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Advice for a So Cal Chowhounder?

We are from So Cal and just spent a week in Austin in July. You will want to focus mostly on bbq. Odd duck and Uchi are worth it. We didn't try any Italian except for Home Slice and had a bit of charcuterie and sausage at Easy Tiger which was good but not amazing. I did hear good things about Salt and Time. We tried the migas taco at Veracruz which was tasty but not mindblowing. It was basically chilaquiles in a corn tortilla. I wouldn't bother with many taco places; we found the tortillas to be very mushy and flavorless. The Mexican food is quite different. The best food we ate the whole trip was Franklin and it was not only the best barbecue we'd ever had, but simply one of the best meals we'd ever had. The brisket is heavenly. Black's had better side dishes, but the brisket and the ribs were just phenomenal. If you are into craft beer a trip to Jester King is essential.

Aug 07, 2015
tastycakes in Austin

los angeles cooking school?

The new school in Studio City - Comfort Food LA - will customize classes for you. They are running a groupon deal right now. The chefs taught at Le Cordon Bleu and will be offering professional degree type classes soon that are all individual/hands on and technique based.

Jul 13, 2015
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

looking for fresh sour cherries

I know some Armenian markets still have them. Come on, where are they hiding? :)

Jul 13, 2015
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

Driving from SFO to Anderson Valley - any can't miss stops along the way? Lunch in SF and then?

Thanks all, any stops in the city were nullified by the delay and the hour long wait to get our rental car but tacos at Taqueria San Bruno by the airport were excellent. Hopefully we can stop at some bakeries on the way back. We are visiting Russian River tomorrow.

Driving from SFO to Anderson Valley - any can't miss stops along the way? Lunch in SF and then?

We are arriving at SFO this afternoon and headed to a wedding in wine country. I had planned stops at Mr. Holmes and Craftsmen and Wolves but it looks like they could be closed by the time we land due to flight delays (love that summer fog). I'm sure there are numerous threads but please humor me. My husband is a craft beer lover and would like to stop at Russian River. Any suggestions are appreciated. We eat everything and are visiting from LA and looking for unique Bay Area treats. Thanks!

Kansha Creamery (Gardena)

We popped our heads in while waiting next door and they only had one flavor left at 6:30pm on a Saturday. Disappointing but probably a good sign!?

Apr 03, 2015
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

any rhubarb sightings lately? in desserts/pastries or raw at farmer's markets/grocery stores?

i adore rhubarb. tell me where to get it!

Mar 23, 2015
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

I'm On A Quest

the hungry cat has these on occasion. also try connie and ted's.

Mar 17, 2015
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

Hollywood Area and Universal Studios

places I see at least one celebrity every time: Urth on Melrose, the Sunset & Vine Arclight theater, and Providence. Sightings frequently occur at Whole Foods (grove) and The Oaks Gourmet at the base of the Hollywood Hills.

Mar 13, 2015
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

L.A. Dish of the Month, March 2015 -- SEAFOOD SANDWICHES

that sounds amazing but is it as small as it looks? and probably costs $14 for three bites?

Mar 09, 2015
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

What are some over-rated L.A. restaurants to you? Why, specifically? Only one each!

thank you! i totally agree. every time i've had the strawberry or peach donuts the fruit has been hard, not ripe, not delicious, and covered in a thick glop. the donut is nothing special. i cannot for the life of me understand why people rave about them and go out of their way to obtain them.

Feb 26, 2015
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

What are you baking these days? Happy Valentine's Day February 2015 edition! [OLD]

today i made pear muffins using the apple muffin recipe from the KAF website as a base. i reduced the buttter by 1/4 and the sugar by 1/3 and omit the extra brown sugar topping. i used whole wheat pastry flour instead of AP and added an extra ounce of buttermilk. i subbed all pears plus and extra half pear grated for more moisture. they are nice an moist but i wont reduce the sugar quite so much next time. i have a few more pears to use so i will try the smitten kitchen peach shortbread using pears and sub a portion of the flour with buckwheat flour. we love the pear and buckwheat pancakes from 'good to the grain' by kim boyce so i hope it will work out well.

Feb 18, 2015
tastycakes in Home Cooking

Orange County -- Can't-miss markets, bakeries, butchers, etc.?

definitely visit Taco Maria. I recently enjoyed a double whammy (reward post hiking at Peters Canyon) in Costa Mesa at Sidecar Doughnuts and the neighboring Aussie meat pie place called Pie Not.

If Westminster/Garden Grove is not too far I highly recommend checking out the very unique Vietnamese offerings at Ngu Binh or Brodard.

Jan 27, 2015
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

now that it's back, where are the best foie gras dishes?

preferably near hollywood/ktown/silverlake but i'll travel if it's truly outstanding. i find seared versions to be overcooked far too often.

Jan 15, 2015
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

breakfast and coffee

Any meal, any time of day at Cafe Chloe has been excellent in my experience. For dinner I also 2nd the rec for Cucina Urbana.

