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Cozy, quiet, comfortable place with good pizza in Berkeley-Oakland area?

Desco in Old Oakland is worth trying, too.

Best Bargain Restaurants in Paris, Ideally, Near Bir-Hakeim/Eiffel Tower or Metro


Apr 20, 2013
ChowHoundGal in France

Best Bargain Restaurants in Paris, Ideally, Near Bir-Hakeim/Eiffel Tower or Metro

I will be in Paris for a few weeks in late April, and would like to have a few nice meals while there.

Can you recommend a reasonably priced bistro or cafe near the Bir-Hakeim Metro (Eiffel Tower area), or an easy Metro ride away?

Extra points for restaurants with good fish entrees.

Thank you!

Apr 19, 2013
ChowHoundGal in France

Fish Markets (and Restaurants) with Sustainable Seafood

Thanks everyone!

Fish Markets (and Restaurants) with Sustainable Seafood

I'm eating more and more fish and seafood at home and while out, but feel I haven't paid enough attention to eco-friendliness of the fish I'm eating. Yes, I know I can bring a Monterey Bay Aquarium fish guide with me, but often the source of the fish makes all the difference, and many fishmongers don't provide that type of information to consumers.

So, I was wondering if anyone knew of fish markets (or restaurants) that make a point of selling only sustainable seafood. I'm especially interested in those located in the East Bay, where I live.

Thank you.

Hosts cleaning up/doing dishes while guests still around?

I completely agree. It just happened to me the other night and I felt as though i was being given the message to go home (though I think the hosts were just not well socialized).

I think the hosts should put away the perishables, clear the table of dishes, and focus less on the dirty dishes, which can wait, and more on the guests.

Sep 07, 2009
ChowHoundGal in Not About Food

Restaurants that are a short walk/ride from the Drake Hotel

I'm coming to Chicago for business next week and would love to know of some special places to eat within a short walk (or subway/bus ride) from the Drake Hotel, where I'll be staying.

I'm on a modest expense account, so I'd be particularly eager to learn about inexpensive or moderately priced restaurants.

Thank you.

Apr 30, 2009
ChowHoundGal in Chicago Area

Best Indian Buffet

I recently discovered the lunch buffet at India Palace in Alameda (about a 5-minute drive through the Webster Tube from downtown Oakland), which is my new favorite Indian buffet in the East Bay.

It's only about $9 and is available Tues-Sat. at lunch only. The selection is great, condiments (e.g., chutneys) are exceptional, and dining room and service are pleasant.

And there's plenty of parking.

India Palace
737 Buena Vista Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 814-8778‎

Wanted: Cafe Intermezzo's poppy seed dressing recipe

I absolutely love the poppy seed dressing at Cafe Intermezzo in Berkeley. I regularly drive there from downtown Oakland to have some on the restaurant's delicious and inexpensive salads.

I'd really like to make it myself, but haven't been able to find that recipe, either online or in any of my cookbooks. What I know is that It is an egg (mayonaise)-based dressing that uses vinegar as the acid.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. I've asked the folks at the restaurant for it, but they wish to keep it a secret.

Thank you.

Jan 31, 2009
ChowHoundGal in Home Cooking

E. Bay Spot Good for 20-Something German Visitors

I'm expecting visitors -- a young German couple -- and want to take them to a restaurant or two in the East Bay (pref. Oakland or Berkeley) that (a) has great food, (b) has reasonable prices, and (c) is a memorable dining experience. Something that is totally unlike a place they'd find in Europe.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Amber India, Yerba Buena (SF)

I just had a delicious buffet lunch ($$) at the Mountain View location of Amber India and learned that there's a new branch of the restaurant at Yerba Buena.

Has anyone tried the buffet lunch there? If so, would you recommend it? I heard it was $20, -- quite a bit more than the MV location, which is already priced higher than most Indian buffets (but totally worth it, in my opinion).

Let me know what you think. Thank you.

Cheap eats in San Francisco

These are some of my favs:

Home Restaurant on Market and Church (next to the Church St. MUNI station) has a great early bird dinner meal: $12 for three courses and a glass of wine (or soda).

Warakabune Sushi on Church St. (b/t 15th and 16th (off the J-Church MUNI line) has reasonably priced sushi served via a sushi boat (ask for the "Special Roll"). Dinner only.

Cancun Taqueria on Market and 6th, not far from the Powell BART/MUNI station.

Out the Door (Slanted Door Restaurant food "to go") at the Ferry Building -- Under $10. Lots of flavor for the buck;

Arabi (Middle Eastern) at Rincon Center (Embarcadero BART/MUNI stn.), 101 Spear St. Lunch only.

BurgerMeister (3 locations in SF, incl. two next to MUNI lines) -- Great Niman Ranch hamburgers.

Tandoori Mahal, Indian Lunch Buffet. 941 Kearny St (near Columbus). A lot of variety for the buck.

Best Thai in Oakland?

Thank you.

Best Thai in Oakland?

Thanks, Robert. You're right -- it IS very good (and inexpensive).

Best Thai in Oakland?

I haven't seen a recent thread on this. Would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.

Best Food in Old Oakland

Thanks everyone. Those are great suggestions!

Best Food in Old Oakland

I just moved to the Old Oakland area and would like to learn about the dining scene there. Went to Le Cheval today and was very disappointed with both the food and service. You get so much more bang for the buck at a place like the Slanted Door. I've also tried Breads of India, which I enjoyed. Please send your recommendations. Thanks.


They're still called Gyro King. 25 Grove St.; 415.621-8313


I prefer Gyro King (still using that name) to Truly Med and the others in the area I've tried, and it's right on the MUNI line.

Sub Sandwiches / Panini's

I was very disappointed by Gambino's (very dry turkey sub), and much prefer Yellow Sub. But I'd really like to find a place in the Financial District or a short MUNI ride from it. Recos?

Best "Dine About Town" Menus?

Good point. Thanks.

Best "Dine About Town" Menus?

I would appreciate additional information about the best (and worst) Dine About Town lunches or dinners.

Last year, some restaurants like Cosmopolitan Cafe, Fringale offered great choices for the fixed priced meals while others like One Market did not.