank you!

Dec 24, 2008
Scott the Poet in General Topics

Winter Sushi in Tokyo: What Did I Eat?

I just got back from a fantastic sushi breakfast at the fish market in Tokyo. The man sitting next to me recommended a special item only available in the winter. "Very creamy, like roe", he said. Long thin white tubes that were curled and piled onto itself (sort of looked like brain). Scooped out of a pan. Soft, luscious and absolutely the best sushi I've ever had, but have no idea what it was.

What did I eat?

Dec 24, 2008
Scott the Poet in General Topics

My Favorite Meals, Under $20, in these Recessionary Times

Don't forget about Farmers Market (3rd & Fairfax):

Moishe's chicken
Gumbo Pot
Banana Leaf
that Brazilian Place
the bars have daily beer specials
etc., etc.

Doughboys closed?

A similar sign was the beginning of the end for the 3rd street location. They never re-opened.

Kosher Within Walking Distance of Cedars

Actually there's a Coffee Bean at 3rd and La Cienega, which is just 1 block east of the hospital. There's also Real Food Daily, a vegetarian restaurant, which is on La Cienega north of Beverly.

Looking For One of a Kind, Fun, Nutty-Campy Restaurant Experience

Both Marty and Elayne are doing well. Saw them last week. They've added a bass player who looks maybe like a grandson.

Only problem is they play in the bar, not the restaurant.

fruit stands at 3rd and fairfax farmers market

There's still a pretty good fruit stand there, toward the northwest corner of the market. Prices seem better than the whole foods across the street.

Hungarian Bread Bin Closed at Farmer's Market :(

The great Hungarian baker closed up shop at Farmer's Market (3rd & Fairfax). Technically the store was J&T Bread Bin. He made a great pumpernickel that will be tough to replace.

Anyone know what happened?

Vibrato or Foundry for B-day?

Hi, Looking for a great dinner with live music and am down to these two. Thoughts? (It's a Wed. night if that matters.)

Good "old boy" bars?

Barney's Beanery, the original in West Hollywood, is as good ol boy as it gets.

Boiling Crab in SGV

I've been looking for a place like this ever since I lived back east. Are there any other places in the LA area where we can whack our ways to some crabby goodness?

Phillips BBQ- disappointed

I just tried Baby Blues BBQ on Lincoln in Venice. I had a lunch special sample platter with pulled pork, baby back ribs, sweet potatos, and cornbread. The pulled pork and cornbread were fine, but I though the ribs and sweet potatos were great. The ribs had a nice char and the bbq sauce they make is pretty tasty. The sweet potatos were well spiced and had a great flavor.

They have a terrible web site, but here it is anyway:

Best Brunch Spot In LA for Mothers Day.

Campanile was not part of Charlie Chaplin's original studio, unless it was a building relocated from there. The original Charlie Chaplin studio is located at La Brea and Sunset, far north of Campanile, and currently houses Jim Henson Productions. In homage, there is a Kermit dressed as Chaplin over the main gate on La Brea.

We're trying the Luxe on Sunset in Brentwood.

Pinkberry Locations

There are boards up at the Farmer's Market (3rd & Fairfax) saying one is coming there to obliterate another homey, old fashioned stall in the ever continuing evolution of Farmer's Market from quirky historic site to shopping mall food court.

Food for grieving friends

This may not be the type of response you're looking for, but in Judaism it is traditional to bring/send food which is round (eggs, cake) as a symbol of the circle of life.

Replacements for Red and Cadillac Cafe for Good Reasonably Priced Dinners?

I'm still smarting from the loss of these restaurants, where you could get good, thoughtful entres for about $15. Any thoughts on possible replacements that I can't seem to find in the BH/WeHo/Fairfax area?

Help! Group Dining somewhere between San Diego & LA

I had lunch last week at Ramos House and it was fantastic. Started with apple bignets (sorry, I can't spell) and fried green tomatoes with goat cheese. Then had a really nice beef stew with a wonderful wine flavor with blue cheese mashed potatoes. My friend had the lentil soup and loved it. Good wines by the glass. Very reasonably priced. Setting is a patio outside a rustic wood house (with heaters).