Jan 05, 2015
tastycakes in San Diego

lincoln in altadena/pasadena

i visited lincoln the second week after they opened. great space, open warehouse with a great patio with picnic benches and lots of indoor seating as well. serve yourself water and cutlery and a table laden with little flower goodies and other culinary treats. it was packed with a line about 15 deep but it moved fairly quickly. staff was floating down the line and taking orders before you hit the register with another helper behind the pastry case bagging and boxing your items.

i ordered the harissa shrimp bowl which was described as being served with rice and greens, so in my mind i imagined a saucy dish with braised kale/escarole or something of the like. what i got (for $12) was three shrimp lightly sauced with harissa - delicious and with a beautiful sear from the plancha, but come on only 3? - and a bowl of dry rice with slivers of romaine and a scattering of shredded carrot, cilantro, and mint. the herbs were withered and black around the edges. the textures did not meld, though the overall flavor was good. very disappointing.

the dark chocolate sea salt cookie tasted like burnt devil's food cake ends. it's so dark i can see how it would easily get overbaked, but it was not good. i also ordered a coconut lime "macaroon" which was flat and very chewy. the flavor was nice, but again, it seemed dry. the best cookie was the chcolate with a peanut butter filling baked in - very moist and tender. the baguette was also very good with a nice open crumb and crisp exterior.

i heard similar reports from friends and coworkers who though the portion sizes were a bit skimpy for the price, but like them, i'd return for some of the baked goods.

anyone else been yet?

Nov 17, 2014
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

Leaving San Diego on 12/24

just load up on fish tacos, otherwise the mexican food, sushi, farm to table, and craft beer - food in general really - in the bay area is top notch.

Nov 14, 2014
tastycakes in San Diego

Barrel & Ashes, meat porn folder:

No prices on the website, what did these meals run?

Nov 13, 2014
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

Suggestions for a first-time visitor?

my husband and i are from LA and we had the pleasure of visiting portland this past spring. we very much enjoyed Broder for breakfast - delicious, charming Swedish, and Andina - high end peruvian, as well as Cascade Brewing known for its amazing sours, since each of them offered something rare and unique to the portland area. not that you cant find peruvian but this was quite special and the service was so welcoming. unfortunately with a toddler the lines at pok pok and ox were not possible for us, but both were on our list as things hard to find in LA. we did try blue star and this style of doughnut also cannot be found in LA - so simple and light. lardo was also delicious, and do not miss the saturday market, it really does blow any of LA's markets COMPLETELY out of the water, we almost missed our plane because i could not stop buying stuff. alma chocolates are outstanding.

Nov 05, 2014
tastycakes in Metro Portland

Grand Central Market Bang Bang

the caramel copetta is one of my top ten bites of all time.

Oct 29, 2014
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

Hottest of the Hot? Spiciest of the Spicest? Recs please!

I had a delicious and face-meltingly spicy Shanghai noodle salad at Wat dong moon lek noodle on my first visit. the waitress asked how spicy i wanted it and i said however the chef would make it for himself and it was fantastic and full of both dried red chilies and fresh green thai chiles and jalapenos or serranos. the next time i asked for it the waitress asked for a heat level out of 1-10 and i said 9 and she tried to talk me out of it. i assured her i could handle it but it ended up being more like a five. disappointing since that often happens at Jitlada too.

Oct 21, 2014
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Mariscos trucks open Sundays

We are visiting for the weekend and the cravings are in full effect. Unfortunately the party we are going to won't get out til after most trucks close. We are staying in Chula Vista so we'd like check out el Pescador, but have enjoyed German and Alex as well.

Sep 27, 2014
tastycakes in San Diego

Salt and Straw

i had their ice cream in portland and it is amazing. we were there at 10pm on a tuesday with the line clear out the door. cleaner, deeper flavors than carmela, not as sweet as mc connell's or fosselmans with a rich, luscious texture. i am an ice cream freak and i have scoops three blocks away but i would stand in line for this stuff and it looks like i'm going to have to.

Sep 19, 2014
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

friend wants to have dinner at bazaar - realistically, how much am i going to spend??

we are going with a group of 6-8 people and i know we are going to end up splitting the bill and i have this feeling i am going to drop $200 and have two cocktails and nine bites of stuff i didn't pick and still be hungry afterwards.

what are some alternatives i can gently suggest to her?

Sep 03, 2014
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

Moving to Los Feliz from Seattle, Please Help.

the Sunday Hollywood market is better than both of those.

8am-1pm, Ivar between Cahuenga and Vine

Aug 25, 2014
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

Favorite Dishes at Wat Moon Dong Lek


Aug 13, 2014
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

Favorite Dishes at Wat Moon Dong Lek

i'm so glad other people like that place! it's in my hood but always seems mostly empty. my favorite dish is the shanghai noodle salad. the flavors are similar to yum woon sen but the noodles are like transparent penne so they add a more pleasantly chewy texture than the typical glass noodle. i had to convince the waitress to make it "thai spicy" and she and one of the cooks watched me as i ate it, fanning myself and mopping my face and loving every second.

i also like the garlic green bean dish with chicken and the hainan chicken is good though be warned they serve it with gingered rice - delicious but unexpected.

Aug 13, 2014
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

kid friendly near Walt Disney Music Center (edited! oops) on a Friday night??

does such a thing exist? i want to take my kid to a music event and am hoping to grab a bite somewhere beforehand - any suggestions? last time i was in the area for Kraftwerk everything that was not a bar was super packed or closed.

sorry i didn't clarify earlier. i think the responses below are all for a different area. and he's almost three and eats most things except spicy.

Aug 12, 2014
tastycakes in Los Angeles Area

What are you baking these days? August 2014 Edition, Part 1 [old]

i made a "frame" shape and added the filling after proofing. i did try it the rolled up way like a pain au chocolat but it was too soggy.

Aug 04, 2014
tastycakes in Home Cooking

Dessert Italian Style

everything i've made from the gina de palma book "dolce italiano" is amazing. the ricotta pound cake (i make my own ricotta for this which i'm sure you're more than capable of) is excellent. she has several other cake and cookie recipes. i also use the italian cookie recipes from nancy silverton's "pastries from the la brea bakery." the pignoli cookie and italian macaroons are very good. the hazelnut baci from david lebovitz' website would be another great addition to a cookie platter.

Aug 01, 2014
tastycakes in Home Cooking